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Software development and "Beta" testing

Reason for inviting South Africans:


Covid 19 forced the Homecare Board to adjust our implementation process and systematically face out our reliance on financial support from notable donators. The project was originally funded by guesthouse owners, property principals and a small group of individuals.

The economy and the long lock-down influenced our support network. To help our donators, an action plan was implemented to use retail support so that the final development and testing of software can be funded without requiring any donations from individuals.

The software being developed is important to help reduce crime on farms, and also to help protect people is cities and towns.

What is your benefit?


Beta testers can plan how much funds they can use to pay for numerous expenses via our Gift-card software structure.

Expenses include:

  1. Groceries

  2. Alcoholic beverages (Retail stores such as Tops, Pick a Pay Liquor, Checkers Liquor)

  3. Eskom accounts

  4. Municipality accounts

  5. Pre-paid electricity

  6. DSTV

  7. Bus tickets

  8. Airline tickets


Beta testers become shareholders in our own “Trip advisor software”. The Enjoy SA app will within months be operational after we completed the Beta test phase.

Beta testers will receive up to 50% of the amount they booked on a monthly basis, and the organization you selected, or your church, will receive 50%.

The amount that you will need on a fixed deposit (investment value) could be substantial to become in a position where you could earn the retail amount. The following examples explain:

We also publish scenarios about the values, should we support less than 400 000 phones, which is our target.

What is expected from Beta testers?


On a monthly basis, to order gift-card vouchers from the retail industry. We rely on the combined purchasing power of all the Beta testers to earn a substantial bulk discount, which we use to pay for software development.

To set aside 15 minutes in a month (during one weekend) if we require phone users to help test functionality of the software being developed.

Are there any risks?


No, your money is paid over into well-established retail stores in the beginning of the month, you will use their Gift-card systems to pay for products/services when you need it. You will not lose any of your personal funds.


More detail is available for people on the website if required…

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