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Why Homecare Board needs support from Round Table?

The Homecare team needs to expand our development team over the next two months. We are now preparing to test the Grocery Support Platform. Our chairman met with Wynand Haasbroek (one of the Round Table members in Paarl). We are setting up a test platform for his wage earners working at BAP Agri Services.

We need a partnership with additional business owners who employ staff (it could be wage earners or salary earners) to participate in the testing period.

The Round Table members will obviously have relationships with business owners, or they will be able to identify the correct business partners who will help us.

God provided a business plan where we can secure funding, without the need to beg for money via normal fundraising drives.


We will on the next page explain the Grocery Support Software platform in more detail. We have an existing pre-launch software platform where we already use Gift Cards from the retail companies to help fund the development.

How do we secure funding?

We invite the public to purchase a percentage of their personal groceries via Gift Cards. It is NOT "Online Shopping". People still purchase groceries in stores. We only ask them NOT to pay their groceries with cash, debit or credit cards. 

Our supporters still use their Smart Shopper cards and get all the discounts & benefits. The Homecare team receives 5% of the supporter’s current spending in retail, that we use to fund the development period.

Pick n Pay You-Rock.jpg

We reward our supporters in future where they can get up to R8 000 worth of groceries per month for the rest of their lives without paying for it. More detail on the Benefit for Round Table clubs & members page.

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