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Social workers

How to Enter:


If you read this website without contact from our board members or from the Child Welfare branch, and you would like to assist the Foundation and enter, please mail Tanya van Vuuren on her mail


If our board or the Child Welfare management team made contact, please confirm by replying on the mail you received that you want to participate. They will notify Tanya of the persons who want to enter.


All we need to support participants is the following:

  1. Name

  2. Surname

  3. Cell phone number (Important as most of our communication will be via SMS)

  4. E-mail address (If you have one)

  5. Suburb & town you reside in


We do our best to keep communication as simple as possible. We will SMS participants and we ask that participants just reply on the SMS.


We work with different Food partners. Some of these partners have their own Loyalty card systems. We list which companies do have such cards. If we can, we prefer to work with these cards to allocate entries. (If we work with a Spar with its own Loyalty cards, we will ask you to mail us your Loyalty card number.)


We might ask you to support a Spar or Pick-n-Pay who do not have Loyalty cards. In such scenarios, we will ask you to please keep your till slips in a file.


When we have your Loyalty card number, we can on a monthly basis use reports that we receive from the food partner to allocate points on your loyalty credits. We ask participants to please keep their loyalty points on the system. Do not redeem points during the competition period. The business owners gave their commitments that you will not lose any points. You can redeem all your points after the competition closed. (We can on a monthly basis calculate how much your points escalated and accordingly award entries into the launch competition)


If it is not possible to track spending with a loyalty card, then we ask participants to support us with our SMS communication platform. You will on the first of the month, receive an SMS asking you how much you had spent at the food partner in your area. We ask that you just reply before the third of the month the amount in total that you had spent. We will then allocate points based on the SMS you replied.


You might have registered before we have the Food partner in place. We will ask which Spar or Pick-n-Pay you recommend and will within a short period negotiate with that business owners. You can also help us to recommend a restaurant for your area. (We list the first recommendation but you can mail Tanya additional recommendations if you think about other partners.) The team will notify you via SMS when we can start with these business partners.


Herewith the list of blocks where we will focus to launch the Enjoy Life app:

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