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b) Bucket List

The Enjoy Life app has a unique feature we developed that will encourage people to Enjoy Life. We developed the software so that people can plan and manage items they wish to fulfill.


We will encourage people not only to list items that one would associate with a bucket list. (Expensive things that one would do before they pass away) Bucket list items could be small things that you want to do for your kids for example.


You may for example list that you want to take your daughter to the Lipizzaner show at Kyalami. It is a show that she will enjoy as she loves horses. When you have taken her to the show, you can tick the item on your bucket list. You will be able to upload photos of her at the show on your phone app and you will be able to share your bucket list on social media.


Life is often more fulfilling when you do good to others! We create a platform where memories can be saved and shared.


The Homecare Foundation foresee to raise R67 million per month from our business network. The Foundation will utilize 5% of our income (R3.35 million per month) to help people fulfill items on their bucket lists. We know that to successfully help patients, we need to encourage people to Enjoy every moment of Life. We cannot use all the funds to pay for shortfalls that patients experience.

We need to create awareness of the fact that people often lose their ability to Enjoy Life. Healthy people will get behind the Foundation to support patients when they see the effort we put in to create awareness about living.


We also need the healthy people to support our business partners. This will enable the Foundation to raise funds from companies to support patients.


App users will be able to take pictures of their invoices at restaurants and other partners. (Image 4 & 5) They receive points for every R1 spent at partners.

App users will receive 1 000 points when they fulfill items themselves on their bucket lists (Image 3). They will therefore increase their chances to be selected for support.

The Enjoy Life software will randomly select phone users for Bucket-list support. Our intention is to award small amounts on certain bucket list items that could be as low as R2 000. We will also support selected winners with up to R80 000 to fulfil a “bucket list” item.


We will support about 500 app users per month once we have R3.35 million available in the “bucket list fund”.


As already explained, the Homecare Foundation provides free media support to companies focusing on services that will help someone to Enjoy Life. (Companies such as shark diving, scuba diving schools, rock climbing, sky diving etc.) We ask these companies to help our bucket list people with reduced rates.


Let’s for example say that you want to do cage diving to see the Great White shark. This expedition may cost up to R50 000 if you take accommodation costs into account.


The Homecare Foundation works with accommodation companies as well (Image 1). We might be able to negotiate costs down to R30 000. We will for example allocate R20 000 from the “Bucket List Fund” to help the user to tick the item. Our team will phone the app user and ask if he/she could save for example R10 000 over a 5-month period to pay the R10 000 shortfall. You will note that our intention is not to pay all the costs. We want to show people that with team work, things that seemed to be impossible is achievable. They still need to do their own part to fulfill a dream.


They need to grasp that it’s the same thing we do for caretakers of patients. We work as a team to help them, but we will never be able to bear all their costs.


When the app user eventually ticks the item on their bucket list, we ask them to share their experience in social media (Image 3). The Foundation relies on positive media to help patients. We need other people to see that we value life.


The Bucket List platform enables the Foundation to ask phone users to rate services of our partners (Image 4). We know that only a small percentage of phone users will use the bucket list function. We talked to numerous people when we started with development planning, and the number of people that reacted positively were very high. We will in future see what percentage eventually plan their bucket lists and post photos when they fulfill items on their lists.

Our strategy is to inform phone users that it is important for the business owners of the companies in our network to know when their clients receive poor service. The business owners want to ensure that their staff do their best to provide exceptional service.

We ask the public to help with ratings. They can notify managers and business owners of poor service and they can even post comments on the phone app when they take photos of their till slips as part of their entries to earn points for the Bucket List draws.

Our strategy is to help South Africans and tourists to “Enjoy Life” which includes that they should receive exceptional service when they support companies in our network. Business owners/managers can immediately act on feedback about poor service. The staff working at their companies will realize that it is now possible for customers to get complaints through to management directly.


Most business owners prefer not to give out their cell phone numbers. (They do not want unnecessary phone calls from the public). The Enjoy Life software can deliver complaints on someone’s phone the business owner instructs to handle the complaints. The business owner can set the software to only notify the phone with service ratings below a number he/she chooses, for example notifications when an Enjoy Life app user gives a 3-star rating (out of 10). The software will push the complaint to the designated phone, almost like receiving a “WhatsApp message”. The business owner can schedule different phones according to a diary (If they want managers to receive the complaints).


The business owner or manager can immediately act on poor service. They can view the till slip to identify which staff member serviced the client and they can view the complaint from the customer. The manager can immediately communicate with the client without giving his/her cell phone number to the customer.


This support plan will result in the staff focusing on their service. They will not want management to find out about poor service.


This service will help business owners tremendously. Companies often pay for “Mystery shoppers” to evaluate service delivery. It is better if the public (clients) can provide honest feedback.

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