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Angel donators

Funds forecast

We explain our fund raising strategies to Angel Donators. You will note when you read the webpages per industry that we do not include coffee campaigns or disability policies as part of the projected income base.  It is only for Angel donators that we explain our business plan in more detail.


The Homecare Foundation does not want to waste funds… We are responsible to help people in need. The Foundation needs to ensure that whatever funds raised, will reach destinations where it can make a difference.


It is possible to raise more than R4.3 million per month out of companies in the private sector, and with the support of the public via our Enjoy life campaign to support bedridden patients.


The R4.3 million excludes funding that we intend to negotiate from the National Lottery, the mining sector and the Government.



Herewith a list of forecast income from companies we target:
Additional income strategies

Our plan is to negotiate 5% of the restaurant bills (sales on food) after we have created a strong support base. We do not negotiate these fees with restaurants or coffee shops during the interim period. The Foundation is currently busy to establish the support network. We will within 6 months’ focus on the public to download the Enjoy life phone app. Our first goal is to register 500 000 users. It is a task that we believe is easy to accomplish if you consider the number of Christians in our country which include all racial classifications. Social media is the best strategy to target these people and it might be possible to register 500 000 users nationally within 6 months after we launched our coffee campaign.


The Foundation will with a larger support base approach our existing restaurant network at a later stage and negotiate 5% contribution towards the patients when people pay with their Enjoy life vouchers for their meals or other beverages. We will also at that stage negotiate with fuel stations to include water and cold drink sales.


Our drive would be to use these negotiations and use social media to invite another 1.5 million South Africans to use the Enjoy Life application.

We believe it is possible to earn on average R3 per user per month if all beverages are included and the income is generated from fuel stations as well. The additional 1,5 million South Africans will therefore bring in another R4.5 million per month.


The Enjoy life application will also be able to secure another R198 000 per month if 16 500 restaurant meals per month has been paid by the Enjoy Life application. Average restaurant bill at the moment is estimated at R240 for 3 people. Our intention is to work with 800 restaurants and 300 coffee shops nationally. We forecast on average 15 dinners being paid per month per restaurant.


We also want to include other Enjoy Life features into the app. The Foundation will in future negotiate with beauty salons for facials and other treatments, to earn a small fee when people pay with their phone apps.


The Board will even negotiate with cinemas (movie tickets). Our intention is to negotiate with companies who manage events such as cycling events, marathons… Any business that people support to make their lives better.


Our focus is to enable people to pay with their Enjoy Life phone application for products and services and truly enjoy life! They will have the knowledge by using their apps to treat themselves, they enable the Foundation to support bedridden patients financially! The public will not pay more for services or products when they use their apps. They might even pay less as we can pass on discounts negotiated to them as users.


We believe it could be possible to reach R10 million per month, without government support. This will be one of the largest fundraising strategies ever embarked on by an NPO organization!

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