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Restaurants & coffee shops

Is to manage national competitions on behalf of all the business partners to reward/thank the public for supporting them.

Competitions within the national competition


The Foundation can help a company to run their competition within the national competition. The prize the company offers can only be won by their clients.


The Business directory software with its competition management system creates opportunities that were never available before.


The software can manage competitions aimed at the public and it can simultaneously manage competitions that will encourage staff so that they focus on service.


We explain with two examples. The first example explains how the Foundation will help a company to purchase restaurant voucher and the second example will explain how Fuel station partners can run competitions to encourage staff so that they focus on exceptional service. We want readers to know that numerous companies will market the business directory after we have completed the set-up process.

First Example:

The business owner of Axis Mechanical Design (Engineering Company in Pretoria) will inform the Homecare regional managers that they want to run a competition and they need restaurant vouchers for their clients. They can pay R1300 for vouchers.

Remember, Axis Mechanical Design only donates R250 per month towards the Homecare Foundation and 10% of their donations go into the National competition fund. Their R25 will be used to help fund the national prizes.


The Homecare Foundation partners with a selected group of restaurants…(same principal as with all the businesses, we cannot help all the restaurants increase market share). The regional managers will negotiate with a restaurant in Pretoria to help Axis Mechanical Design.


Our thinking is that it will be more beneficial for a restaurant partner to offer a voucher in partnership with a business who wants to thank High LSM Income clients. This will be better than to offer discounts to the general public.


We know that we will reach a person who will spend more. A wealthy person who receives a gift voucher from a business partner will choose the best wines or food items. He/she will pay in if the voucher does not cover the bill.


This service is not compulsory. The regional managers will just liaise with restaurant teams and find out who will support the request. There will be media advantages that will now be explained.


In the restaurant prize examples, we publish that 4 Chand Palace vouchers can be won to the value of R650 each. We also publish that the vouchers were fully sponsored by Axis and by the restaurant.


We display the vouchers in the competition platform, but in reality, only clients of Axis Mechanical Design can win these prizes.


The benefits for the parties involved will be:

  • The restaurant receives clients. The restaurant’s discount is viewed as a donation and the restaurant also receives media exposure for their discount.

  • The Homecare Foundation receives media exposure to clients of Axis Mechanical Design. (This will also benefit the other business partners in the network)

  • Axis Mechanical Design receives the following:

1.    They run a competition without the need of marketing budget to advertise their competition.

2.    They do not need staff to manage their competition.

3.    They obtain prizes at lower rates.

4.   Their clients can win the national prizes (car, expensive holidays etc.) and if they don’t win the larger prizes, only their clients will win the restaurant vouchers that they paid for.

Click on this link if you want to view how the restaurant vouchers that Axis Mechanical Design bought will be presented on the competition website.

Second Example: (Staff competitions)

Staffs are almost more important than clients! A company’s success is often determined by the staff working at the company.


The Foundation provides a support structure where companies can either run internal competitions, or they can compete against other companies within the same industry.


Fuel station companies can use the software so that their staff can compete in a national competition where the winner wins a holiday break that includes airfares etc.

Anchor 1

The Foundation will assist the different fuel station branches who register for the National staff competition with unique services. The winners of each branch will be determined by the public.


Each branch winner will receive his/her personalized magazine with him/her printed on the cover page of a magazine. The magazine will include a letter from management that congratulates the person on his/her achievement. We also include an editorial of the previous month’s national competition winner that we interview at the holiday destination. The editorial includes pictures taken at destinations etc.


The branch winners will compete against each other and the national winner will be determined with a lucky draw. (For every point earned in the branch competition, an entry is allocated into the national competition.)


The national winner will win holiday package where the winner needs to fly towards the destination.

The fuel station can also use the software for a branch only competition. Restaurants can assist fuel stations with such competitions. The regional managers will negotiate a voucher at discounted rate. One of the staff members will then win the restaurant voucher if he/she didn’t win the national prizes.


The software enables the Foundation to help different companies with staff competitions. The competitions can be focussed on the company alone… Example an auditing company wants to run a staff competition where it purchase either an accommodation voucher, or a restaurant voucher. The public do not interact with all the staff. Management of the auditing company will determine their own employee of the month. The Foundation will purely help with acquiring the prizes (vouchers) from our other business partners.


A company can also run competitions where only staff that interact with their clients can participate in... Such an example would be a restaurant where the waitresses compete in an internal competition. The public who visited the restaurant can then rate the waitress they were served by. The restaurant owners can also combine other aspects (their own scoring methods) with the ratings from the public to determine the staff winner.


When companies enter their staff into a national staff competition, the only method of determining the winner will be the scoring the public provided. We can help restaurants nationally where all the restaurants enter their waitresses into a national staff competition. The winner can win a holiday trip to the value of R30 000 for example. The focus on service will help the restaurant partners enormously!


There will be numerous companies on the Homecare Business directory that have staffs who deal with the public. We foresee that numerous fast food companies will enter their staff into National staff competitions. Examples of such companies will be Roams Pizza franchises, or any other Pizza franchises. It could be Steers franchises… The list is endless. The regional managers will negotiate in each town with fast food businesses to partner with the Foundation.  


We ask companies who want to use the competition platform to encourage staffs a donation of R25 per personnel member. These donation fees go into the competition fund. The staff member will receive 2 entries into the national competition where they stand a chance to win the car or other exceptional prizes.


The Homecare Board foresee that we might need to run/manage approximately 500 internal competitions… A large number will be small businesses who only have staff competitions internally.   


Staffs can make or break a company!!!

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