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Child Protection Organizations

What is expected?

Well, most likely you never expected to see a picture like this on our website!


This picture is not published because it is beautiful. There is symbolic in this picture.


Only brave people in the old days were willing to venture into the unknown. We need to find similar people for this project.


We know that social workers are brave… There is so much that ordinary people don’t even take into consideration when they think about social workers. We know that you work with confidential information, but the nature of your work is on its own not for the fainthearted.


We heard about scenarios where the social worker wants to help protect children of gangsters… Gangsters are not going to make it easy for the social worker. It is life threatening work. We can only bow our heads in admiration for a social worker that is willing to put his/her own life at risk, to help protect a child in need… We don’t think we will struggle to find social workers that will not be willing to sail into the storms with us.


This being said, we hope to find social workers that will select Option 1, with regards to our invitation.

Option 2 is simple… you can register and use the digital platform if you need immediate discount support, or you can wait a few months until all the work has been completed and then register…

It is the Option 1 people that we need to convince that the ship we sail, is a ship with a skipper like no other… We believe that Jesus will help us through the storms.

Initial tests and focus points

The Homecare team, with the help of a small group of staff within Child Welfare, ACVV and CMR started with the digital voucher project… And it is stormy seas that we sail.  

To understand our statement, we need to explain a bit more about the Wage Payment Software platform that we develop…

The problem is, that we rely on different existing software structures and management processes of different groups within the food industry.

Our aim is to eventually only work on ONE card…. A card that can be compared to a bank debit card.

For now, if you want to buy groceries from Shoprite, you will need to use the Shoprite Gift Card. If you want to buy from Pick n Pay, then you will need to use the Pick n Pay gift card… It may sound bizarre, and it is something to get used to.

The Homecare Foundation cannot immediately launch a single card that all the food supplying companies will immediately accept… first, we need buying supremacy. We need a large number of wage earners on our first phase software platform.

Remember that Capitec bank launched a few years ago, with a business plan to target the previously disadvantage people as clients. It took years for them to become a serious role player within the banking sector. Capitec will not change their business model to help their clients with a bank card, without charging their clients banking fees…. NOBODY wants to work without profit….

In a sense, the Homecare Foundation can also not work without profits… We do not have shareholders in the traditional sense… we have shareholders in a different way… Our shareholders are the caretakers of bedridden patients, who need money, who cannot afford to have shares in a company that cannot make profits…

Our other shareholders are staff at Non – Governmental welfare organizations, who struggle to make ends meet, who cannot rely on a company without the ability to make profit…

There is actually no company who can provide services without keeping profits in mind... even a Non-Profit organizations such as the Homecare Foundation.

Our challenge is to motivate at least 500 people within your industry to change their mindsets. You will later read that the Homecare team work with numerous goodhearted people in other industries as well. They will not benefit financially out of groceries… they purely help us with the digital voucher platform, because they want to help the poorest of the poor, and they also share in our vision to help the Holy spirit…

There are so many pages on this website where we publish additional information… We cannot expect from you to spend 4 hours on the website… There is a section (not in the 20 minutes reading plan) where we explain how we believe Jesus stopped us from launching the Enjoy Life phone app, before we changed our structures to support child protection staff… even with a freak accident. He know that we only have on chance to launch... and if we launch without our entire business-plan in place, then we will struggle in future.

We asked on the previous page if you would be willing to help caretakers of bedridden patients, with the followup question will you help ministers in the deaf community…? that is actually SMALL compared to what our true tasks are…

One of the most important focus points is to help safe lives… not to help the bedridden patient become well again… but to help patients who don’t know Jesus and to safe that patient’s soul…

Can you believe that phone technology will one day play a role? To explain… The financial pressure of helping a patient will in future force the caretaker to contact the Homecare Foundation for financial support.

Our application form requires the caretaker to list the patient’s preacher. We explain that we will convey information to the preacher and the preacher might be able to ask the congregation to list the patient’s unique code on their phones… this will help to raise funds for the patient. (it is explained on the website, but also not within the 20 minute reading platform. If he/she does not have a preacher listed, then we will relay this information to the nearest preacher on our platform.

We already asked church leaders to help us. They will then do at least one house visit to the caretaker and patient. They must verify if the patient is actually alive and in need of financial support. (It is part of the phone app technology.)  

This single visit enables the preacher to talk to the patient… to find out about the patient’s relationship with Jesus…. We believe that the Holy Spirit needs this part of our project plan… (Please note that any person will receive financial support, irrespective of the patient’s religion)

The Next important function is to help a family of 4 (average scenario amongst poor people) to buy additional groceries to the value of +R180… This might seem to be a small amount... but for poor people it is a HUGE contribution.


It is these two important focus points that help us at the moment.  Other people as a result started to use our digital voucher software platform… it is where we need your assistance!

What is the challenge?

The most difficult part of the project is to plan your finances. At the moment, we need to work on a time delay… It is something to get used to.

We experience up to two days delay when we order digital vouchers… It is only for the interim period that this will be part of our lives.

The Enjoy life phone app will in future resolve this problem and it will then only take seconds to order a digital voucher of food companies for your phone.

For now, we have to collect the funds from all the people, and we then need to transfer it to the food company. The food company’s accountants can only issue digital vouchers after the funds is in their bank accounts. We then need to forward the digital vouchers to the different phones.

Beggars and Choosers  

There is a saying… beggars cannot be choosers…. The Wage Payment Software platform that is scheduled to be web-based by 31 July 2018. It will help thousands of wage earners. These people will not experience a time delay, so for them they will not mind to use the wage payment software.

There is a difference between supporting you, and supporting a wage earner… With regards to you, we cannot reveal your grocery spending to your employer. A wage earner has no choice… The employer must order the digital vouchers on behalf of the employee.

The reason why there is no delay for the wage earner employee, is the fact that the employer will during the previous day already order the digital vouchers, and the vouchers will therefore on pay date be ready for release. In your scenario, you need to order your own digital vouchers after you received your salary and therefore you experience the day or two delays.

You must also understand that we are busy with processes to reduce the time delay. The Homecare board will during the cause of the next two months open bank accounts with all the different banks, so that when you order your voucher, that funds will immediately be reflected. We can then support you over a shorter period.

Once you have gotten used to the time delay, then everything ells is a piece of cake… To use a Pick n Pay card for purchases inside Pick n Pay store is not something that is difficult, same with Shoprite… It is just a matter of getting used to the concept when paying your groceries with different cards and not with one card or with cash.

Our commitment to all our partners is that we will push this project, until we can make use of only one card that will be accepted amongst all the companies… Our captain of our ship knows what we pray for…

He will calm the sea!!!!

We are not beggars!

This is important. The Homecare team is not beggars and we also do not expect you to be a beggar.


We will not beg any company or person to become involved in helping bedridden patients. We will also not beg any person to help us so that we can help social workers…


We will not beg you to select Option 1. The Homecare team will support staff who out of their own share in our vision.


If you select any option that we explain on the next page, then you can ask for financial support and please note that we do not think of you as a beggar… We honestly want to help people who deserves a break.

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