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Hunting & Outdoor


The Homecare project is important to help bedridden patients. Our focus is to work out business plans that will benefit all our business partners.


Each business owner should see value in our proposals. It is important to help the community, and rewards for that alone is often received without our support.


The Homecare Board however believes that our only chance for success will be when the Foundation can provide services to business partners that will result in more income for them.



Donation Support we negotiate from business owners


Donations is a personal thing and it is difficult to ask businesses for a set amount. We however do this when we negotiate with motor companies, property companies and financial advisors. They pay for each person that we need to set-up on the software with their photos etc. There is a lot of work we need to do to get those companies ready for the launch.


We need partnerships with strategic Hunting & Outdoor companies. We need to work with these companies when we help people to tick of “Bucket List” items.


It will be more beneficial to everybody involved if we negotiate support with companies over a larger geographical area. (We prefer not to negotiate with Safari & Outdoor who only have 3 branches in South Africa)


We offer this project to Wildman first. We however cannot rely that every franchisee will be willing to make donations. We will, after first refusal, negotiate with an independent business owner in the geographical area.


We will limit the project to one Hunting & Outdoor partner per geographical area. It is just much easier when we must negotiate with hunting companies on behalf of “Bucket List” winners.


Our strategic partners play an important role during the implementation period. The Homecare project is currently funded out of registration fees we receive from property and motor companies. We furthermore earn income out of the production of personalize magazines for motor companies.


The Foundation also earns income out of restaurant vouchers that we manage between estate agents, financial advisors and restaurants.


The shortfall is currently shared amongst “Angel Donators”. The Business partners are in our view also like Angel Donators. They are required to make donations to relieve the pressure on the existing “Angel Donators”


The Foundation will within 6 months be able to support its own costs out of the restaurant, motor and property partners. There are also people working in the Foundation who are not paid salaries.


The current monthly expenses for the Foundation amounts to R35 000 per month.


The Foundation will by December when we launch the phone app have a budget of +R700 000. We are now busy with our negotiations with larger organizations such as Spar, Engen etc.


The Foundation might have the fastest growth in income for any Non-Profit Organization. Our action plan to use social media and to allow the public to recommend restaurants and fast-food businesses where they would like to use the app will push the growth of the network. We project to have a turn-over of R27 million by December 2018. This include donations from tourists and from the public.


We will distribute a fairly large amount towards the Bucket List project.


The project support motor sales executives, estate agents and financial advisors. All these “Ambassadors” will benefit if we support “wealthy” people with “Bucket List” events. Exposure on the phone app is important to them.


The Foundation will therefore invest 10% of its “bucket list fund” into supporting anybody that listed a hunting related event. It might be that a person wants to hunt an expensive animal, or that he wants to buy an expensive rifle. We will obviously also support a child that listed for example that he wants to buy a knife or binoculars or such items.


It is important to remember that the Foundation will never pay for the Bucket List winner’s entire item. The winner is required to save money to help fulfil his item.


We will eventually distribute +R330 000 in cash per month amongst hunters. The spending value could be R1 million per month, if we take into account that the winner must save for a portion of the costs.


Our strategy is to use this value to ensure that our strategic partners benefit directly.


We examined the Wildman group with their current footprint of franchises. Our opinion is that 15 to 17 Hunting & Outdoor partners can be sufficient to support hunters nationally.


We are confident that we will in future on average distribute R330 000 per month in cash towards the hunting industry. Funds during the quieter months will be saved and used during the hunting season when the hunters want to tick of items.


We offer the partnership opportunity to Wildman branches first. Frik Du Plooy might request that we only support Wildman branches. (Type of sole mandate in the project.) We however can only do this after Frik convinced all the franchisees to participate. It remains the franchisee’s decision to take up the offer or not.


We decided to reward franchisees based on the support we receive from them. We might need to invite other Hunting & Outdoor companies, and include them into the partnership if a number of Wildman franchisees decline our offer.


We plan everything to the finest detail. We decided to allocate funds in percentages according to support we receive. We might need to adjust the support a little bit, if we go into a national partnership with Wildman as sole partner. Frik could open more franchises and these new franchisees will then be supported.


We allocate funds to support 15 branches. We will remain with 13 branches if the entire Wildman group takes up partnerships. This will allow Frik the opportunity to include more branches before we need to adjust contributions out of our “Bucket List” fund.


We offer three blocks, where franchisees decide how much they are willing to donate, and they then receive a percentage from the bucket list fund in proportion to their donation.


The following proposal explains:

We request business owners who wants to partner with us to pledge a minimum donation of R3 000. (This will be a Block - C donation.) The business owner can donate the funds over a six-month period. (Six payments of R500 each)

Donations for Block – B = R6 000

Donations for Block – A = R10 000


You will note that the more a business owner donates, the larger percentage of the Bucket List fund will be allocated to his business.


We can only allow 5 business owners in Block-A. and also only 5 in Block-B. Block-C is open to all.   


We opened this section with the statement that donations are a personal matter. We want to encourage business owners to make larger donations, if they have the ability to do so. (To help our other team “Angel donators”)


There might be 6 Franchisees who want to donate in order to get into Block-A. The first person to pledge will take in the number one position per block…. We will manage this with e-mail time-date stamp when we receive such pledge.


The 6th person will then automatically move into Block-B. There is also the scenario where all the franchisees decide to pledge just to get into Block-C. There will be no limitations for such requests, as each franchisee will then only receive 3% of the Bucket-List fund. It is just that we cannot support all the franchisees as Block-A donators. We cannot exceed 100% of our fund allocation.


The franchisees have the first option to book a portion of the Bucket List fund. We will use the balance to fund other projects should all the franchisees decide to pledge for Block-C


We will notify Frik if a franchisee decided not to partner, so that we can start with invitations towards independent Hunting & Outdoor businesses in that area.


You will now understand better why we want to limit the number of companies. Our accountants must manage over a year period that spending towards people within the Hunting & Outdoor business’s catchment area will be according to our planning.


The Groblersdal franchisee could pledge for Block-A on our platform. Remember that the funds will go into hunting equipment and into costs to hunt animals.


We may support a person from Pretoria who listed that he wants to hunt an expensive animal. We will then liaise with the Groblersdal franchisee to find out if one of his game farm clients have such animal available. The financial contribution towards paying for the animal will be logged under Groblersdal branch. The Groblersdal franchisee will provide a service to the game farmer by arranging hunters. This will help the franchisee earn more loyalty from the game farmer.


The hunter could be living close to Montana franchise, and in future might buy his ammo and other accessories from Montana. We will, when it is a Bucket List event, ask the hunter to visit the Groblersdal branch, because the hunt was arranged by the Groblersdal franchisee.       


Our accountants will manage the distribution of the Bucket list fund and they will ensure that we support franchisees according to our proposal. We might fill up shortfalls with smaller bucket list items where we entice school kids to support the business owner based on his position on our platform.


Our objective is to ensure that the donations we receive are paid back before June 2018. We will increase the percentage of the bucket list fund allocation towards the hunting industry if we see that the business partners do not receive the amounts they donated back before June 2018 (We might increase the percentage out of the Bucket List fund to 25% for a short period, just to make sure that our business partners are rewarded).


Again, donations are a personal thing… it is more important to understand for what you donate. We explain our important services to caretakers later in website. We will appreciate you support.

The way forward

If you decide to register, please confirm via e-mail to (Chairman) that you are keen to partner with the Foundation. (We need to ensure that your position will be booked according to how we explained our donation support.)


Thank you for spending time on the website. We recommend that you read the rest of the content as well. It will give you a better idea of how important the project is for us to manage, and how we will raise funds out of other industries that is re-invested into the hunting industry.


We have a serious commitment towards the frail care patients and their caretakers. We have to protect these people from challenges they face due to our political instability.


If you decide to partner with us, you will become part of our Angel Donators team. You will also receive monthly progress reports.


We will get everything ready before December to help our strategic business partners.  

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