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f) Ask and reward Facebook users to help distribute the Enjoy Life app (Social media launch competition

Social media creates unique opportunities to launch a project like this. We use IT functions to help create distribution opportunities that is unique.


We developed the Enjoy Life app so that App users can link their Enjoy Life structures to their social media profiles such as Facebook (Phone users will find it easy to post their bucket-list photos on their social media pages).


We will use all the available social media platforms and to help us distribute the Enjoy Life app. (The social media approach we explain this section is not the same as where the Homecare team will post detail about the Enjoy Life app on Social media platforms where conversations about frail care are found).

We want Enjoy Life app users to inform all their Facebook friends that the Free App is available and that the App help people to Enjoy Life… These media will be more focused on informing the public that the app provides exceptional services and although the public will understand that bedridden patients benefit, the main focus is to inform them that the App help the public to Enjoy Life.


The App will ask its users to post links about the Enjoy Life App on their own Facebook walls. The Enjoy Life app software can determine how many Facebook friends a person has linked to his/her Facebook profile.


We will run a “Social media launch competition” where one person stand a chance to win support for his/her bucket-list item to the value of R500 000. We will explain on the app and via our marketing campaigns that the winner will be supported 2 years after winning the prize. We need the winner to plan enough leave in advance. Our launch strategy is to explain that this will be the largest single support ever that the Homecare Foundation will do to help a person fulfill one item he/she wishes to do. All our future support plans will vary from between R2 000 and R80 000 to help as much people as possible.


The competition is simple. We ask Facebook users to post a message directly from the Enjoy life app that we programed so that we can track how many Facebook users have viewed the message. You receive one entry per person that viewed your posting. You can only enter for this large contribution when you post the link. You stand a chance to win, even if you have a small Facebook friend network.


We expect thousands of such postings to occur. This will help us to introduce the app to millions within a short period. According to Business Tech, we have 12 million Facebook users in South Africa.

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