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Foreigners & Donations


Well-planned technology can make a huge difference. The Enjoy Life app integrates with the Enjoy Southern Africa booking system. We will be able to determine exactly when the guest is due to leave a specific hotel/guesthouse.


We can plan that the Enjoy Life app push a video clip posted by the Ambassador of his/her country a day before departure. This message will explain to the guest that the Enjoy Life app and all the staff working at the guest house work on projects to help fund bedridden patients and child protection services. We will also explain that if the guest thought about a possibility to tip the staff (only if they provided exceptional service) that the tip can be given to management and that the tip will be shared with all the staff and with the Homecare Foundation to help bedridden patients.


The image we want to portray is that it is exceptional people who work in the guesthouse. It is people who care for their community. This will actually entice the guest to make donations. We also plan that such a message will only be posted after the guest interacted with other companies in the geographical area as well. We can determine if the guest posted photos into social media and we can review the feedback he/she gave to other businesses. We will only push such a message if the software determine that the guest enjoyed his/her holiday.

We will furthermore explain that the Homecare team order food vouchers for the staff, and that we receive an additional 5% from food companies to help staff and bedridden patients. The "tips" will be used to purchase grocery vouchers which the staff receive to buy groceries. The tip will therefore increase with 5%, because we help the staff. 

This process will ensure that foreigners help our staff working at hospitality companies.   This will also contribute to staff focussing on exceptional service.


Staff will know that technology support them to entice guests for donations. It is a difficult thing for staff to ask for tips. We package it better with technology and we plan it effectively. Everybody will gain when foreigners make small donations for a great cause.  Remember that it will not be compulsory for foreigners to donate!

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