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Motor sales executives

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Our software development plan to benefit sales executives

Now that we explained in detail that the Enjoy Life app will within months be distributed onto millions of South African’s phones, we can now explain that we plan support for each industry into the finest detail.


The phone app will one day support both new and used car sales executives. There is a difference between selling new and used vehicles, although one thing is important in both divisions…. The person you deal with need to trust you as person.  

a)    Advertise sales executives as Homecare Ambassadors


Most likely the largest benefit that we offer motor sales executives is that we portray them as people with integrity. We will obviously do our best to invite sales executives who will do their best to do business with integrity.


One important aspect is the fact that the Enjoy Life app will for years to come advertise your detail on each person’s cell phone.

When a person download the Enjoy Life app, the first settings would be his/her personal settings. On the app, we ask detail such as in which suburb do you reside (so that we can forward you information on great restaurant and fast food offerings)? We also ask the user to either inform us on his/her birthday date, so that we can ask restaurants to arrange birthday vouchers, and if a person wish, he/she can either indicate in which age bracket they fall (10 year brackets) so that we can forward media messages that will more likely be of his/her interest). We foresee that a large number of app users will be willing to save their birthday dates to receive vouchers…

As soon as the personal settings has been completed, the phone app automatically opens the “Ambassadors” button. (Note the button is positioned next to the personal settings "My settings" button)

The phone user will obviously view the display pages and we inform them immediately that the Homecare Foundation relies on Ambassadors to fund bedridden patients.

The Homecare Foundation negotiates with a small number of dealerships to support us in the project. Our aim is to at least get one sales team that represent a vehicle brand per province. It is not only the residents of the town you work in that will view your photo and contact details. A phone user in Middelburg Mpumalanga may for example want to view which sales executive selling Toyota products can support his brother in Empangeni Kwazulu-Natal and would like to know who would the Foundation’s “Ambassador”.


The person might want to refer his brother in Empangeni to contact the sales executive for support. Our Ambassador might for example work in Pinetown and although there will be Toyota Dealerships closer to Empangeni, the Toyota sales executive on our structure will be able to arrange delivery in Empangeni.

The person will be able to search for the nearest sales executives per product on their phone app.

b) Assisting sales executives with new vehicle launches

Apart from our call centre and other lead sourcing support structures (which is explained later in the website) the Enjoy Life phone app will most likely become your best support tool.


It is often difficult to pro-actively find clients. It will also become more difficult to rely on the dealership’s geographical position for walk in clients. We need to help sales executives sell over a larger geographical area if we want to increase sales while the economy is on a downwards curve.

This tool will always assist sales executives, even when the economy might be on an upwards curve in future.


We have different focus points to help secure more business. In the Introduction page, we explained that the sales executives will receive business from other business owners we support. We also explain that we will use a separate call centre who deal with friends and family of patients. This focus point we will explain now will help secure business from a large number of people we cannot influence in person to support the sales executives. This section will however be so effective that sales executives will automatically secure more business.   


The Enjoy Life app is developed to help motor sales execs in a unique way… We know that none of the current media companies that support the motor industry will be able to provide such unique services.


In each sector of the economy we deal in, the Homecare board appoint one manager that work with a team to ensure that we help the partners in that business sector. (The property has its own manager, the motor industry will have their own manager, the financial sector, the restaurant sector etc.)


At this point, it is important to explain that the confidential data of all the app users in future will be protected. We are not allowed to open their data to any business partner. We deal with the public and we ask their support. It is only when they agree that a sales executive can contact them, that we will arrange such contact.


Our manager heading the motor division will basically be in contact with management teams representing the different vehicle brands nationally. If Volkswagen for example launch a new model and they prepare their media campaigns, our manager will be updated about the new product that will soon be launched.


There is so much detail that we need to convey and we cannot publish examples of all the app screens on this site… You might have noticed on the previous page that on the home screen of the app, there is a Media Section button. App users will do their media settings on that part of the phone app.


The software will know if the app user is a foreigner or if he/she is a South African citizen. The Media section adjust accordingly. The app will ask South Africans where we explain in the media section how we partner with motor industry to please support us. We ask app users to give us ratings on vehicle brands they value. For example, the app user can give Audi a point out of 10, Alpha a point out of 10. The app list all the available vehicle brands for sale in South Africa. The app user will only be required to give a point on at least one brand. He might give points to all the brands.


This data will give us a better understanding of how people categories the different brands. The software can list the vehicle brands for app user 1 and rank it according to his preferences. For each app user, a different ranking will be managed. We know that each brand will have followers, and we will support small sales teams per brand.


We also need to explain in short how the Homecare Foundation will structure its support team from December 2017 onwards.


There are different sector managers who are supported by a call centre team that the Foundation will employ representing all the different language preferences in our country. The call centre team will be responsible to work with family and friends of bedridden patients where their caretakers apply for financial support. (More about this later in the website)


The 10 call centre staff members will be positioned between the public and the companies we represent. These people will not be contacted by the public, only via e-mail if needed. They will on a daily basis contact friends and family of patients.


With the phone app software, we will know how many Xhosa speaking people, how much Zulu and so on are our app users.


The Xhosa call centre representative will work for all the different managers (the Motor division, the property division etc.). When phone users download the app, we ask them their preferred home language. The app will then introduce the Xhosa speaking people to our Xhosa representative. Our representative will be like a middle man between the public and the companies we represent… Please remember that we develop software and that all our communication is automated. The call centre agents will not write e-mails or “Push notification messages” in person to support the project. We just include images of the employees in our communication platforms to make it more personalized.


We will support new vehicle sales executives by implementing the following steps:

Step 1:

  • The Homecare Foundation “push” on behalf of Volkswagen a media message to all the Volkswagen followers nationally. In this example, we ask users their opinion about the New Volkswagen Tiguan. You will note that we will also include links about the media campaign and the user can also view perhaps the TV ad on their phone.

  • The Homecare Foundation “push” on behalf of Toyota a media message to all the Toyota followers nationally. In this example, we ask users their opinion about the New Toyota GT86. You will note that we will also include links about the media campaign and the user can also view perhaps the TV ad on their phone.

Step 2:


The public will give their opinions about the different media campaigns. We ask them to give ratings out of 10. Please remember that it might be that The app user will follow Toyota and Volkswagen, so the app user will receive both postings… Also take into account that the media messages will not necessary go out on the same day. Toyota and Volkswagen will not launch new models on the same day. Our research messages will also be done days after the launch, to give people enough time to view the new releases via media. It might be that on our dealer network request, that we will push the notifications just before the national media launches, to give the sales executives an edge. We however do not foresee that this will often happen. We might start the process on the same day that national media is launched.

In the Examples, Longile gave a 10 out of 10 rating on the Volkswagen request and Brandon gave a 9 out of 10 on the Toyota request.

Step 3:


The Enjoy Life software will first approach all the app users that gave a 10 rating with requests to find out if the Foundation can ask sales executives that represent the vehicle brand can contact the app user to arrange a demonstration.


This is truly an advance service. We focus on the highest interest first. We help sales executives to target potential buyers that might have bought from opposition dealerships situated closer to the potential buyer.


We use our “Client relationship managers” to ask the phone users if they can arrange contact. Remember that the phone user will basically view the client relationship manager as his/her contact person with the Foundation. The Xhosa representative will ask the Xhosa speaking people if the sales executives can support.


In our example, Longile is a Xhosa speaking person. (The message in future will be pushed in Xhosa, but for example purposes, we use English in our presentation.) Longile gave the Volkswagen ad a 10 out of 10 rating. Lomgile will be approached by Nobukhosi Mazwai (Our Homecare representative) and he will ask her if an appointment can be arranged. You will note in the approach message that the software will already calculate which sales executive representing the Volkswagen brand Nobukhosi would like to introduce to Longile. The software is advanced and fairly complex. The software will calculate based on age differences, language preferences and other factors which sales executive will have the best chance to sell to Longile. We know that trust play a huge role in success. People tend to trust other people with the same back-ground and within the same age category much easier.


In our other example, Brandon gave the Toyota ad a 9 out of 10 rating. We will first work through all the 10 out of 10 ratings and thereafter start with the 9 out of 10 ratings. Brandon will be approached by our English representative (Lourens). He will also ask permit ion to introduce Brandon to a Toyota sales executive that will have a better chance to sell to Brandon.

Step 4:


The Enjoy Life software will forward lead information to the sales executives selected only after the App user allowed the Homecare team to arrange contact.


The Enjoy Life app will later ask the sales executive to report if the person were able to sell a vehicle to the prospect.


c) Assisting used car sales executives to find buyers


Our support described in Phase 1 will already help used vehicle sales executives to receive business via “word of mouth” marketing.


The call centre will also forward used vehicle leads to the different brand representatives.


Our action plan to target millions with new vehicles that became available to buy will now be explained in short.


The phone app has multiple functions. One is to push media and the other is to allow users to search for information… similar to what a person will do when they search internet via their phone.


Selling used cars is different from new vehicles. In this scenario, mileage, colour and year models play a role together with the asking price.

Our action plan is to allow used car teams to upload their stock, (similar as to what they do for AutoTrader, Carfind, Cars and the numerous other web-based media platforms)


The only difference would be that the other companies need to do a lot of marketing to get the audiences to visit their websites… Here we will have an edge. The audience will already be available without them needing to search websites.


We will explain all the different marketing strategies closer to the launch for the used car teams. The largest benefit will be that we can offer media support at such a low cost, that current media companies (AutoTrader etc.) will have to focus on their action plans to reduce their fees. This will help the motor dealers tremendously. Every company that support the motor industry must do their best to help the motor dealers during this tough period we need to prepare for.

d) Involve family and friends of patients to help source vehicle buyers


Most likely the largest benefit if the Enjoy Life app is our development to involve family and friends of patients to help find vehicle buyers.


We explained in our distribution strategy that each patient receives a unique code which friends and other contacts can link to their own Enjoy Life app profiles.


We developed the app so that contacts will know when they arrange that people by vehicles via our ambassador executives, that these commission donations can reach the patients they want to help.


For example: A patient receive a code. The family will mail this link to all their contacts who will be residing all over the country. The family know that if any friend wants to buy a vehicle, that commission on a successful transaction will be paid towards their patient. The family might have 3 friends, one in Durban, another in Lephahale, and another in Fairy Glen who told them that they consider buying vehicles.


The patients’ income profile will update the moment that the person in Durban signed an offer to purchase at the “Ambassador” sales executive. The software will show the family the potential income that might reach their patient, should the application be successful. Families will therefore push their contacts to phone “Ambassador” sales executives to ask for quotations on vehicles.


There will be a constant change in groups of families that get involved in the process to help find vehicle buyers.

e) Additional media for sales executives on the app

We have until December 2017 to prepare for a media campaign that will secure a large number of exposures to people who will find it easier to relate with the sales executive. Our strategy is to target people who the Homecare Support team cannot reach. We explain later how the Homecare support team work with families and friends of patients and they are backed with media campaigns as well to help find vehicle buyers.


The phone app enables us to provide well planned media. Our strategy is to inform app users about the exceptional sales executives we use to help fund bedridden patients.


We will in future post messages to people when sales executives reached certain targets with their donations. We use Google map and tracking technology in the phone app.


The app software will know the following:

  • Age of user

  • Sex (male/female)

  • Home language

  • Suburb residing


Our aim with the software is to introduce sales executives to people who will find it easier to relate to the sales executive. Although sales executives are trained to deal with clients in all racial classifications and within the different language categories, we need to take into account what will be easier for the public. We believe that a potential client will find it much easier to deal with a sales executive that is fluent in the clients’ home language.


The software will give recognition to sales executives that donated fees on successful transactions.


In short, if you are a Toyota sales executive, the software will once we reached certain targets post messages about you as sales executive on Toyota follower’s phones. The software will calculate which followers we think will in future be willing to support you… Remember, these people are not in the market to buy a vehicle right now… But relationships start with something small, introduce you as sales executive to people within your catchment area as a person we (the Homecare Foundation) values.


This exposure will ensure that the Toyota followers will recommend you to their friends and family… They will know that you sell Toyota, not only for personal gain, but for a cause.

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