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The way forward

The Foundation is now busy with invitations to prepare the network for launch. We invite different partners in your geographical area within the same two-week bracket.


We invite:

  1. Financial advisors

  2. Estate agents

  3. Restaurant partner

The list of partners is published on the Fundraising page on the website. We also publish our negotiation list (on the bottom of this page), to keep everybody updated on our progress.


We focus on the major towns first. After completing the major towns, we invite motor companies that represent the different brands to assist the Foundation with motor related leads.


You might be the first company we talk to in a specific area. We also found that restaurateurs often have shares in other restaurants in other towns.

If you decide to register, please confirm via e-mail to (Chairman) that you are keen to partner with the Foundation. (We need to ensure that your booking on the platform can be supported and that other restaurants did not book the available spots.)


We will immediately focus on sales teams within the restaurant’s catchment area. In the unlikely event where we cannot find people immediately, the restaurant will be supported without any donation requirements until we launch the Enjoy Life app. We are fortunate that most business owners in the insurance and property industries are willing to support the Foundation and they are looking for additional technology that can help their sales teams.


You will be dealing with people from within your community. Remember that we do not require any company to sign long-term agreements. We are confident that the software we develop will help companies tremendously. We know that phones are the future. It will only get more innovative and we believe that normal desktop computers might be replaced in future. 


We ask restaurateurs who might decide to cancel the arrangement with the Foundation to give us at least one-month notice, so that we can inform the other partners who will work with you in your community in advance. We will then need to find another restaurant with whom they can partner to support patients in your community.


Download of app


Our first task is to register all the companies on our server and do all the back-end work that needs to be completed by December 2017.


We will mail a password to all the partners during the first week of December so that business owners can prepare media messages on a website. (The platform is easy to use and it will take less than 30 minutes to prepare to talk to people within your community)


We are extremely busy until December, and December might be the hardest month on our team. We need to help companies prepare social media campaigns etc.

We ask all our business partners to arrange with their staff and to download the app themselves during the last week of December 2017.

The last week in December will be the start of a new era for people within the Frail Care environment.

Thank you for your time. It is much appreciated!

Companies we negotiate with and companies that joined the project

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