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Enjoy Life App



We are busy setting up a network of restaurants, fuel stations and other strategic business partners in preparation for the launch of the Enjoy Life app.


The Enjoy Life app will most likely become the second or third most popular phone app used in your geographical area. It is our opinion that Whatsapp is the most popular phone application; it enables low cost communication. Second popular might be Facebook; it enables communication (sharing of photos and videos etc.) between friends and families.


We explain how the Homecare Foundation developed a phone app providing media support to up to 6 000 companies, aimed to help these companies increase income. The companies can as a result donate small amounts (from R100) per month towards funding bedridden patients. We also support certain groups of companies without asking for any donations.


We discuss how Google changed the internet. There is a new challenge with regards to phone apps and the Homecare Foundation’s IT team developed a solution that will help companies reach clients before their opposition. The unique support that we will provide will ensure that the Homecare Foundation can fund bedridden patients for years to come.  

The app market is competitive and ensuring that the public use an app, is a complex process. Our marketing strategies will also be explained.

The Enjoy Life App is developed within a unique business concept. The development team spent 4 years and first developed software that is utilized in numerous industries so that the Foundation can earn income over a broader spectrum of companies. The Foundation allocates a portion of revenue generated from these other industries towards subsidizing restaurant  and fast-food deals.


The software on its own will not help us to achieve the required results. We will use more than 1 500 Ambassadors (estate agents, financial advisors and motor sales executives) and more than 700 strategic business partners (restaurateurs, fuel station and fast-food business owners) to ensure that the Enjoy Life app will become the number 2 or 3 phone app in South Africa. The unique business model, where we help thousands of individuals across different industries (Up to 5 900 business owners in other industries) benefit financially when people use the Enjoy Life app, will ensure that the phone app will be introduced to thousands of South Africans.

The Enjoy Life app will help restaurants and fast food business owners/management teams with three important services:

  • First  is to approach people (local residents, South Africans from other towns and cities and foreigners) on their phones with unique media messages.

  • Second  is to use the phone app as a tool to notify management when clients received bad service, so that immediate action can be taken to rectify service delivery

  • Third   is to help restaurateurs with loyalty programmes. Business owners can, via the phone app encourage, manage and reward loyalty from clients.

It is also important to understand how the Enjoy Life app will benefit other business owners such as Spar, boutique clothing shops, butcheries etc.

We will ask other business partners to support our restaurant partners when they themselves want to visit restaurants. We will be able to monitor their support and remind them when they forgot to visit the restaurants during a two-month period.

The Enjoy Life app will be explained in the following sections:

  1. Features of the Enjoy Life app

  2. Our development planning

    • Media section with specific development to benefit restaurant partners

    • Bucket list section that will also help to monitor service from staff

    • How loyalty programmes can be managed on the phone app

  3. How the phone app will be marketed to the public and foreigners

  4. How the Homecare Foundation will monitor that other business partners support the 105 strategic restaurant partners

  5. Why it will be extremely difficult for another group in future to duplicate our services, hence this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to use latest technology to source secured business in future.

1) Features of the Enjoy Life app


The Enjoy Life app offers services that help a person to Enjoy Life…  It focuses on the following aspects:

  • App users will receive great deals on products used for their sport and hobby interests. (The Foundation provides free marketing support to companies that sell products used for sport and hobbies. We ask these companies to offer a small number of products at below cost price to app users on a monthly basis. This is their donation. The first person to book and pay for such a product will receive the product at a cost saving that might be as low as 80% of selling price.)

  • App users can notify the Foundation about their bucket list and the Homecare Foundation helps users randomly to fulfill items on their bucket lists.

  • App users can book restaurant tables where they receive exceptional restaurant offerings. (Users will be able to receive specials that could be as low as 10% of the menu price. The Foundation subsidizes restaurant specials to ensure that the Enjoy Life app will remain on a person’s phone)

  • App users can book holiday and business accommodation

  • App users will receive media about products, services and hobby plus sport messages of interest to the phone user in a geographical area. The app will update people on information pertaining to the area they visit while on holiday or on business trips.

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