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2) Messages from “key business partners” where the Foundation generates a larger portion of income.

The Enjoy Life app enables the Foundation to broadcast media on behalf of companies that donate small amounts on a monthly basis. Our strategy is to earn income for patients, and not to beg for money.


We offer marketing support to a variety of companies, which include supermarkets, clothing companies, beauty salons, hairdressers etc.


The software enables us to profile people better. Companies can, with our support, better target people with phone marketing. One example would be that Boutique shops can target younger people with clothes aimed at their age category. Older people will receive media with products aimed at them.

The phone app relies on three different settings that users will select when they download the app:

  1. Personal settings (Age, language preference, sex, where the person resides etc.)

  2. Sport & hobby interests

  3. Media settings (which media sections the person do not want media messages)

The Enjoy Life software can give companies a better break down on how many phone app users are active (based on their sport interests). Companies can therefore post ads of clothes and shoes to target people for better results.


We also push media on behalf of financial advisors, estate agents and motor sales executives where the Foundation receives larger income based on products sold and services delivered.

Herewith some examples of media messages:

  1. Spar close to person that offer week-end specials.

  2. Engen targeting foreigners to visit their fuel station.

  3. Elegant Outfits target younger girls with fashion aimed at them  (The software know which app users follow fashion. The app knows the sex of the person. Companies can plan media with more information such as taking sport interests into account.)

  4. After 10 Shoe Boutique target younger woman with shoes aimed at their market.

  5. After 10 Shoe Boutique target older woman with shoes aimed at their market.

  6. The app support estate agents with property listings.

  7. The app support financial advisors with media.

  8. The app support motor sales executives with new vehicle product launches.

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