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Homecare team develops the most difficult software platform that will help our economy to recover from the Zuma era.


The best way to secure foreign currency is to ensure that foreigners visit our country for second or third holidays.


Most people in the world tend to visit a country only once.


We develop a Trip Advisor on steroids. South Africa lost more than R2.7 billion in Accommodation booking fees during 2017, just because foreigners and South Africans book their accommodation via websites that is owned by companies abroad., AirB&B and those companies cannot favour one country above the rest. We develop technology that can help South Africa, Namoibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique better.

Enjoy Life/South Africa App


We develop the Enjoy Life & Enjoy South Africa phone app that will provide substantial benefits to the tourism sector.


We partner with Tourism Information Centres nationally and give them tools to help accommodation companies who are their clients.


The Accommodation industry will benefit hugely if they are supported by software where even Cyril Ramaphosa can welcome foreigners when they arrive in our country. The software will also enable other Ambassadors representing the tourist’s country to send welcome messages in the foreigner’s home language.


We believe that out of the R2.7 billion that is booking fees per year, that we will eventually manage 60% of these fees. This will result that we will have access to R1.64 Billion per year.


These funds will be divided into 4 components:

  1. 25% towards staff working in Hospitality industry

  2. 25% to business owners to further subsidize their retail costs.

  3. 25% to local tourism information centres who assist the hospitality & tourism industry with information and client support.

  4. 25% to Homecare Foundation who fund community projects.


We furthermore develop one of the most important web services that enable us to share the booking fees that we can secure via technology with the staff in the hospitality industry.


We will manage profit share structures between the accommodation companies and the staff working in the industry.

We might need to help more than 650 000 staff in the Hospitality industry. We develop software that can share the booking fee commission with the staff members where we load their profit for the month onto their grocery cards.


This is the most convenient method to pay staff. (We do not want to manage EFT payments to such a large number of people, where on a monthly basis, the profit will vary.)


We work with different food companies to provide additional groceries via Gift-cards to staff.

The following diagram will provide more insight


Homecare Advanced Web service


The Homecare server will install the Main brain of the project. This web service software will read all the deposits that we receive in all the Homecare Trust accounts that we will set-up with all the banks in South Africa. We cannot wait a day for funds to appear in our accounts if the Employer for example bank with Absa.


The software will immediately update the employer when we received payment into our account. (The website generates a reference number when a person orders that gift-cards should be loaded. Each person that transfer funds will use a separate unique reference number)

The Advanced Web service software will then calculate which gift-cards must receive additional funds and it will also take into account that cards often receive additional points/funds, based on support from other users such as police members. (This will be the brain of the project)  


The software will then compile the reports for the accountants for them to release funds into the different bank accounts of the different Food companies.


The software will then communicate with the Web-service software of the different food companies. This communication will be done through the firewall.

Grocery Company Web Service


Our IT team programme this web service software which we will provide to the food companies. This software will read the transactions on for example Shoprite’s Bank account. (We will recommend to Pieter Engelbrecht that they open a separate bank account specifically for the project, although it will not be compulsory)


The software will look for reference numbers on their bank statements, and if it picks up a reference number it recognize, the software will then load the different gift-cards with the amounts that it was instructed by the Homecare Advanced web service software.

Readers should know that this function will obviously first be tested by Shoprite group. Their IT team will also work through the software structure to ensure that the web service can only do the work we developed it to do. The software must for example notify the Homecare Advanced web service software if it could not load a specific card. There might be a scenario where the person notified Checkers directly that he lost his card and they blocked it. This information will be passed on to the Homecare team so that the issue can be addressed.


This software will however eliminate all the human activities that is not necessary to help customers.


Shoprite will be in control of their software systems and bank accounts. Each company will ensure that their systems are protected and will use their own IT protection teams. The banks as you already know can protect each company’s bank account.


We have seen how much time is saved at till points when people pay with gift-cards instead of cash. It takes time for the till operators to count cash and to give the correct change. The gift-card is just swiped and it even takes up less time than when a person is paying with a credit card where the bank first is contacted via the card machines.




It will be mainly hospitality staff, but we believe that we will eventually assist numerous industries after we completed software development.


We need to expand our network so that it will be easier to negotiate proposed changes with Pieter Engelbrecht (Shoprite group)


We will provide directors in partnership grocery vouchers of up to R8 000 per month if they joined our Pre-launch campaign. Staffs receive access to 25% of their groceries and company will receive 20% admin fee on the staff’s groceries. More detail is available under “Benefits”.

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