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Tourism (tour guides)

The software we develop will include features that is according to our knowledge at the moment not available at all.


To ensure that the Enjoy Life app and the booking systems will become the most used platform in the Southern Africa tourism sector, we must develop the ultimate tool.


It is also important to understand that all the different software platforms we develop, interlink with each other.  


Tour guides is a critical part of our tourism sector. It is also a focus point where the Government might want to expand job creation.

Our plan is to use a part of our project income and help fund groceries of tour guides. We need these people to ensure that foreigners have installed the Enjoy Life app. Tourists will be introduced to the app by the accommodation companies as well. Tour guides however will have the ability to ask and monitor that tourists do have the app on their phones.

To ensure that this will happen, we decided to develop functions into the software platform that is unique to support the tour guides with their work.

Prevent congestion

Tour guides need to ensure that their guests have a memorable time while on holiday.

We programme a feature in the Enjoy Life phone app that can be best described as a “congestion forecast”.

This will help tour guides to plan their trips with their guests better. It often happens that a tour bus arrives at a wine farm or other destination where their clients need to wait for service. We will support tour guides so that they can view the actual number of guests at the destination they are going to, and also the forecast of the number of guests according to timeslots during the day. (They will also be able to view bookings for the week)

Companies and restaurants will on our platform be able to capture the maximum number of clients they prefer to service per time slot.


We furthermore ensure that the restaurant booking system that interlink with the app also will be one of the most well-planned systems. Tour guides and all our other Enjoy Life app users will be able to view if tables will be available so that they can plan their trips better.

To ensure that ensure that tour guides succeed in providing better services, the Enjoy Life app will include additional features that normal app users do not have access to. The tour guide will be able to automatically link all the Enjoy Life apps of clients into his/her profile.

We can then determine that there is a tour guide with 84 clients travelling in a bus, and there is another tour guide with 3 guests travelling in a car. Tour guides can then monitor the movement of other tour guides and can prevent congestion at restaurants etcetera.


This will benefit all the companies related to the tourism sector. Restaurants can provide a better service to their guests if tables are not rushed to try to help people waiting just because nobody was able to plan effectively.

Tour guide competitions

We will also run separate competitions to support tour guides. The Enjoy Life app will enable tourists to upload photos into social media platforms so that we can imbed links of websites belonging to companies.

We will also include a link of the Tour guides Facebook page, or his/her website. We will furthermore offer huge competitions that tourists can win if they are with a tour guide and when they post photos on their Social pages. Each friend viewing the post will provide an entry.

Our plan is to offer prizes to the value of up R150 000. The tourist stands a chance to win a Holiday in South Africa where all his/her costs will be covered, including flight costs.

Grocery Reward system for Tour Guides


Most likely one of the most challenging parts of the software platform is the need to reward Tour guides with groceries.


We programme a function where each tourist linked to the tour guide’s profile actually help to contribute to groceries that we will supply to the tour guide.


Our drive is to ensure that tourists help business owners by providing honest feedback about the service they received. We start the campaign by a video clip that Cyril Ramaphosa will post on the app.


We negotiate with restaurants to donate the gross profit on one drink the group bought. The group at the table all buy drinks and food. We only ask a donation of one drink’s gross profit when the group provide feedback that will help the business owner. We do all the marketing to ensure that clients arrive without asking any marketing fees.



The gross profit is then split into small amounts that we share with caretakers of bedridden patients. There is additional detail about our support to individual families published under the link for Child Protection Services.


We plan to ensure that tour guides convey the message that we will appreciate it if the tourist will be willing to provide honest feedback. They could tell tourists that the Homecare Foundation support important projects if we receive their feedback.


To ensure that we will succeed, we programme the software so that it will be possible to earn points when tourists use the Enjoy Life app while they are in South Africa. The tour guide will earn points when the tourist post pictures in Social Media (This is important to help all our companies with additional exposure in social networks).  The tour guide will also earn points when the tourist provides service feedback.


The points the tour guide collect from all his/her clients will then be converted into grocery vouchers. We believe that a tour guide could easily collect grocery vouchers to the value of up to R8 000 per month. This will be a welcome gift to help fill-up the income tour guides work for!

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