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Business Partners

Is to manage national competitions on behalf of all the business partners who are allowed to, to reward/thank the public for supporting them.

Motor vehicle as prize:

The Homecare Foundation will within a year work with approximately 170 motor company branches nationally. The motor dealers will represent all the vehicle brands. The Foundation receives between R500 and R1500 donation/commission per vehicle sold where the Foundation’s call centre helped source the clients. (Media campaigns will inform the public about the donation income when people buy through the dealer network.)


The Foundation will buy the motor prizes from our partners directly at cost. We will ask our motor partners to donate R500 per dealership towards the national prize. We forecast to use + R60 000 out of the National competition fund to pay the balance of the vehicle’s cost prize.


Holiday/accommodation prizes

The Foundation will negotiate with accommodation partners to participate in our national competitions. The Foundation will provide additional media exposure for guesthouses, lodges that offer accommodation as prizes.


Our plan is to provide media coverage to the value of R100 000 in exchanges for accommodation prizes. We will also pay accommodation partners out of the National competition fund if our marketing exposure is not enough compared to the prize we negotiate.


The media coverage we offer includes social media marketing, printed media marketing, website marketing, radio marketing and also a structure where sales people in different industries will show/tell their clients about the Homecare project and they will show them the different holiday packages and other prizes.


The regional managers will negotiate with partners on a monthly basis and will explain the benefits for them if they decide to donate accommodation for the competition structures. This is not compulsory, but we know it can help accommodation partners enormously.


The software enables the Foundation to run competitions within the larger competition. It might one day be required to list 1 000 plus holiday/accommodation prizes. We will list the prizes per region. Every company that work with us in the project must receive media coverage in unique ways.     

Other prizes such as cappuccinos, carwashes, burgers etc.

The business plan enables the Foundation to negotiate a large number of prizes from business partners. We source prizes where the partners do not need to donate large amounts in cash.


The cost to make a cappuccino is R9.27 according to our fuel station partners. This cost includes the take-away cup. Restaurants do not have the additional expense.


Instead of asking the restaurateur to donate R50, we will ask him/her to donate 5 cappuccino vouchers that we can use in marketing campaigns.


The restaurant will receive media exposure to high LSM clients and they only actually donate R9.27 when the client claims the voucher. They have the opportunity to upsell to the client. It is a huge benefit for the restaurant. We offer the lowest DIRECT marketing cost structure available to restaurants.


The Foundation will eventually work with approximately 1 000 coffee shops and restaurants nationally. Our objective is to negotiate on average 25 cappuccino vouchers per partner (Country side may be less, 5 or 10, and cities may be more). 


We will offer 25 000 cappuccino vouchers (worth R550 000) as part of the national competition. We provide coffee shops and restaurants extensive marketing support and their partnership will help us to reach the R2 million prize value target within a short period.   


The actual cost (chemicals, water & electricity, without labour and premises rental) is estimated to be R12 per wash.       


Fuel stations with carwash facilities use these facilities to draw clients for their forecourts and to purchase fuel.


The Foundation will work with approximately 350 fuel stations nationally. We invite companies that have carwash facilities. The regional managers will negotiate 15 carwash vouchers per fuel station as part of their donations.


Our objective is to offer 5 250 carwash vouchers as prizes to participants. The total value of the prizes (average R75 per carwash) will be R393 750! We do a lot of marketing for our fuel station partners. We even print their employee of the month inside the magazines which the Foundation distributes into companies surrounding the fuel station.


The Homecare Board ask all our business partners to support the fuel stations. We work as a team to support the caretakers and their bedridden patients.

Obtaining prizes

Our aim is to as a minimum offer prizes to the value of R2 million to participants. Our objective is to pay approximately R300 000 per month out of the National competition fund to obtain exceptional prizes. The software tools that CSE Services developed will help the Foundation to source these prizes.


We explain in another part of the website (Our Fundraising targets and the distribution and reporting on such funds) how the Foundation will raise approximately R2.6 million from businesses in the private sector. These fees exclude funds from the mining sector (we help bedridden patients in the mining communities), the national lottery and the government. The management team will use at least 10% of the private sector funds to market the Homecare Foundation. We will go up to 20% if needed. Our thinking is that our business partners will not benefit if the Foundation is not well known. The Homecare Foundation will then become one of the old-fashioned NPO organizations.


CSE Services developed software so that the Homecare Foundation can partner with numerous industries and help companies increase their business. The support towards these companies enables the Foundation to negotiate prizes at reduced rates. (We explain with examples later)


The prizes on offer are well planned. It can be a small prize such as a carwash voucher, or a cappuccino voucher. Participants will know that they only stand a chance to win… they do not expect a prize.


Participants will be grateful when they win a small prize such as a carwash voucher, or a cappuccino voucher. They will tell their friends about the business network… our aim is to increase “word of mouth” marketing!

The competition software explains the 3 prize sourcing methods to the public. Next to each prize we identify how the prize was obtained.

Homecare fund = prize was bought out of national fund (all the business partners contributed).

Partially funded = portion of prize was paid by sponsor who will be listed next to prize.

Fully sponsored = entire prize was sponsored by company listed next to prize.


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