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Loyalty Programme

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In partnership with CSE Services and CSFS, a unique software platform has been developed, namely the ENJOY LIFE phone app.


A media campaign will be launched in July 2018 by the Homecare Foundation team in conjunction with their Business Partners, after which the free app can be downloaded by the public from the virtual phone stores in August 2018. 

Negotiations are currently underway with coffee shops, restaurants and fuel stations nationally to partner with the Homecare Foundation initiative for exceptional services and offering provisions to app users.

With our coffee Business Partners, each time a cup of coffee is enjoyed, the app users will be supporting the financial provision of the frail care needs of patients through their ENJOY LIFE access.

The app will resonate the importance of enjoying every moment of living as precious, and that it is a privilege to be able to enjoy good health.

There will also be a bucket list function in the app, so that when business partners are supported users are randomly selected in fulfilling their goals. The Homecare team will negotiate discounts from companies that can help fulfil bucket list items. The Homcare Foundation will also use 5% of our income in a project to help people ENJOY LIFE. We will provide Bucket List enthusiasts funding to tick their items. (Financial contributions that will be from R2 000 up to R80 000)

Angel Donators

To establish the project from conception to launch, the Homecare Foundation has received financial support, through what we call “Angel donators”. They receive regular progress updates of the Frail Care initiative to support bedridden patients.

Should you wish to support in a similar manner, please email:, after which you will be sent a password for access to detailed information about Homecare Foundation’s business plans and progress to-date.

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a live by what we give"

We also use exceptional people in this project to support bedridden patients.

Please support our ambassadors below who live this statement, and who have provided the much needed support to caretakers and bedridden patients - Words cannot express our gratitude!

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