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Bucket List competition

The Homecare board allocates 5% of income to a “Bucket List Fund” that we will use to help people tick items. The team will eventually help + 500 Enjoy Life phone app users per month, with financial support. Winners will receive between R2 000 and R80 000. We require winners to also save funds in order to tick an exceptional item. (We only pay a portion of their wish lists).


We schedule our financial contribution for our launch competition winner to be paid in December 2019. This will allow the winner enough time to save money. It will also give the Foundation enough time to save a portion of the “Bucket List Fund” to help with a large financial contribution of R100 000.

We truly want the winner to Enjoy Life… Plan a Bucket List item that will be worth remembering!


To enter for this part of the competition, we ask participants to Enjoy Life and support our restaurant partner in your area. The Homecare Foundation earns R50 out of a R100 voucher that we sell. The R50 is shared with your local Child Welfare branch. We ask people to please buy vouchers from our support team. You will be able to use the voucher as part of your payment on your bill.


We unfortunately only provide paper vouchers for the interim period. You will receive a Voucher via e-mail that you need to print. We can only implement our phone vouchers after the launch of the Enjoy Life app.


You can order vouchers via e-mail. We use cell phone numbers as unique identifying numbers. All we ask is that you mail your cell phone number and the restaurant you want to support (We publish the restaurants in partnership on the "How to Enter" page). Tanya will mail you the voucher and the bank detail. We ask that you use your cell phone number as reference when you donate the voucher amount.        


You will receive 5 entries per R1. You will therefore receive 500 entries into both competitions when you donate to receive a restaurant voucher. You can also e-mail the value of the restaurant bill to earn additional entries. You will receive 5 entries for every R1 spent. The restaurant bills must also be kept to qualify should you win the Bucket List competition.


You can also e-mail Tanya the amount of the restaurant bill after you supported the restaurant. Please use the restaurant voucher number as reference in your mail. Tanya will allocate entry points for the additional amount that you have paid at the restaurant. For every R1, you will receive 5 entry points.   


You may be asked to recommend a restaurant if we did not complete negotiations in your area. The Homecare & Child Welfare teams will then approach the recommended restaurants. We can unfortunately only use one restaurant per area in preparation for our launch. Your support will be much appreciated!


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