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Accommodation companies

Is to use social media and promote the businesses in our network to followers of frail care services, home care services and other medically related postings.


The social media interaction is surprisingly high amongst family and friends of people who are affected by diseases that eventually impact people so they become in need of frail care support. (You can monitor on Facebook how many people follow such postings)

Our action plan is to communicate with family and friends of patients about our network of businesses that teamed up to help patients.

All our business partners are requested to launch a social media campaign with us, as soon as we are ready for media coverage.

We implement social media strategies that will help our business partners before we launch our competition platform, for example:

  1. We can in near future, negotiate with accommodation companies in Western Cape that one partner offers a weekend’s accommodation to a patient and his/her caretaker. The Western Cape lodges and guesthouses all club in and donate R10. We can then use the combined donations and purchase accommodation at reduced rate from one partner.

    We will then post in social media that we have a Western Cape competition and that a caretaker and patient can win a break. The first person to e-mail the specific guesthouse’s name where you can stay will win the prize.

    We will inform the people that they need to search for the specific guesthouse by visiting the business network. One of the business owners will type a message: “Hi, you are welcome to stay a weekend with us as part of the Homecare Western Cape competition” inside the person’s profile information. We can also say that the content will be hidden amongst the company profile information.

    This will result in more detail about the owners or the accommodation companies being viewed by the public.


  2. We can also for example negotiate with the accountants in the Western Cape to offer one prize. They will pay the Accommodation partner’s fees and the benefit for them is that the public will read about them as individuals or about their businesses. 

It is usually challenging for companies to use Social media to its fullest potential. Our social media campaigns are well planned and you should know that we will be able to engage the public with new and innovative strategies to benefit the group of companies we partner with.

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