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Accommodation companies

It will help if more people working in the accommodation industry are asked to visit the website via people within their own industry. You are now familiarised with what the Homecare Foundation wants to accomplish…you understand our business plan.


Please remember, our task is to ask your clients to recommend your business to others. They will only do that if they understand by doing so, they also make a difference to people’s lives that are desperately in need of support.


The Foundation is also in need of support. We want to establish the accommodation network within a short period to help caretakers who cannot be left on their own for months.


The Homecare board will appreciate it if you can forward the e-mail that you received to people you know within the accommodation industry.

The 30 minutes of your time you donate to forward e-mails to partners is in our view just as valuable as your support to display one coffee table magazine in your guesthouse! Your support will therefore truly be appreciated!

If you decide to help, please phone the person before sending him/her a mail. We work in the IT industry and we know the success of sending e-mails without notifying the recipient of such an e-mail. People don’t have time to spend on e-mails. They will only read when they know what the e-mail is about. 


Also, please include or cc our e-mail into your e-mail. The support team needs to track which people replied that you referred and we need to allocate regional managers to people who ask for more information.


Other businesses

You may furthermore know business owners in other industries. If there are any persons you want us to approach, to help them increase income for their businesses, please mail our area manager the contact details of those people. We will not immediately contact those people, but it will help if we know who to invite once we are ready to support them.


The team will for the next 2 months focus on the following categories:

·         Accommodation companies

·         Fuel stations & carwash businesses

·         Restaurants & Coffee shops

·         Estate agents


We will first position these partners nationally before the team can set-up companies in other industries.


We work on a first come first support structure. Our team within 3 months start with communication towards other companies. It may be that you know friends or family members who will gladly support bedridden patients.  


We are confident that you should agree; the Homecare Foundation is not an ordinary NPO organization. We are pro-active to help bedridden patients. We implement business strategies that help business partners increase their own income in order to help patients.


You will not only help the patients in your community, you will also help yourself! You are currently working with companies that support your business. If we notify your current business supporters that there is an option where they can be supported within their businesses, they might be grateful and at least investigate our proposals.


We help them with important services… To thank an existing client for his spending is just as important as searching for new clients! A company’s existing clients will help find new clients if they understand how important the business is to help people in their community!  


We use different passwords for the invitations. Each company that partner with us MUST benefit financially. Our objective is to reward a company at least 10 fold for the amount donated…  We ask companies to donate R200 per month if they do not have a reception area where we can deliver the company’s own magazine. Companies with reception areas are asked to donate R250 which include the print and courier costs of the individualized magazines.  

It will be to your benefit if your contacts register their companies on the business directory. You will be able to target their clients when they visit the websites of other companies. (Our business network strategy)


We will notify the persons you referred that we received their contact details from you. We will explain that you already spend time on the website and you have a great idea of our action plans.


We know they will contact you before they will spend time on the websites. (It is only the accommodation section that contains so much detail. Information for the other industries is explained on fewer pages.)

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