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Software development and "Beta" testing

Page is open for a short period

The Homecare team develop the Enjoy SA phone app, which is now ready for Beta testing. This phone app will also  be used to help reduce farm attacks.

We invite a small number (estimated 100 South Africans) to help us test the important software, before it can be deployed for South Africans and foreigners to use.

The Covid 19 epidemic influenced the way the Homecare team manages this important project. Most larger Information Technology companies will invite people randomly to test parts of their software development. The business strategy in general will be that the IT company will offer prizes to "Beta testers". In general, Information Technology companies companies will not have long-term commitments towards "Beta Testers".


We need to explain to readers how Information Technology companies usually develop software. The companies employ "Alpha testers" people full-time involved in software, and then they rely on 'n small portion of "general public", people who are not skilled in software structure, to test the applications under development. The technology must eventually be used by all types of phone users.

The Homecare board decided to rather invite a small group of South Africans with different skill levels and go into  permanent partnership. These "beta testers" become kind of shareholders of the software

The average investment value that a shareholder at the moment receive is more than R900 000. None of our shareholders pay for their shares. It is indirectly being paid for by larger retail companies who will also benefit hugely out of this software structure.


There is a saying... when it sounds too good to be true, then it is too good to be true.


The nature and importance of this project challenge this statement. You will only agree to this after you have read this single page, and watched the videos. Please spend a little bit of your valuable time, it will be worth your while.

The entire population of South Africa actually need the software being developed. (Entire meaning citizens who are concerned about personal security, and who needs the ability to call for help, without relying on the police.) This software will eventually help save lives.      

Poor people (citizens living in shacks) also need the ability to call for help. There are wonderful people who are living under despicable circumstances. They cannot afford to pay R58 per month just to have the ability to call for immediate help without relying on the police.


We prepare software to support approximately 5 million South Africans, of all races who lives in cities, towns, townships and on farms.

Our Beta testers will help test software required to support the poor. They also need private security companies to help them when they are in danger.

The software we develop will furthermore play an important role in restoring growth in the tourism industry.

Shareholders will spend maximum 2 hours over a 4-month period on this project. The bulk of it will be used to read this page. (Up to 20 minutes is required to register).


You will during the Beta test period spend less than 15 minutes per month, just to press a button on different sections of the app we test. The 15 minutes include time to read the monthly mails when we order vouchers from retail stores. We only ask shareholders to test during weekends.


If you receive an investment of R900 000, without paying for the investment, this will be the highest financial reward ever offered to an individual for participating in a project. (We calculate the value of such an investment based on the highest interest rate currently offered by ABSA bank on their 90 day notice Investment Call account which is currently 3,70% interest offered.)


After reading all the documentation, you will agree that there is absolutely no risks involved. You only change the way you pay for your personal groceries for a short period. (Use a Gift-card and not cash, debit or credit cards to pay for products in the major retail stores) 

There is only one negative aspect to this investment value. You cannot sell or withdraw your investment. A shareholder will for the rest of his/her life receive 50% of the groceries he/she had purchased via a gift-card system and the other 50% will be paid into the organization/company who had send you the invitation.


You should think of this as an investment into a pension fund. You will within months receive funds that is used for groceries. The benefit is that you will then save on own expenses, and the cost saving can be invested into either a pension fund, or you can use it at your own discretion.


Please note: This is not a pyramid scheme. We do not pay out any fees to any person involved, not before we launch the Enjoy SA app so that ordinary citizens can install the app. We will once the app is operational, use R10 that we earmarked per app, to share it with our shareholders. We will only pay out such huge investments once we support 400 000 phone users in South Africa. If we support 50 000 phones, you will proportionally receive a fee. We do not foresee any challenges to reach 400 000 phone users. (It is explained later in detail again).


We actually prepare software to support more than 5 million South Africans, including people living in shacks. We will also not share R10 on the phones above 400 000 with our shareholders. Our maximum contribution to the shareholders and the organizations involved who helped us to find the Beta testers will be R4 million per month. The R10 that we generate on the apps above 400 000 will be shared with caretakers of bedridden patients and with TLU Sa so that TLU Sa have additional finances to fund the security costs on farms.

More important than the investment value is that the Homecare team, BCVO and TLU Sa do not want people to register based on the fact that there is an investment value involved. We want to work with people who are committed to help find solutions our country desperately need. (The investment and monthly payments should be a bonus) We need a fairly large umber of app users involved so that we can test the applications in a "Live environment".  We for example need to simulate a farm attack in a geographical area where cell phone signals might be low. We need to determine the exact size of photos that the camera of the phone should take when the "tress button" is pressed on farms. These photos of the attackers must be immediately stored onto a database and shared with surrounding farmers and security people. We need phones spread all across the country so that we can monitor how we need to complete development. The Enjoy SA app is not open on Google Plays store and can only be installed by Beta testers in a process we manage. 

Growing tourism

The Homecare Foundation will more effectively be able to fund our social projects, when we help companies involved in the tourism industry.

One of our platforms we develop is This accommodation booking platform will assist lodges on farms. Our country lost an estimated R2,7 billion during 2018 in accommodation booking commission due to the fact that all the major internet booking companies are from abroad.

It is money that should have stayed in South Africa. The problem is that South Africans also prefer to use phones and computers to book accommodation, even if such holiday or business accommodation is required inside South Africa

Tourism is now down, but we need to prepare our country for when we can restart the tourism industry.

The huge concern about safety on farms has a negative impact on tourism. Not only amongst foreigners, but also our own citizens living in cities and towns are no longer interested in visiting lodges on farms.

TLU Sa will help the Homecare team

We are grateful that TLU Sa agreed to help the Homecare Foundation, specifically in our focus to reduce risks on farms.

Numerous lodges, even in the Western Cape winelands district, is situated on farms. Farms in the Northern Province and Mpumalanga district is also popular amongst foreigners.


The Homecare team believes that the way we develop the Enjoy SA app, to assist farmers, can eventually reduce risks on farms.


We also include a short video where we explain to readers exactly how we intend to address numerous challenges our country face. Farm attacks is one concern. Violence against women and children should also be addressed. This video also explains how other objectives such as reducing the huge number of vehicle hi-jacking could be achieved.


We include one video about farm attacks that we watched in detail.

(The video is about the attack on Attie and Wilna Potgieter who were murdered on their farm in the Free State on 1 December 2010. Their two year old daughter Wilmien were also murdered. If you cannot open the link, please search for it on Facebook) We noticed that Facebook removed this video.

We must do our best to reduce the risks of being caught off-guard for farmers and increase the risk of being captured for perpetrators.


Another video about our business partners working with the private security companies is now included for readers to view.

It is not only our farmers who are being attacked. The violence is happening in our cities as well. People going to church are even being targeted.


A church in Eldoreign Centurion was attacked on 26 July 2020. We cannot allow that this will become the norm. Personal protection is now the highest priority for all our citizens. 

This web-page will only be open for a short period on our website.

Our objective is to invite South Africans, (TLU members and other people) to help us test software we develop.

Our task is to help South Africans get access to personal safety protection, without paying for such a service directly. We develop numerous platforms to achieve this objective. One platform we test at the moment is to use gift-cards as a tool.

South Africans will eventually purchase a small percentage of their personal groceries via our software platform. Their funds will be transferred onto gift-cards of the major retail stored. They will not pay any banking fees or transaction fees when they pay for groceries via the gift-cards. It is one platform that will address the huge challenge about the police services.


We can upon completion of the software support millions with personal protection.

This project will soon (after completion of the Beta testing phase), be marketed to millions with the support of well-known South Africans.


We have already negotiated with sports people to help us with media campaigns.


It is important that the Enjoy SA app will be supported by the majority of South Africans. We also appointed Scrarra Ntubeni as one of the directors on the booking platform.


Numerous sports people and musicians across the country will be involved in the media campaigns

The Homecare team develop numerous software platforms that will all play an important role in growing tourism. We even develop an Enjoy Life Game that will be played on phones by millions. The game will enable users to win huge amounts. It is a game that involve sport and we therefore decided to invite soccer players, rugby players and cricket players to be involved in the project. We will eventually take up a large number of Lotto players.


It is important to inform potential shareholders about this as well. We know that the only way to win the war on farms will be when we are able to generate millions on a monthly basis out of the general population. It will literally cost millions that TLU SA will need to invest on a monthly basis so that farmers can win the war. (This will only be possible if TLU SA can use additional technology to generate the required funding.) 

We publish a video from Lucia van Wyk (CEO of the BCVO schools in South Africa) who explain to readers her view about the Gift-card process

You will be able to view another video that will explain in detail how our shareholders are supported to load funds onto gift-cards and how our Pledge Agreement is provided to the shareholders after we provided you a password.


In short, the entire country will benefit as a result of a small group of South Africans / Homecare friends. It is only fair that the initial group of testers can for the rest of their natural lives receive monthly financial contributions from the software being tested.


We want to emphasize that the software being developed must be thoroughly tested. It may save lives of numerous vulnerable people once it is operational.

We ask Beta Testers to at least load a minimum of R500 per month onto gift-cards, and use their gift-cards to pay for personal groceries. (This will offer you an Investment value of R162 000)


It is up to each individual to decide how much funds he/she will use in the project. Please note that there is no commitment that you need to give to the Homecare Foundation, should something happen and you can no longer contribute in this manner.

We invite South Africans to become Beta Testers (Shareholders) and if for any reason a shareholder wants to stop supporting this important project, it can be done without any obligations. The Pledge agreement will then be cancelled and the Homecare team will find another person to take up the amount we need in retail spending to help fund development costs.


There is more detail available for our shareholders that we publish on a page with a password. Our shareholders have access to a complete list of other Beta Testers. This information is only available after you became a shareholder. Once you have completed the Beta Tester Registration form, you will receive an e-mail which include a password.

Reference Number provided

We ask readers who want to register to please fill in this field on the Registration form and use the reference number provided by the person/organization who invited you. If you haven't received such a request/number, you can leave this field empty. (It is not a required field).

If you visit this page without an invitation from any organization listed on our database, you are more than welcome to fill in the name of your church. We will then, after completion of development, donate the 50% of your retail spending to your church.


We also invite businesses with large Eskom & Municipality bills to mail us. We can work in partnership with these companies. 50% of their bills will once we are fully operational be sponsored out of the phone technology.

Please mail for more detail.

We also include a link that will show how the software will link up with private security companies nationally.


The Homecare team must have national security coverage, which include support on farms if we want to assist foreigners while they visit our country.


For this reason, we found it important to partner with TLU SA, who will help distribute technology to all the farmers in the country, even non TLU members.

Another copy of video showing the app in close up






(Please read the note for detail)

Thank you for becoming a Beta Tester!

Use password that you will later receive via e-mail to access additional information

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