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Fuel stations


The Homecare project is important to help bedridden patients. Our focus is to work out business plans that will benefit all our business partners.


Each business owner should see value in our proposals. It is important to help the community, and rewards for that alone is often received without our support.


The Homecare Board however believe that our only chance for success will be when the Foundation can provide services to business partners that will result in more income for them.




We ask restaurateurs and fuel station owners to donate vouchers until June 2017. The vouchers will for the interim period be used to reward financial advisors and estate agents for their monthly contributions while we set-up the network. The different sales teams will also support the fuel stations directly.


Sales executives participate in the VIP Beach Villa competition where they earn entries for every Rand spent at the fuel station.

We encourage people to write down the EL Logo on the till slips when they enter to earn points for bucket list support. If a person decides to donate for example R5 towards the fund, the person will then write R5 next to the EL logo and will also pay an additional R5 at the fuel station. There is a separate field on the phone app where they type in the amount donated. The phone app allocates 2 points per R1 spent at the fuel station. The software will allocate 10 points for every R1 donated. Example: Someone spends R80 at fuel station and decides to donate R5. He will earn 160 points plus 50 points, thus 210 points in total.


The phone app will immediately inform the person that we will notify him/her once we received payment from the fuel station.


The software will provide management with a report of which invoices for the last week received donations from the public. We will ask the business owners to transfer the donations on a weekly basis. As soon as the Homecare software registers the payment from the fuel station, the software will log the report as being paid and the software will notify the different app users that donations have been received. This will encourage the public to donate more, because they will see that the Foundation actually receives their contributions and they can also view reports of how the donations have been distributed amongst patients nationally.

This service is not compulsory. We will indicate on the Enjoy Life app which fuel stations can help the Foundation. We believe it will have a positive effect on gaining more business for the fuel station as well.

Fuel station footprint needed before launch of app

We implement and manage business plans to the finest detail to ensure that fuel stations benefit immediately while we set-up the businesses nationally in preparation for our national launch. Entries into the competition will close when we launch the Enjoy Life phone app.


One winner will be drawn and the more entries a person has, the better chances of winning this exceptional prize!


We received two weeks’ accommodation as a donation from VIP Beach Villa. One week is used to motivate sales teams to support our fuel station partners, the other week is to reward business owners for supporting the Homecare Foundation.  We publish entries on this web-page. “Competition 1” is for business owners and “Competition 2” is for staff who bought vouchers and also supported companies directly.


We ask fuel stations to support us with the following voucher requests per area:

  • Major towns and cities (Category A) – Accept 8 x R75 vouchers per month.

  • Medium sized towns (Category B) – Accept 8 x R50 vouchers per month.

  • Small towns (Category C) – Accept 8 x R40 vouchers per month.


These are our “Donation vouchers”. We will issue 4 vouchers to the property principal and 4 voucher to the Financial advisor in the area.

The vouchers are only valid for a week. This ensures that the property principal and the financial advisor should visit the fuel station at least once a week.

The business owners receive the vouchers. Their staff are also invited into the project. They are informed about our partnership with the fuel station and we make a reasonable request. The Foundation will help them increase income, if they will support our fuel station partners.

We encourage them to support fuel stations with the competitions. We only require them to mail us their till slips. We will list their total spending at the fuel stations. (For every Rand spent, they receive one entry.)

In certain areas, the Foundation partners with up to 25 sales people (financial advisors and estate agents combined). We expect a large number of till slips from these people.

We work hard to get the companies nationally ready so we can launch all our media campaigns.

The people receiving vouchers during the interim period will only receive it until we launch the media campaigns.


Our fuel station partners will benefit immediately. We ensure that high LSM income people support our partners straightaway.

Collections from the public

We developed the phone app so that the public can donate without any hassles. Our business plan is to use restaurants, fuel stations and fast-food businesses as “collecting points” to help gather funds from the public. Fuel stations can register donations as a Non-VAT item on their systems. There will be no TAX implication for fuels stations when they collect donation fees on behalf of the Homecare Foundation. The following link explain SARS rules when collecting donation fees.


The Phone app will notify users which fuel stations (and other companies) are able to collect donations from the public. We believe that the public will more likely donate funds towards the patients, especially when they are dining out themselves, or buying food from our fuel station partners. (Again, not all app users will use the Bucket list. The people that do, will also be more inclined to support patients)

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VIP Beach Lodge competition

VIP Beach Villas in Gordonsbay sponsors 7 nights’ accommodation for 12 people. (5 star self-catering lodge)

This prize is valued at R35 000. VIP Beach Villa is located on the beach and inside a golf estate.

Competition 1 - Participants
Competition 2 - Participants
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