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Financial advisors

Is to manage national competitions on behalf of all the business partners to reward/thank the public for supporting them.

Competitions within the national competition


Second Example:

We use an example of Axis Mechanical Design (Engineering Company in Pretoria). The business owner will be able to instruct us that they want to run a competition where they offer restaurant vouchers to their customers. They can pay the restaurants R1300 for vouchers.


Remember, Axis Mechanical Design only donates R250 per month towards the Homecare Foundation and 10% of their donations go into the National competition fund. Their R25 will be used to help fund the national prizes.


The Homecare Foundation partners with a selected group of restaurants…(same principal as with all the businesses, we cannot help all the restaurants). We will then negotiate with one of the restaurants in Pretoria to help Axis Mechanical Design.


We will negotiate so that Axis Mechanical Design can purchase vouchers at reduced rates. In the restaurant prize examples, we publish that 4 Chand Palace vouchers can be won to the value of R650 each. We also publish that the vouchers were fully sponsored by Axis and by the restaurant.


We will display the vouchers in the competition platform, but in reality, only clients of Axis Mechanical Design can win these prizes.

The benefits for the parties involved will be:

  • The restaurant will receive clients. The restaurant’s discount is viewed as a donation and they also receive media exposure for their discount.

  • The Homecare Foundation will receive media exposure to clients of Axis Mechanical Design. (This will also benefit the other business partners in the network)

  • Axis Mechanical Design will receive the following:

  1. They run a competition without the need of marketing budget to advertise their competition.

  2. They run a competition without the need to allocate staff towards such projects.

  3. They obtain prizes at lower rates.

  4. Their clients can win the national prizes (car, expensive holidays etc.) and if they don’t win the larger prizes, only their clients will win the restaurant vouchers which they paid for.

Click on this link if you quickly want to view again how the restaurant vouchers that Axis Mechanical Design bought will be presented on the competition website.

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