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The Homecare Foundation in partnership with CSE Services can help make your client feel valued. This will include personalized magazines for special occasions such as weddings.


More detail is available on the website.

Cover page

Cover inside left page

Cover inside back page

Back cover page

CSE Services prints individualized magazines for special people. In the examples we print magazines for brides. The business owners thanked each client personally with a letter that was addressed to the brides.


The software will print letters on your own letterheads. The magazines will also include advertisements about your company.


Courier IT will deliver the magazine to your client. CSE Services will ask the bride to post the digital copy of her magazine cover page on her Facebook wall. The software will post links to your company’s website or Facebook page with her message. Her Facebook friends will view the magazine and she can recommend your business on her Facebook page.

She will keep her gift for years… some memorabilia worth holding onto!


The best way to ensure more business is to make your client feel valued… The only way for your client to express such a feeling is to tell others that you provide exceptional service!

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