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Child Protection Organizations


Thank you for visiting our website. This might be the most important website ever asked to read!

You will benefit if you spend time on this website...The Homecare team offer personnel the option to become free of financial constraints within a short period.

Phone technology and our wage payment software platform can raise enough funds to help employees at Non-Governmental organizations. Our focus is to help within a short period so that staff have the same LSM funds (Leisure Spending Money) as Government Employees.

All that counts at the end of the day, is how much funds you have available to pay for expenses such as school fees, a week-end break etcetera...These costs can only be paid for after living costs were covered.


Our solution is to help pay for the most essential costs… Just imagine that you do not have to pay for groceries, medicine, clothes and even things such as alcoholic beverages… Costs that other employees employed by the Government just have to pay…They don’t have any choice…


The Homecare team decided that we will help people who deserves a break… At this point, we know that food companies on their own will not just decide to help employees at Non-Governmental organizations with their personal groceries… We will obviously appreciate it if they decide to do that… never the less, the Homecare team already decided that we will help.

YOU CAN ACTUALLY DECIDE HOW MUCH FUNDS YOU NEED! It can be anything between R2 000 and R10 000 per month, and we will help if you have a Pledge ID below 2000. We might only be able to help with a percentage of your needs if your Pledge is closer to Pledge ID number 10 000...  

There are hours of reading material published on this website if you want to read it… We know that people prefer to read as few as possible. You can also follow links on the website to reduce reading time to +20 minutes.

So, to keep it short, our proposal is to help staff on an individual basis… We already notified your director of our support plan, and that support will be kept confidential. The amount that a staff member allocates or needs towards groceries is a personal matter, it has nothing to do with your employer.

Our commitment towards the director and board members is that we will help staff to reduce stress levels…  They will only receive feedback on which staff members had registered on our platform, but they will not receive any information on how much funds we allocate to an individual. We only give feedback on how many staff nationally received support, and how much funds in total was spend on supporting the entire group.

Our partnership with personnel that register with us is unique… and this makes reading this website an important thing to do. All our information, even the information published to the directors and board members is open for reading. There is nothing that we hide, only the amount that an individual receive is confidential.

We inform every person about our Pledge project… We pledge to help people in blocks…. We need to use technology so that all the challenges people, Black, Brown and White experienced can be resolved. Technology will eliminate emotional decisions….

Our board must be impartial towards role players within child protection organizations. This will also be the case towards staff we need to support.

For us to successfully help you as an individual, we need to help the poorest of the poor. It is only our ability to help other people buy additional groceries without a salary increase, that will enable us to help you as an individual.

We looked at numerous challenges, and taking everything into consideration, we decided that we will develop our software a level deeper and support up to 10 000 employees on a personal level. We obviously hope that we do not need to support such a large number of people…. It will be easier to support + 2 000 employees. The INITIAL plan was to help the branches, and enable the branch directors to systematically help with salary increases. We used up another month in software development, just to change our plans so that you as reader can benefit within a shorter period! 

In the Introduction page, we publish different blocks… And you have the option to receive a support ID from our server that will categories you in the different blocks.

Pledge ID’s below 500

If we send you a Pledge ID that is below 500, then you will receive support, even after you have retired… Why this privilege?

The Homecare project is about much more than supporting child protection personnel with their personal costs…. Our main focus is to help bedridden patients. We also need to assist church groups with other challenges such as the Deaf community…


We basically changed our focus after our meetings with Bettie Nieuwoudt… She is the person that personnel at child protection organizations should thank. Our board already gave our commitments to Bettie and Shanie Boshoff (ACVV). We now need prepare for national media campaigns and inform the public that the Enjoy Life phone app will help personnel at child protection branches… We are now in the middle of a dilemma… We cannot go to media when we only support 180 people… It reflects to small number of the persons we need to help.


The Homecare board decided that 500 should be our target… We will obviously help more, but we do not want to help less.


We therefore decided that the initial 500 people will receive additional benefits. The biggest gift is a gift where you receive on a monthly basis income… even when you retired. Everybody wants to safe up funds, so that when they retire, they will have the means to purchase food. Let’s for argument say that we approve a pledge of R10 000 per month… When you do not work for the R10 000, you then actually need to replace this R10 000 with interest that you need to earn on an investment… The capital needed on a 6.5% investment account will be R2 307 692.30. (This is if you only pay 25% tax on your income)


Just to understand, you will have to save money on a monthly basis, that is “After Tax” money that you will have to invest, until you reach such a huge amount, before you will be able to retire with the knowledge of having on a monthly basis R10 000 that you can use to purchase the bare necessities.


The initial 500 pledge ID’s we issue, is worth Gold!. The Homecare Board decided to reward the initial group. It is the initial 500 staff members that helped to create a platform from which millions of caretakers and future staff within child protection services will benefit for years to come! We believe that phone technology will remain the dominant technology platform and we believe that the software we leave behind, will for as long as there are people with Frail Care needs, be a source to help relieve people in financial need. The initial 500 deserve actually much more!


We explain on the next page all the requirements, and what we expect from people who join in this project.



Life is full of choices… We do not want any person to make an uninformed decision… and then we also do not want any person to feel obligated to get involved.


You first need to think… Do I want to help bedridden patients? Furthermore, do I want to help church leaders working amongst the deaf community?

Then, the next and most important question? Do I need financial assistance?


Homecare server report

For now, while our server pledge ID's is below 2 000, you have 2 options:

  1. Do I want to be inline to receive my entire grocery bill being taken cared of?

  2. Or do I need immediate support and only receive 4% discount on my grocery bills, until the Homecare group can eventually help me with larger amounts?

The Homecare team decided to support personnel rather sooner than later… this being said, we are always open with our communication… we do not want to create an expectancy that we might struggle to fulfil.

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