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CVO Schools


The Homecare board now invite as many people as possible to help share in this important project. The Homecare Foundation was originally funded by property principals, guesthouse owners, and by a small group of notable donators.

The National Lock-down and the subsequent changes in income structures of our existing notable donators make it really difficult to complete this important project. Fortunately, God gave us a plan which we now implement to ensure that we can complete this important task.

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We have access to 89 people involved in the CVO school structure. (It is people who already purchase groceries via Gift-cards to help the Homecare Foundation and their schools) 


I am also busy negotiating with additional people who are not associated with the CVO schools. Our first challenge is to find 8 individuals who will hopefully for a short period be involved in fundraising activities.


We know that Fundraising is now extremely difficult, but we know when people understand the importance of this project, that they will be willing to make small contributions. (It could be as low as R50 per month)

​The main task is to complete the software, so that we can start with the role out where ordinary South Africans will be asked to load R500 per month onto Retail Gift cards, which they will then use to purchase their own groceries. This method will actually result in the Retail companies contributing the security protection costs of the phone users. The individual does not loose his/her R500. The person just pays for groceries via a different method.


The Fundraisers will also negotiate options with the people they invite where we reward each person who are willing to join our effort to implement the software.

We expect that it could take up to 3 months to complete the software with its media support function.

The 8 fundraiser managers will be tasked to each find 4 fundraisers that help them. This will in a short period create a fundraising team of 40 individuals.


The next task is to ask each fundraiser to find friends and family who will be willing to donate from R50 upwards over a 3-month period to help our existing notable donators implement one of the most important projects ever attempted.


We manage this project in such a way, that we will be able to complete all our financial commitments to all the parties involved, when we support 29 000 phones. We know that this is a reasonable target to achieve. This is far below our 1,2 million phone users we believe will be the minimum phones that we will work with.

South Africa in 2018 already had more than 16 million Facebook users and 14 million of these users use their phones to access Facebook.

The Fundraising team’s target is to raise R80 000 per month for 3 months. (It is possible if each person on average arrange R2 000). Each Fundraiser might need support from 4 or 5 individuals, depending on the financial abilities of their network.


Our philosophy has always been to offer people who assist benefits for their participation. Readers should understand that this project will eventually be worth Billions, although the benefit of this project is shared with bedridden patients, child protection services and ministers working with disabled people.


We create the ability to trade with companies and we can use that benefit to reward people who support us on our journey.


We therefore do not ask for money, without implementing action plans to make it worthwhile for our Homecare friends.


We obviously understand that financial support, especially in the current circumstance where people find themselves, is the most difficult thing to negotiate for.


Each person reading this website must decide on his/her own if they can help, and then with what amount they can help.

The Homecare team commit the following to readers who help test the software:


We require a minimum contribution of R50 per month per phone app tester.


The Homecare board will once a year, provide the Homecare friend testing the app with donations below R1 000 over the entire 3-month period, a restaurant voucher to the value of the total donations received. The value of such voucher will therefore be any amount between R150 and

R1 000. (This will be applicable for as long as the Homecare Foundation remains operational and until the Homecare friend no longer live in South Africa or has passed on)


Amounts received above R1 000 during the Beta Test period

When an Homecare friend support us with more than R1 000 during the Beta Test period, the person’s contribution will be managed as a short-term loan. These Homecare friends will furthermore receive accommodation vouchers on a yearly basis.


We will first use income out of the Enjoy SA app to repay these loans. I believe that it will be possible to repay these loans within a 4 month-period after we launch the Enjoy SA app.


We will launch the app with at least 20 000 users. That is when we will open the security functions and when we will ask app users to support Retail stores via Gift-cards.


It is a small target when readers consider that we will have at least 1 500 Ambassadors in place when we launch. These agents and principals will invite churches nationally to download the app.


Our first obligation is to provide financial contributions to the people who have registered on the platform to become Homecare Ambassadors helping us to find people for the Beta test phase. These Ambassadors are not property agents and will consist of ordinary people who will not in future need to do any additional work. They are temporary involved, although they will permanently receive financial benefits. (This is an important message we want to convey. The current economic climate is difficult. Our ambassadors fighting the battle to help secure funding will in our view be the bravest heroes.)


All the income generated from apps between 20 000 and 29 000 will be utilized to start providing financial assistance to the CVO structures. This include the contributions towards school fees of the parents involved.


At present, if we close our take in of CVO parents, we will be able to use funds above app number 29 001 for any other projects.


Our initial plan was to invite the entire CVO school structure. The period where schools were closed had a negative effect on the invitation process. If all the parents in all the schools were involved, the Homecare team would then have been required to work until we reached more than 1 million phones before we would have been able to start funding other projects.


This would also have resulted that CVO Head office would have received more than R2 million per month, to help fund Afrikaans schools.

Afrikaans is important to us. The Government will not help these CVO schools. We therefore decided to still help Lucia van Wyk with larger targets, and we expect to use the technology so that we can fund CVO Head Office with R2 million per month once we are fully operational. (It is only parents and teachers in most of their schools that will lose out, because they were not able to register during the last two months we started implementing the Gift-card system). Lucia and her board will then allocate the R2 million where they feel necessary.



Homecare friends with larger contributions will receive more benefits than people helping with smaller amounts. The Homecare team will truly appreciate any contribution. We know that it is tough out there.

The Homecare team will be able to involve congregations within the 3 month period. We will now focus all our energy to invite additional property principals in order to spread the message that we can support churches within a short period. The Armed response service and the fact that we can start supporting caretakers will already help us to take in members of churches. We will phase the media section into the app over stages, 

Homecare friends – testers versus  Homecare friends – ambassadors


Readers will note that there are two options which people can register under.

Homecare friend - ambassador


The Ambassador option is where the Homecare friend commit to help the Homecare team find additional testers.


Remember, a tester will win financially as already explained. (Short term loans plus yearly accommodation vouchers, or Small donations plus yearly restaurant vouchers)


The Ambassadors will on a monthly basis, receive financial contributions out of the Homecare Foundation. They are also the first group to receive contributions, even before we can start to fund the CVO schools. (20 000 target already)


The Homecare team will pay out 50% of what the Ambassador was able to source via his/her network. To qualify to become an Ambassador, the individual must raise more than R2 000 per month. He/she also need at least one phone registered as tester, apart from his/her own phone.


We create a pleasant business opportunity for readers.


You might have a business, or know business owners who want the opportunity to offer their clients on a yearly basis corporate gifts. If the business owner can lend the Homecare Foundation R5 000 over the 3-month period, enabling us enough time for Beta testing and for the property network to visit churches so that ordinary users can start using the app, the business owner will receive his/her funds back, plus on a yearly basis, send top clients nice corporate gifts.


The Ambassador will on a monthly basis receive R2 500 just because he/she was able to arrange the funding.


This might seem extreme, and it is.  We acknowledge that our plan to reward Ambassadors financially is overwhelming high. There are however limitations. The Homecare board will only take in a maximum of  R100 000 per month from Homecare friends who help test the software on the loan model.

It is furthermore a great opportunity for friends or family to plan a yearly break away trip. People can register in groups and the Homecare team will then book a lodge or guesthouse to support the family/friends on their yearly trip.

Readers should also know that we prefer accommodation vouchers as an option. We will work closely with numerous accommodation companies, and although we do our planning based on a module that we will pay the accommodation vouchers, we expect that a lot of these companies will also join the party and give as discounts. They will know that the vouchers are for people who helped us so that we can help them.

We do not know what we can expect and how many app testers we will require. The Ambassadors might struggle and they will then be forced to work hard to negotiate R50 per app user. They might also be lucky and find business people with larger financial abilities.

We budget to pay out up to R60 000 per month, if we need these people’s assistance to raise the capital required, just so that we can complete this project. We are close enough to the end of the project and although President Cyril Ramaphosa and his team made it difficult with their important Lock-down regulations (which we all agree was necessary), we cannot take the risk to fall down just as we reach the end of the development phase.


The reason for budgeting R60 000, is that we also need to enable Ambassadors to earn income on other people they manage during the project. We need 10 people if we want to quickly build up a network of 50 persons who each source R2 000. We might have less people who are successful with larger negotiations.

We are busy to quickly implement a multilevel marketing level, where people can earn income on people below them…


Please people, this is not a Pyramid scheme…. We do not use one person’s money to pay marketers or anybody to source funds. We do not pay out commissions while we develop technology.


We are clear and open with everybody. The Homecare team only use funds to pay the development team’s salaries and to pay for unexpected costs such as licensing fees of software etcetera.


We will only pay out people, once the Enjoy App is operational and we receive funding out of Retail companies such as Pick n Pay, Shoprite group, Spar etcetera. We will take a portion of the fees per app, and use these funds to pay the Ambassadors and the CVO network.


Ambassadors who want to earn income on people beneath them in the network, must also first find 3 Ambassadors who in total (combined) reach R6 000 per month, before we will start allocate the override commission to the Ambassador. The override commission will be 25% of the funds generated by the team under management. Notes that will help you to explain to people you want to invite in Afrikaans


Homecare friend - tester


If a reader chooses this option, he/she will only receive either a short term loan arrangement plus accommodation vouchers, or the restaurant vouchers once a year for his/her smaller donations.



The Homecare board will publish the list of testers on this website. Each person will have access to the data to see how we collect and manage the funds we receive for this important project.


On behalf of all the people involved, I want to thank you for your valuable time


May God bless



Pieter van Vuuren


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