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Financial advisors

Is to manage national competitions on behalf of all the business partners to reward/thank the public for supporting them.

Different ways the business directory will be market:

  1. The Homecare Board asks business partners to host a link on their own websites..

    Companies will be able to publish: “We are proud sponsors of the Homecare Foundation. We share a task to fund caretakers of bedridden patients with numerous other companies in South Africa. Please click on this link to find us in the Homecare business directory amongst other companies who share our mission.”

  2. Companies can also host links towards the business directory on their e-mail footers.

  3. Companies will be able to print on their invoices, statements and receipts that they support the Homecare Foundation and that people can enter into competitions.

  4. Companies can post messages on their Facebook that they partnered with the Homecare Foundation.

  5. The Homecare Foundation will prints editorials about the business network inside all the magazines we distribute to companies nationally.
  6. The Homecare Foundation will be active with social media marketing.

    We will ask all the different NPO organizations we work with to do the same (more detail where we explain “once in a lifetime opportunity”).

    Our cappuccino /coffee campaigns will be marketed via social media structures. Enjoy life! We will help caretakers when you drink coffee at any of our partners!


  7. The Homecare Foundation will use radio to market the business directory.

    Radio will benefit all the partners we use to help fund patients. The radio messages will broadcast coffee campaigns, restaurant offerings and the exceptional prizes offered in the national competition, to draw public to the business directory. (read more…)

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We expect a fairly large percentage of our business partners will assist us with these action plans. The business owners know that direct opposition is not supported; hence it is a great idea if companies who do not compete support each other by publishing a shared business directory. The public will get access to a well-structured business directory.

Keep in mind that the public is aware of the current challenges in our economy. People will tell others about the companies who help bedridden patients, even when companies are not doing well at present. We expect a large number of cross marketing between companies on the network.

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