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Motor sales executives


This project is about helping people with frail care needs nationally.


We will obviously not negotiate with every sales executive selling your brand. It is also not possible to support every sales executive. The project involves work that is unfortunately technical and humanly impossible to do for a large number of people. We have production limitations in our task where we support sales executives with memorabilia gifts described in Phase 1.  We need to provide benefits (an edge) to the sales executives that help the Foundation.

We know that the Foundation will one day be approached by thousands of sales executives who will ask if they can also get exposure on the Enjoy Life app… We have to prepare for that and we will need to tell these people that they will unfortunately have to be put on a waiting list before they can be supported.


Similar as to churches, the Foundation wants to be neutral. The project is therefore split into different sections. The Homecare Foundation partners with CSE Services, a company responsible for the software support. CSE Services needs to support the different sales teams with client relationship work.

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Other info regarding donations


The Homecare Foundation manages the project as a business. We need to ensure that the business partners benefit. We allocate 15% of our donation income towards project plans aimed to secure more business for our partners and for the patients.

  • 8% of income will be paid to fast-food companies in order to ensure that the Enjoy Life app will publish exceptional fast-food specials.

  • 5% of income will be distributed amongst restaurant partners in order to ensure that the Enjoy Life app will publish exceptional restaurant offerings.

  • 2% of income will be utilized to fund projects aimed at foreigners who visit South Africa. (We help restaurants and fuel stations to secure more business out of tourists)

  • 5% of income will be utilized to help Bucket list entries. The software will randomly select app users and the Homecare team will help these people to tick of items on their lists.

CSE Services is responsible to design, print and courier the gifts with letters to clients nationally. CSE Services will be the company that will communicate with all the people that asked for support. CSE will explain to the other sales executives and their management teams the challenges CSE face to print and distribute the magazines. To understand such challenges, please open the Production Limitation link.

CSE Services employ a separate team required to support the Homecare project. CSE Services will invoice the companies for the production of personalized gifts. The cost per gift is R285 and includes the delivery (courier costs) of the magazine.    


The commission on successful transactions is donated directly into the Homecare Foundation’s bank account. We negotiate a fee of 0,5% of the transaction value to the maximum of R1 500 per successful deal.


We will work closely with management. We will only require such donations if there were profit in the deals. We might receive smaller fees on deals as well. We are fortunate that the project is developed to raise funds over a broader spectrum of income platforms. We need to help the sales executives as well.


We are confident that buyers will accept quotations that will make provision for such donations.    

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