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Motor sales executives


The Homecare Foundation invites a small group of sales executives into a partnership with numerous companies in other industries. As a group, we can provide a support structure for bedridden patients and their caretakers.

It is a unique partnership that the Foundation wants to establish with sales executives. We know that our country might be facing the largest economic challenges in history.

It is however possible to help a small team sales executives secure business, even when motor sales in general will be negatively influenced by our current economy. This website explains how we will achieve the almost impossible.  

The current food price increases put considerable financial pressure on caretakers. We cannot allow these people to struggle financially in order to pay for the bare necessities needed to help bedridden patients. We implement a business plan that will secure funding on an on-going basis. Our task to support bedridden patients is truly important. We are not allowed to fail these patients.


The only way NOT TO FAIL these patients is to help companies increase profits, even when we face challenges in our economy. You will realize that the Homecare Foundation is no ordinary Non-Profit Organization. We do not beg for money, we help companies increase their income and as a result, earn donation income for the patients. It is only when we successfully help companies with what is important to them, that the Homecare Foundation can earn enough to support the patients.


To help companies increase profits (thus help the patients), we need to use tools that were never available to companies prior to this invitation. We need to implement business plans that also were never thought of before. It is only with advanced software and fresh ideas that we can make a difference.

It is such an enormous task we embark on to fund a patient’s personal costs. It is only possible if we develop tools that will influence marketing. It is only possible when such tools enable the Foundation to reward companies in partnership with more clients. The software needs to be of more value than what Google is doing for internet marketing.


We explain in the website how the Homecare Foundation will use an advanced phone app where we create a porthole for up to 10 000 companies to share space on a person’s phone. We expect to support 6 000 business owners in other industries.


We support these other business owners with the best smart phone technology available (Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) technology to “push” media to a person’s phone) with reasonable requests:

  • Please support the fuel station partners at least once a month…

  • Please support our restaurant partners at least once every two months. It does not need to be the restaurant in your area, it could be any restaurant nationally when you travel or are on holiday. You do not need to spend large amounts. If you drink a coffee, it will be appreciated…

  • If you need to buy a vehicle, please allow the motor sales executives (our ambassadors) the FIRST opportunity to help you with a quotation…


The Homecare Foundation use two IT companies for this important project. CSE Services developed the intellectual/operational part of the Enjoy Life app. CSFS is now busy with the final part of the development. The Enjoy Life app needs to be one of the most secured phone app platforms in our country. We will support millions of South Africans as well as foreigners; hence data security will have the highest priority.


There is also additional software that needs to be developed for “Stress tests”. We need to simulate what will happen if 20 million phone users use the Enjoy Life app simultaneously. We cannot allow the phone app to be offline for a second. The Foundation partnered with specialists to complete this important task. You can read more about CSFS on the following link:


CSFS is managed by exceptional people. They have most likely the best industry knowledge and their board of directors are astonishing people with regards to Christian related work.


The entire project will be ready for launch in December 2017. We are now busy to set-up the “Key Business Partner” network (Property companies, restaurants, motor companies and financial advisors). There is a lot of preparation work to get the motor companies ready for the partnership.     


Our partnership with these other businesses will ensure that the motor sales executives will benefit directly.


Our smart phone media service will assist a selected group of companies better than what Google in general do for companies that use websites to reach people they target.

You will read how and why the Foundation will support the tourism, restaurant and fast food industries free of charge. You will read that the Homecare Foundation will eventually donate more than R3.3 million per month into 103 restaurants, so we can offer the best restaurant deals to Enjoy Life app phone users. The Foundation will also donate more than R5.3 million per month into 206 fast-food businesses to create exceptional fast-food deals on the Enjoy Life app. Furthermore, you will also read how we will negotiate special offerings for tourists (foreigners) and the Foundation will use R1.3 million per month to help subsidize gifts for foreigners.


You will read about a unique service…. Something never done before. We help people fulfill items on their bucket lists.


The unique partnership with the Homecare Foundation will one day help sales executives to be the recommended executives who will sell vehicles to up to 6 000 business owners. We help business owners with what is important to them; Increase income in their businesses and save them thousands on marketing costs. These 6 000 business owners will also become active in our support plan to recommend sales executives to people they deal with. It will eventually be possible to sell to employees and other contacts of these strategic business partners.

To successfully help a sales executive increase sales, we implement the following focus points that will be explained in detail:

  1. The Foundation asks existing clients to recommend the sales executive to friends and family who want to buy vehicles. We explain the importance of the sales executive and that thousands of vulnerable patients (bedridden patients) rely on the financial contributions from a small team of sales executives. We supply their caretakers with funding to help buy food and other necessities for patients. This action plan will immediately result in leads generated from people who will help source clients for the sales executives. We also ask clients of sales executives representing other brands for leads. This results in cross referrals and the entire team we work with will increase sales.

  2. The Foundation asks business owners who use the Enjoy Life app as marketing tool in their businesses to please allow the motor sales executives first opportunity to quote. The Enjoy Life app is developed to help companies save thousands per month on media costs. Business owners will reduce their spending on printed media and these cost savings can enable them to buy new vehicles. They will find it easier to afford new vehicles which could even result in them buying more expensive brands than prior to our phone app support. This will be an unfair advantage that a small team sales executives will gain above their direct opposition. We are confident that business owners who are well informed that the Foundation relies on the small team sales executives to help fund the operational costs of the Foundation, will buy their vehicles from executives in partnership. These business owners know that without the motor sales executives, it is impossible for the Homecare Foundation to help them save money and ultimately help bedridden patients in their communities.

  3. Photos and contact details of sales executives are published with photos of financial advisors and estate agents on the Enjoy Life phone app. The phone app will be distributed via the fast-food industry, restaurant industry and tourism industry and we foresee to support more than 2 million phone users via the Enjoy Life phone app. All these people will be well aware of the fact that the Foundation relies on our “Ambassadors” to support patients. We explain later in the website why it will be beneficial to have your photo and contact detail advertised on a person’s phone.

  4. The Enjoy Life phone app will also be used as tool to give recognition to sales executives who donated on successful transactions. The software will inform the public about the sales executive when we reached certain targets in the project. An action plan that will position the sales executive extremely well amongst people who indicated that they highly rate the vehicle brand the sales executive sell.

  5. The Homecare team partners with the best restaurants nationally, where we even provide funds to these restaurateurs to help them secure more business. We select restaurants where the restaurateurs are top chefs themselves. We back these restaurants with support from the property industry and from attorneys who work in partnership with estate agents. One restaurateur per area will receive financial support to create exceptional restaurant offerings. We will eventually help a restaurant with R44 000 per month, to construct deals. We can source 60 guests per day for a restaurant if we offer a steak at R25 on the phone app. There is no restaurant that can handle such a high number of additional clients per day! These restaurateurs (who focus on conversations with their top regular local guests) will become active “spotters” and they will constantly talk to their local clients (High LSM Income people) about the partnership and that a small team sales executives donate funds on vehicle transactions.

  6. The Homecare team who support caretakers with their financial applications will also help source vehicle leads. The client relationship managers will contact up to 1 000 new persons (family members of patients and contacts of other sales teams) per month, to ask if they know of someone that needs to buy a vehicle. People will be informed that the sales executives in partnership donate fees to support the patients in their community. Our team will only forward information to sales executives where there is a relationship between the person we talked to, and the person he/she referred to our client relationship managers. (We will not waste sales executive’s time with “leads” where the chance of successful business is limited) You will at the end of the website read about our communication strategies to ensure a higher success rate when you contact potential vehicle buyers.               

These six focus points, backed with advanced technology, will increase a small team’s chances to succeed even when other sales teams prepare themselves for the worst time in the motor industry.

To provide financially to a patient’s personal costs will also require support from the public. The combined energy where we help other business owners, and where we get the public’s support will all contribute to more clients for our sales executive partners.

We have to point out an important fact… The Homecare Foundation will not and cannot afford to stop providing financial support to caretakers once we have commenced with this important service. The Homecare team took 4 years to prepare for this important task. We made sure that once we launched the campaigns in media, the Foundation will be so well positioned that it can withstand almost any economic challenge that may come our way. This business plan will therefore protect the sales executives in partnership.

There is a lot of information we need to convey to sales executives. We recommend that you study this once in a lifetime opportunity. We can ask people who do not know you in person to help you. They will do that, not to help you as person, but to help people in serious need. Our main objective is to partner with sales executives who are willing to donate a portion of their income on successful transactions.

Our research during the 4 years of development revealed that vehicle buyers are willing to pay even more for a vehicle, if they know that by accepting the quotation, people in need are supported. We had examples during our development period where clients accepted quotations that was R4 500 higher than from sales execs in other branches who do not donate to help patients. There are people out there for whom humanity counts a lot.

Our task is to find these buyers for a small sales team. We ask sales executives and their managers not to take advantage of this situation. We expect sales executives to provide fair quotes and also to provide exceptional service! We request on average R1 000 donation per successful deal. We negotiate with management teams in this regard. In short, we expect that people we will forward for quotations will more likely not shop around and this will help the sales executives in partnership tremendously.

The commission from vehicle transactions will only be a small portion of funding we raise for patients. Our objective is to raise R53 million per month and this is a mammoth task. The Foundation also earns commission on property transactions and insurance products. A large portion of our projected income will be from media income raised amongst numerous companies in other industries via the Enjoy Life phone app.  We will save companies combined Millions per month on printed media advertisement costs, SMS costs etc. There are already millions of South Africans who have phones that can view images. It is now possible to reach these people via phone app technology and this will be the future of media.

We ask companies when they save money on media costs, to donate a portion of their savings to help bedridden patients.

Our objective is also to raise from as little as R3 per Enjoy Life phone app user per month when they support the restaurant, fast-food and fuel station industries. The Enjoy Life app users do not need to donate their personal funds. All we ask is that they list one beverage they bought from these companies and the Foundation will earn the gross profit on the that drink. The companies donate the gross profit on the first drink to the Foundation. Beverages include water, soft drinks, coffee, alcoholic beverages etc.

We can explain to phone users that they often spend this amount daily out of their own pockets to pay for people just to look after their vehicles at shopping malls etc. To list a beverage, they bought and enjoyed themselves, can help people who cannot beg on streets or work as car guards. The people who are helped are seriously ill and bedridden. You will later read how we will give the phone user feedback with what exactly happened with his/her R3 contribution.

Kentucky Fried Chicken for example offer services where they ask their clients if they will donate R2 to feed hungry people…  You can add R2 to your bill. You do not get any feedback about what happened with the R2… How much were raised etc. We know that with technology and the best companies in the country behind us, we will raise the R3 from at least 2 million South Africans per month…This will bring in at least R6 million per month towards the patients. There will be a large number of app users that will list items with larger gross profits (For example coffee where the gross profit is up to R10 per coffee). App users will also list more than one item per month. We motivate and reward people for listing items.   

There are more than 15 million tourists per year in our country. We support foreigners with unique services that help them to Enjoy their time in South Africa. We approach these foreigners to raise funds and explain to them how the Foundation work hard to help patients in our country. We expect that foreigners will also help us. You will later read about action plans where we help them with services when they tour in our country and we invite them into competition etc. We do not beg… we work and this will ensure support from them. We partner with 103 restaurants to treat the tourists. (They will also visit other restaurants on our network who can help the Foundation, but we have specific campaigns aimed at tourists to visit the 103 restaurants) Beverage sales amongst South Africans and foreigners could bring in up to R34 million per month to support patients!

We believe it to be possible that 10% of the foreigners will eventually donate R100 per tourist (less than $8 per person) when they visit our country. This will bring in an additional R5 million per month into the Foundation out of the tourist industry. You will read about action plans where tourists donate when they pay their restaurant bills. We make it easy to donate… They do not need to transfer funds or visit websites to support the patients.

You will also read about our fundraising drives that will be monitored on a monthly basis. In short, the Cancer Association is well known… The Homecare Foundation will look after their patients with important services… we provide funding to their patients directly. We will support all kinds of patients, Cancer, Alzheimer, Motor neuron related diseases, almost all kinds of diseases where people become in need of frail care support. We will therefore become one of the most well-known Non-Profit Organization in our country.  There will be more than 1 000 Ambassadors (not motor sales executives) that will nationally manage other fundraising events. Events such as golf days, cycling events, marathons, concerts where we invite musicians etc. There will be different campaigns in towns and communities. We will unite South Africa to work as one nation to help bedridden patients. (You will later read about our important services and that we ALSO support people who cannot get financial support from the Government).

You will also read that the Homecare Foundation develop software to work in partnership with well positioned existing companies… There are numerous companies but one to mention is for example Computicket. The Foundation can provide important services to key business partners without asking them any fees. It is combined energy between different companies that will ensure that the patients in South Africa are looked after.

The Enjoy life app will be marketed extensively. Our objective is to support more than 2 million South Africans within a 2-year period. This will be possible as we implement different strategies to ensure that the Enjoy life app will be downloaded by millions within a rapid period.

Our business plan to support 2 million South Africans means that we will support less than 4% of our population. This may look like an ambitious target, but if you consider that almost 1 million South Africans are willing to drive to Bloemfontein for a prayer meeting over a week-end in April, our business plan to find 2 million South Africans across all racial classifications will be achievable.

The Enjoy Life app is a Free app that the public can download. It is available to all LSM income categories and can support app users from as young as 12 years old. (There are specific drives planned to involve school kids in fundraising events and encourage them to use the app. We want to encourage children to save funds and to understand the impact of frail care on people in their community.) We invite anybody that can buy a cooldrink at a fuel station or food at fast-food companies to download the free app. The Foundation will support patients across all racial classifications, hence our marketing is aimed at all the people in South Africa. Companies who will benefit financially out of the Enjoy Life app will also be actively involved in the marketing of the Enjoy Life app.

We explain in detail our distribution strategy. We might reach targets of up to 8 million app users. It is important to read our distribution action plans. If we needed to commit to motor sales executives that we are the only group responsible to distribute the Enjoy Life app, we would not commit a large user count. We explain how thousands of companies will help with the distribution. This include companies for example Spar, fuel stations, fast-food businesses (who will combined receive up to R5.3 million per month to help them offer specials on the Enjoy Life phone app) and the action plan of more than 3 000 fundraising drives per year where the public are encouraged to download the app.

We describe how we will encourage and reward Facebook users to post links about the Enjoy Life app on their personal walls, so that their Facebook friends can read about the Enjoy Life App. This campaign will be driven by a “Social media launch” competition where the person receives an entry for every Facebook friend that viewed the posting. Our software can calculate how many people viewed the postings. One person will win R500 000 to tick of the largest Bucket List item ever planned to be supported in our project. There are according to Business Tech 12 million South African Facebook users.

We also explain how family and friends of the patients will get their contacts to download the Enjoy Life app. We provide each patient with a unique code that family members can e-mail to their contacts. They will ask their contacts to download the Enjoy Life app and to link the patient’s code into their profiles. The patient will receive all the gross commission from beverage sales linked to the different phone apps the family arranged. Well planned media PLUS the constant communication where people encourage others to download and use the Enjoy Life app will ensure that millions will install the free app. We want to highlight that the best results are expected from the number of people that will encourage others to use the app. You will later understand that all the people that will talk about the app, benefit either directly or indirectly financially (family and friends of patients indirectly and Ambassadors directly by earning more income in their own businesses).

With the best positioned phone app in South Africa, we will provide the best media support for a small motor sales team!

We often met sales executives that tell us that they thought about approaching for example churches around the dealership to find out if it could be possible to donate fees to the churches if their members buy vehicles from them. The truth is that such action plans will most likely not work. There is no church that will try to benefit one business person above others… They want to serve every person in our country. They are not allowed to deal/trade with businesses…

This is a unique project. We as Non-Profit Organization knows that it will not be possible to look after vulnerable people if we do not implement business plans where we do business… We help churches to relieve the pressure placed on them. You need to know that caretakers of patients are forced to approach churches to beg for money. Churches do their best to help where possible. The Homecare Foundation will therefore become their best partners. With this in mind, we will also NEVER ask the church leaders to help us with media within their congregations. We can reach these people via other structures… These churches going people will help us and we will not put the church leaders under pressure or risks.

It is unfortunately not possible to help all the motor sales executives nationally to increase sales… We wish it was possible to develop something that could make it possible. This project will support far less than 10% of sales people to help them sell more vehicles. We are fortunate that vehicles are movable assets and it is possible to deliver vehicles to buyers in other provinces. You will read how we will help sales executives to support vehicle buyers over larger geographical areas.   

All the critical information discussed in the Introduction is explained in detail in the website.


We implement the project in two phases.

Phase 1

The Foundation is busy to set-up a network between companies in cities and towns that will work in partnership.


It is an important phase of our project plan, as the Enjoy Life app can only be launched after a national footprint of companies has been established. We negotiate in clusters where we ask one fuel station, one restaurant, one estate agency and one financial advisor per geographical area, to work as a team during phase 1 of our project plan. The bulk of the other companies in our network will only be invited during the last three months prior to the launch of the phone app. (This will be ample time for them to prepare their media data before we launch the phone app.)


We immediately start to source leads for the sales executives who partnered with us. The Homecare team explain to the other partners we invite into partnership just how much we rely on the motor sales executives in our project. (We already received requests from these business partners to help them contact motor sales executives. We realized that we must help sales executives immediately. Our intention was to start with lead sourcing after we launched the phone app. Although the number of leads will be small during phase 1, we know that we can already help the sales executives in partnership.)


The Homecare Foundation partners with financial advisors and with estate agents. These sales teams work with high LSM Income clients and we ask them to immediately inform their clients about our partnerships and how numerous companies team up to provide a solution for bedridden patients. These sales persons also wait for the launch of the Enjoy Life phone app to help them secure more business. They also know that we will only succeed with the phone app if we launch the app when all the partners are ready.


The Homecare Foundation provides services to these people during phase 1 of the project. We also help them to receive recommendations from their existing clients. We are busy to set-up partnerships with more than 1 000 estate agents nationally in all the major cities and towns and partnerships with 300 financial advisors nationally.


We set-up team by team on the phone app platform. We also negotiate with the different management teams nationally. We will ask every team after we completed their set-up work to help find vehicle buyers. The sales executives will be backed by a large “spotter network” by December 2017.


The most valued service during phase 1 is that we help sales executives to get recommendations from their latest clients. “Word of mouth” marketing or recommendations is an important strategy to help sales executives secure new business.


To achieve success, the Homecare Foundation relies on CSE Services to help sales executives with most likely the most complexed support structure.

CSE Services produce exceptional memorabilia gifts that they courier to vehicle buyers. It is not the gift that make the difference. It is the communication that accompanies the gift that bring in the required results.

Cover page

Inside cover page

Inside back cover page

Back cover page

Anchor 1

Each vehicle buyer can receive his/her own magazine with the following:

  • Cover page – Latest magazine available in outlets with the client’s own delivery photo. The cover include text where we mention that the client bought his/her magazine at a specific branch through the sales executive. A lot of detail goes into each cover we design. The magazine needs to look professionally designed and it must look as close as possible to the magazines available on shelves.

    CSE also print magazines where they use the manufacturer’s corporate press release photos of vehicles if the sales executive were not able to take a delivery photo. These magazines also are designed with a professional look.

  • Inside cover page – Letter from management where the Dealer principal or sales manager thank the client for choosing the sales executive as vehicle purchasing partner.

  • Inside back cover page – CSE print an editorial about the vehicle the client purchased and they combine the editorial with information about the sales executive. This is the most challenging part of the project. CSE can convey information about the sales executive’s family etc. inside the editorials. This is key information that help us to encourage clients where we ask them to recommend the sales person to friends and family. (There is not enough time for a sales executive to tell vehicle buyers about themselves. Their focus is to sell the vehicle.

    It is therefore a professional way that CSE implement where they inform the client that the sales executive is also a person with a family. The client realizes that the sales person truly do more than what one would expect. The client read the letter that CSE include inside the magazine and in this letter, CSE inform the client that the sales executive and his/her manager book fees against vehicles to support the Foundation. This result in a smaller gross profit and the sales executive and the manager therefore earn less income per month. This bring in immediate results for the sales executive. Clients start immediately to recommend the sales executive to friends and family who are looking to buy new vehicles.)

  • Back cover page – Corporate advertisement of the dealership.

CSE Services first developed the print technology before they started with the phone app. The software was developed while they worked with a small team sales executives. The initial software was advanced development, but CSE needed to push the boundaries to develop software that can compile editorials of vehicles with editorials of sales executives… The challenging part is that the content with press release photos of vehicles needs to fit into one page and this information must include a photo of the sales executive and the content about the sales executive.


This development took months to complete.


The Homecare Foundation initially only wanted to assist Motor Neuron patients. We realized that the financial need amongst all bedridden patients is extremely high. We felt that it would be unfair to support only one disease category.


The Homecare board therefore decided that more advanced software will be required to support a larger patient base. It is also important to involve more industries and the public directly to provide solutions within the frail care environment. (All these things are discussed on this website under phase 2 on the next web-page)


We however needed to establish if motor clients will support sales executives with recommendations. We received numerous mails and calls from vehicle buyers and we decided to publish one example for sales executives to read. Click on this link to view example:

These links provide more detail

Phase 2


We need to establish a network of companies nationally before we can launch the second phase of the project. Phase two is scheduled for December 2017.

The Homecare Foundation uses newly developed technology that we offer to different companies in other industries, which will impact your industry directly. We use different media structures (of which some are only available due to advanced print technology), plus the latest cell phone technology and a call centre to help our partners increase business.


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