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Restaurants & coffee shops

​​Is to ask businesses in our network to please support our coffee shop & restaurant partners.

The Homecare Boards ask companies to support each other. We do our best to invite the best first. We explain to the other companies that we invite the best restaurants first.


We know that this project will not be supported by every coffee shop or restaurant we approach. We update other business partners about our progress, same as we will do for you, should you decide to support the Homecare Foundation.


This project is about humanity. It is about finding people who will do their best to help others. We are fortunate to live in a country where there are numerous people who put the wellbeing of others before their own.


The Homecare Foundation also provides specialised services to sales teams in three other industries (financial, motor and property). The focus is to increase “word of mouth” marketing to help them secure more business.


CSE Services developed unique software to help these people increase business, and simultaneously enables them to tell their clients about the restaurants who partnered with the Homecare Foundation. Your company will therefore be backed by “word of mouth” marketing in a unique way.


The Foundation will work with + 4 000 sales personnel nationally. We will also work with + 7 000 business owners nationally.


Our objective is to arrange that financial advisors and estate agents will take their clients to our partners for business meetings etc. We will also ask our accommodation partners to help if their guests need restaurant bookings for business meetings or dinners, to please book their clients into our restaurant partners.    


We provide extensive support to sales teams. The Foundation can only fund caretakers effectively when people buy products from sales personnel working in partnership. We can on request open more information about services for sales teams. Note that it is a lot of web pages to read.


We can trust that other business owners will support our property partners.  They will help the Foundation to aid caretakers and bedridden patients.

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