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Next Steps


We implement the project in phases and will support the team as follow:


Step 1

Principal register his agency on our server.


Step 2

Principal mail us his/her media photo. This photo will be used for the media campaigns.


Step 3

Principal mail us the list of agents and admin people employed.


Step 4

Homecare team will arrange invoice and will start with the IT Support.


Step 5

The Homecare team will set-up the principal as an Ambassador on our website.


Step 6

The Homecare team will mail the team a document, giving them access to the website.


Step 7

Principal should identify a person who can represent the agency as Stock Controller. The principal and Homecare Chairman will discuss remuneration options to ensure that Stock Controller put in all his/her energy into setting up the systems. (The Remuneration might be a commitment to future rewards, not immediately)


Step 8

Homecare team will provide principal a report on which agents opened the Invitation mail. (It is a server e-mail that is addressed to the agents on behalf of the Principal (Who are now an official Ambassador of the Homecare Foundation)


It is the Principal’s task to instruct agents that they should read the website, even if the agents are tasked to read 3 pages per day. It is not the Homecare Board’s responsibility to phone agents and ask them to read content.

We know that it is a challenging task to ask agents that they should spend time on a website. Principal should however remember that it is important that the agents TRUST the principal. They will only change their mindsets if they realize that the principal is working towards providing a safer working environment that will also be more driven towards better working hours.


Step 9

Ask agents to purchase digitally, even if they have to start off with a R200 voucher. They can systematically increase their orders.

Step 10

The Stock Controller must collect photos from the agents. We need the photos to prepare for media campaigns and website support:


It is important, we need 2 types of high-quality photos:

Corporate photo
black woman.jpg
Family & other photos

The corporate photo will be used in e-mail media and phone media campaigns.

The family photo will be published on the website. It is important to use these photos when agents introduce the team to homeowners. We manage a campaign that explain why the agency ask their full commission. The homeowner must understand, and the message is conveyed into their subconscious minds, that there is usually a hole team involved in helping the agent sell properties.


There are often a spouse and kids who offer up family time to help the agent. Homeowners will find it easier to accept the required commission structures. The agents will just show the photos without making a fuzz about it. But the agent listing the property will build a better trust relationship with the homeowner when these images are used.

Step 11

The Homecare Stock Controller will forward the Agency Stock Controller excel sheets, CSV files etcetera to help the Stock Controller at the branch after the website on Homecare’s side is ready for the branch.


The Homecare Stock Controller will assist the branch person until the project is up and running.


Again, thank you so much for your valuable time!

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