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Beauty Advisory companies

3) Messages from businesses that offer products/services that we categorize as companies that can help a client to Enjoy Life.

Probably the largest focus point of the project is to provide free media support to companies that help people Enjoy Life. The Foundation might receive donations from these businesses, although we do not require these companies to donate.


The software knows when people are on holiday. Companies can therefore target people who visit their area effectively.


The phone app hosts features where people can also search for companies providing such services. The app is therefore like a search engine and it has the ability to push media towards people who came in reach of companies.   


Herewith some examples of messages that can be pushed to a person’s phone. Note that the software enables us to help companies target people with images based on their racial classification:

  1. Canopy Tours invites a black client to enjoy the day with them.

  2. Canopy Tours target a white client.

  3. Invitation from Shark Adventures to do cage diving.

Media & TripAdvisor

There is so much detail we need to explain to management teams. The Enjoy Life app is a product specifically programmed for the South African companies. We can easily extend the services to our neighbouring countries, as tourists often visit our neighbouring countries.


Our strategy to support Tourism industry is a bit more focussed than what TripAdvisor for example do. We develop the Enjoy Life phone app in such a manner that we can support businesses better.


First, TripAdvisor ask companies fees to use their services… The Homecare support is free of charge… in fact, we help companies not by only providing free media, we also help them to enable staff to get access to additional groceries without Salary/Wage increases.


We furthermore help businesses in the tourism industry to buy their retails products at an additional 5% discount. (If Pick n Pay for example has a 30% discount instore on a special for a product, then our business partners will be able to get these products at 35% discount)


Better media support

We will for example only push media about Canopy Tours to phone users if the business is open to receive clients. Staff working for Canopy Tours will receive the Enjoy Life app as part of their support structure. The software will know that these people are employees of Canopy Tours.


If the business is perhaps closed due to bad weather, then there will not be staff at the premises. The software will automatically not send out “Push Notifications” to tourists if there is no staff at the premises.


We will also not send out accommodation notifications if the guesthouses are fully booked at the specific time.


We can provide better support to tourism and their supporting companies, because we plan the software better. We can also provide services free of charge, where other companies always ask booking fees or advertisement fees.

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