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Financial advisors are backed with media structures, to help them increase business for which they do not need to donate.


Our software development plan to benefit financial advisors


The biggest risk an advisor takes is to work with people who do not really want to work with you… Knowing whom to work with is an art.


The only way to ensure a safe successful career is to focus is on people who phone you for an appointment. They already identified a need and they need your advice to help them with their need.


Financial advisors (especially the younger people building a client network) will on a daily basis phone people to find out if they can perhaps do a financial analysis for them. The problem is that people often agree to meetings without expecting the high amount needed to cover themselves. You will often have meetings that do not result in policy income where the person commits to pay the preemie for two years and longer.


Our plan is simple… We use a support team that find people who understand the need of income protection. We will also help advisors with media where we reach middle to high LSM income people and the way we structure the media will result in more people phoning the advisor for an appointment. This will reduce business risks.

Additional media for advisors on the app

We first need to explain that advisors will be backed with most likely one of the most advanced media software structures ever build to achieve a specific goal.

We have until June 2017 to prepare for a media campaign that will secure a large number of exposures to people who will find it easier to relate with the advisor. Our strategy is to target people who the Homecare Support team cannot reach. Remember they work with families and friends of patients and they are backed with media campaigns as well. We expect that 95.5% of app users will not contact our support team to ask them to book meetings. Thousands of people will just use the app to Enjoy Life!


The phone app enables us to provide well planned media. Our strategy is to inform app users about the exceptional professional advisors we use to help fund bedridden patients.


We will in future post messages to people when advisors reached certain targets with their donations. We use Google map and tracking technology in the phone app.


The app software will know the following:

  • Age of user

  • Sex (male/female)

  • Suburb residing


We can unfortunately not ask an app user to indicate his racial classification. But we use information at the back end just to give us a better idea of where we think the person will fit regarding race. (This information is strictly confidential, but we need to explain to financial advisors the length we go to help them secure the best businesses ever!)


This is different from our support team who talk to people over the phone; hence they can identify race and language preferences…

We will run known surnames classified per race against the database, and mark the app user against a race we think he/she would be. This is unfortunately not 100% correct, but we should distinguish about 80% of the app users.


Our software recognise Indian surnames, Afrikaans surnames, English surnames and we can therefore categorize the balance as African surnames. We will have coloured people that will be classified as “white” clients due to surnames.


We will first try to broadcast messages to roughly same age, and language preference we think the client prefers. Media will only be in English.

The back-end of the phone app software is ingeniously developed. We put two markers in the database against the financial advisor. His work address and his home address.


The software will then according to radiuses we set per advisor start with media campaigns to help the advisor. (The average radius will be 50km, but we might use larger radiuses for country areas) The media campaign is where the Foundation thanks the app user for using the app to Enjoy Life, and we then inform the app user that we also want to use this opportunity to thank the advisor for donating fees on insurance products.


We want to explain that this media strategy will most likely launch in November 2017. The advisor team will be too busy during the first few months when we launch the media campaigns. We expect to take in roughly 6 000 bedridden patients who will need financial support, and all those families need to be contacted by our support team, and a large number of appointments will be arranged.


By November 2017, we expect to be in a position where we start to replace about 500 patients per month. The support team will become less active and we will then start the media campaigns. This will also give the advisors enough time so that we have a scenario where we can thank the advisor for a number of policies that the Foundation received donation income from.

The ingenious part of the software is that it can manage broadcasting of messages better. It will be stupid if the app broadcast such a message to 100 people at once…. We might have 4 000 people that can be reached if you work for example in Gauteng.


The App will identify a user it thinks will fit into the advisor’s profile. The app will then build relationships with that user on behalf of the advisor. For example, if the advisor reached 50 policies, the app will notify the user of this achievement. When the advisor reached the 100 milestone, the app will update the user about the second milestone.

The financial advisors will be able to set on the software the amount of broadcast messages the app should manage per day. This is to help that the advisors can book appointments that will happen within 3 days. The advisor can adjust the postings per day if he/she has more time available.


We even plan the software to first focus on “Hot spots’ as explained in the Goggle map example. The app will first target people situated in the area between home and work. This action plan will reduce travel costs and also save much needed time.


You should agree, that if we manage such a process, where people who might find it much easier to work with you, who know that you are doing much more for the community, who understand that the Homecare Foundation value you, contact you for an appointment…. that you will become the top financial advisor in your region within months.


There is no support like this available anywhere in the world!

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