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Fundraising strategies

We explain our fundraising strategies and how we report on the distribution of such funds.

The only way to raise millions successfully, will be to implement a well-planned business plan that involves the usage of advanced software. Enjoy Life app users that donate funds must also be rewarded for their financial contributions.


We use advanced smart phone technology to its fullest potential. The project focus on two aspects:


  1. Media

    It is possible to save companies millions per month, and these cost savings (a percentage of it) can be passed on to the bedridden patients.

  2. High gross profit on beverages

    The other important action plan is to use products with higher gross profit margins to reward the public for supporting the patients. We know that companies often use products such as coffee or wine, in marketing as a tool to draw clients to their restaurants. Fuel stations also use similar action plans to draw clients to their premises.


With these two focus points in mind, we developed a well-planned business model that will enable us to support bedridden patients for years to come.

The Homecare team planned and developed software over a 4-year period to raise at least R53 million per month for patients. Our business plan is to re-invest a portion of the funds that we raised back into marketing projects so that we can ensure constant growth of the fund.


We hope to be conservative in our project plans. For example, we plan that it might take as two years to support 2 million app users. With more than 1 300 ambassadors (estate agents and financial advisors nationally), restaurants, fast-food businesses and with the accommodation industry as business partners to help distribute the app, together with radio campaigns and social media marketing which the Homecare team will manage, we should reach the 2 million app user target within the 2-year period. We will also entice the friends and family members of patients to help distribute the app amongst their contacts.


All the ambassadors, businesses in partnership and our media campaigns will explain to people that they can buy a steak at top restaurants for as low as R20. They will never, ever be able to book tables and get such great restaurant deals without the Enjoy Life phone app. The app will also offer exceptional fast-food deals.


Our business plan to support 2 million South Africans means that we will support less than 4% of our population. This may look like an ambitious target, but if you consider that almost 1 million South Africans are willing to drive to Bloemfontein for a prayer meeting over a week-end in April 2017, our business plan to find 2 million South Africans across all racial classifications must be achievable.


Remember that the Enjoy Life app is a Free app that the public can download. It is available to all LSM income categories. We invite anybody that can buy a cooldrink at a fuel station or food at fast-food companies to download the free app. The Foundation will support patients across all racial classifications, hence our marketing is aimed at all the people in South Africa. Companies who will benefit financially out of the Enjoy Life app will also be actively involved in the marketing of the Enjoy Life app. (We explain our distribution action plan later on page.)

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