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Key Partners




The Homecare Foundation negotiate partnerships with different businesses to support the project while we develop the software needed to support our tourism industry.


We already completed our first phase of software required to support property companies. The property companies will also receive additional support via the Enjoy Life app. These companies will also receive extensive media support when we launch the extragrocery software platform plus the booking site and the phone app which support tourists.


We know that the economy is tuff on all the companies, hence we implement a strategy where all the partners who will gain extensively once we launched the software, are required to donate small amounts during the pre-launch phase.


Our business plan includes that we will invite property companies, approximately 600 accommodation companies one company focussing on funeral plans, and Pick n Pay.


We thought about inviting financial advisors (Sanlam Bluestars or PSG) but these companies also sell funeral plans on their own.


Etienne also mentioned that the group plans to focus on supporting a person with his/her will. The nature of our project will create opportunities for the group Etienne is working for. It might be better to first exclude financial advisors from our business plan, until we completed negotiations with the Maxi Africa group.

All our partners will gain huge support from South Africans once they realized that the partnership between the Homecare Foundation and businesses created the opportunity to help restore our economy after the Zuma era.

The National Media Ambassadors are well selected.




Media Ambassadors

Scarra large_for web.jpg

Scarra Ntubeni

Confirmed his support

Elvis Blue

To be contacted

Jo Black

Siya_Kolisi_for web.jpg

Siya Kolisi

Our first introduction meeting is completed. Siya is a remarkable person. He is willing to support the Homecare team. We are busy with his media agreement. 

Thulani Hlatshwayo

Thulani Serero

To be contacted

To be contacted

Unathi Masengana

Lerato Molapo (Lira)

To be contacted

To be contacted

Devi Sankaree Govender

To be contacted

Hashim Amla

To be contacted

Had  a meeting with the Jo-Black production team on 12 September in Pretoria We are busy negotiating with Jo-Black to represent the Afrikaans population.

Our plan is to reach millions in each racial classification.


We believe that large numbers of school kids, students, and ordinary citizens will install the Enjoy Life app for numerous reasons. The fast-food deals and the security solutions where private security companies aid people n danger will obviously encourage people to install the app. (Our partnership with Aura enables us to provide services that we believe people are looking for. The following link displays the areas being covered by Aura at present, and the group is installing software into additional private security companies nationally


The software we develop for the Enjoy Life part is also well-planned. We gather the information that can help us to categorize people better with regards to racial classifications. We also know where people reside (for the security side) and we will have a better idea of age categories.  


Our strategy will be to provide media coverage for 1surance to targeted audiences the company prefers. Maxi Africa will also receive media coverage at its targeted audience. This will help both groups to secure more business.


It is difficult to predict just how many people of each racial classification will install the Enjoy Life phone app. We, however, believe that the following target should be within our reach:

  1. White South Africans – 1,5 million

  2. Black South Africans – 2,5 million

  3. Coloured South Africans – 0,15 million

  4. Indian South Africans – 0.1 million

South Africans will be reached with the support of ordinary Ambassadors as well. Our plan is to provide Homecare Ambassador badges to estate agents. These estate agents will also receive a media function on their phones. If any person asks about the Homecare Foundation, they will e-mail the person a short document that will explain all our services.


This e-mail can include a short description about services provided by our Strategic Partners.


After our discussion with Maritz, we believe the following service can be offered.

Estate agents and principals to become Agents for Maxi Africa and 1surance.

Our plan, if approved, is to negotiate with principals and register them as agents selling the funeral products. They deal with the public daily. When people who received mails require additional information, their leads will be forwarded to the principal’s admin team.

In areas where the principals decline the offer, leads picked up in their areas will be forwarded to the nearest existing agents who sell these products.


We believe that it will help Maxi Africa and 1surance if the current support base receives additional media coverage. The board of Maxi Africa can inform us if they need additional people selling their products in areas we approach. Principals and agents can fill in gaps where the board feel that agents should be sourced to increase business.

Our proposal regarding financial support


The Homecare Board decided that a long-term relationship is more important than to negotiate for donations for a short period in exchange for media support.

With a long-term partnership, we can use all our resources to benefit the Maxi Africa group.

Our strategy is to negotiate for a 5% annuity commission on all the policies we helped generate for the group. In exchange for the 5%, we will provide software and media strategies opposition will not have access to.

One strategy is to use the Bucket List Fund and the software that we develop for the Bucket List project to encourage South Africans to rather take out a policy from either Maxi Africa or 1surance and if they cannot afford multiple policies, to consider cancel one from the opposition companies.


This huge task will be possible if we use the Bucket List software, plus the funds we generate out of other industries, plus the well-known media ambassadors to encourage ordinary citizens to help us fulfil this task.

We have to explain the plan in the following order:

  1. How the Bucket List project work

  2. The Media support we will ask from the media Ambassadors

  3. The software changes to support the partner selling Funeral Insurance products

  4. The effect such software will have on South Africans

How the Bucket List Project work


Our theme across the Enjoy Life app is that people should value and enjoy life. We develop a function where phone users can list items they would like to complete as Bucket List items.

Readers should know that the items is not limited to what most people will think. Wealthy people would think about items such as going to Antarctica or other expensive holidays.

The general population (especially previous disadvantaged people) will list items such as buying myself a car, or building myself a home, or buying a tv etcetera. Children will list other items as part of their Bucket List items.

Our plan is to encourage South Africans to use the Enjoy Life phone app and earn points that will enable them to participate in a type of Lottery competition. You stand a chance to WIN large amounts that you can use to tick items on your Bucket List.

How will this work?

To earn points, the phone user can support the Fast-Food companies, the restaurants and our strategic partners. Our main aim is to ask phone users to give feedback to business owners by rating their services. Phone users can take a picture of the invoice received from that fast-food company, rate the service and they will earn a point per R1 spent at the company. (The companies donate the gross profit on one drink towards the Homecare Foundation)

Our plan would be to enable the phone user to list the funeral policy (Number of policy) onto his profile. The phone user will then also receive a point for every R1 spent on the policy that can be used for their monthly draws.

On a monthly basis, we will engage phone users to play the Bucket List Competition. This game will be played on their phones. It will be much more convenient than to go and buy Lotto tickets. Phone users will also participate in the draw themselves. They will feel that they are part of the game and that they actually stand a better chance to win large amounts.

The process will be:

The six largest winners of the previous month will each nominate a number between 1 and 60. The largest winner will nominate first, and the rest will follow in sequence.


The six numbers will therefore be randomly selected as the people do not know each other. The six numbers will then be published on all the participants phones.


The Enjoy Life app user will receive an entry for every 2 points he/she earned during the previous month. To complete an entry, the phone user will have to play the numbers on his/her phone. Let’s say the 6 numbers in numerical sequence are:


19, 23, 41, 42, 52, 57

thank you.jpg

The phone user will then start to try and stop the spinning wheel with numbers that should match the winning numbers. He/she will have 6 shots at trying to get the numbers.


This will not be an easy task. We will have numerous spinning wheels and the numbers on the wheels is not in sequence. One wheel might start at 43, then 59, then 1, then 3 etc. The wheel will spin so fast that when you can push the button, that you will not be able to view the numbers on the spinning wheel. It will truly be luck if you are able to press the stop button with wheel number one landing on 19.


If you land with wheel number 3 on 19, it will not count. You need the wheel to land on the specific number. Wheel 3 should land on 41.


The Enjoy Life app user will have multiple times to try and win as many numbers as possible. Every attempt will use 2 credits.


We will allow participants a week to play and the number of winners will be communicated with the Enjoy Life app user.


It will be similar to the Lotto model where people share in the amounts allocated per bracket. If we have 2 phone users who were able to get all six in a row, they will share the top prize.


The prize money consist of contributions out of numerous industries, including the wage industry. If one insurance company has to run such a large project out of their own marketing budget, it will not be feasible to do business.


Media support from our National Ambassadors


The Homecare Board issue shares in the accommodation booking site to the 6 media ambassadors we choose to head our media campaigns.

These people will be well rewarded financially for assisting the Homecare Foundation.

It will be easy for us to ask these ambassadors to please do one additional video clip that we need for the project.


In this video clip, we will ask the Ambassadors to explain to the phone users that the Homecare Board relied on Maxi Africa and 1surance as strategic partners to help create the important software platform needed to help people in frail care.


The ambassadors can then explain that the Homecare project receive donations from the funeral policies within the two groups. They can also explain that phone users can participate in the Bucket List Competition and that points are earned on the premiums paid.


This process, if we plan it well, will gain huge momentum for Maxi Africa and 1surance. We look at sport idols where people look up to them. If we plan soccer, cricket and rugby as focus points and we involve people from all racial classifications, we will have a winning formula that none of the opposition companies can persuade.


It will be costly for any opposition insurance company (on the level we negotiate) to develop software, and to provide shareholding in such software with 6 well-known South Africans to help them benefit in their own products.


Readers should know, it is not only the software that is important, you also need a team of up to 1 000 people who will interact with business owners (restaurants and fast-food companies) on your behalf nationally. We need to provide service ratings to the restaurants and fast-food businesses and we need to help them market their specials to Enjoy Life app users.


Software support to help Maxi Africa specifically


One important aspect is to manage the process where we ask South Africans to cancel their existing funeral policies without using the words directly and change over to Maxi Africa or 1surance.

The media about the Bucket List competitions will reach millions within weeks. If you consider that South Africa has more than 16 million Facebook users, and that more than 14 million use phones to access Facebook, the message that people can win large prices will spread faster than what will be possible to support.

This is why we recommend that the different National Media Ambassadors support us with video clips that we can push to phones in a controlled manner.

We programme the software that people can link their Facebook profiles on their apps. (This is for bucket list competitions etcetera)

We will also have geographical information. It will be possible to provide the Maxi Africa team access to people in areas (suburbs) they would like to target.

The consultant can then scan through the Facebook profile pictures and identify the race of the person. It will be easy to request that the correct video clip should reach the phone user. A coloured person will act more positively to a request from for example one of the coloured rugby players. A black person in general will act more positively to a message from the soccer captain etcetera.

They can request for example that we reach 50 phones during the day, allowing them enough time to support phone users who want to find out more on how the products work, and how to link their policies onto their apps, or to allow the consultant to link it on their behalf.

Effect of such software on ordinary South Africans


We expect huge results when we ask South Africans to help us to create a better South Africa for all. We will explain that service at restaurants and fast-food businesses is crucial to help encourage foreigners to re-visit our country, and to encourage them to recommend South Africa to friend abroad.

Our ability to use “Media funds” ,because we drive people to certain destinations, to reward South Africans by helping them to tick Bucket List items will be in our view a huge success in reaching our goal, which is to help bedridden patients.

Everything we focus on is in the positive side. The media, the services, everything is focussed on Enjoying Life.

Maxi Africa, and !surance will gain momentum like no other company within the insurance industry on a scale difficult to imagine.

What do we expect from our partnership?


The Homecare Board is looking for a partner that will enable us to role out the marketing plan into the Accommodation industry.


We have just started the process and we ask accommodation companies to donate small amounts towards the development of the software platform.

Our objective is to negotiate for a soft-loan from the Maxi Africa group. The soft-loan will help fund the operational budget shortfalls over the next 3 months.

We will keep our costs low, and will only add additional staff after we negotiated a partnership with Pick n Pay. This process will take up to 3 months to complete.

We already earn donation income, and this will rapidly increase during the next 3 months, as accommodation companies are all willing to join the important project.

We estimate that we will need the following contributions from the Maxi Africa group over the next 3 months:

  1. First month = R35 000

  2. Second month = R25 000

  3. Third month = R15 000


We will within the 5th month start to repay the short term loan and should be able to complete the repayments by the 8th month.

We will then in future ask that Maxi Africa and the consultants contribute 5% in total of the premiums we helped secure towards the Homecare Foundation as an Annuity Income.

We honestly believe that this is a fair request and that the Strategic Partners will gain huge in this important project.


Thank you for spending your valuable time on this website



Pieter van Vuuren


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