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Thank you for the time that you allowed me.


I am truly grateful that there are people like you who work hard to make a difference in live.


I know God will bless you.


It is as explained, one of the most important projects to implement. I know that the ACVV management team will do its best to help the ACVV branches.

I also want to give you my commitment that our team will do their best to become your best partners.

My decision to offer a prize was an impulsive one. I needed more time to think how it will be fair towards all the regional managers. I understand that each regional manager has a different support structure. I decided that it will be better if we change the competition into a structure that will be fair.


We need speed and accuracy and we need the team to be pro-active.


We decided to increase the prize money, and to structure the prize money in such a way, that every Regional manager will have an equal chance to win the larger prize, but simultaneously, every person will be rewarded.


Remember, this is a journey that started on Wednesday 7 March 2018….


The best method of fairness is to use a point system, and that is linked with a lucky draw system. I will arrange with Shanie that the regional managers should be invited to a “launch date”, where the prizes will be handed to the regional managers in person. (It could be September/October)

We decided to use two funds for the reward system. One is the “Bucket List” fund, and the other is the “Restaurant fund”

The Bucket List fund will allocate R350 000 over a 16-month period. The Restaurant fund will distribute R14 250 per month to participants for as long as they are employed by ACVV Head Office.

Participants will receive points out of the branches they support. The points will be used in a ticket system. The more points a person has, the better chance to be drawn for the first prize. In theory, the manager with the smallest group of branches will thus also stand a chance to win the first prize.

My thinking was that the regional manager who was able to arrange that his/her team of branches sign up over the shortest period should win the prize… This will not be fair towards a regional manager with a large number of branches.

There will be 4 opportunities to earn points. The more points a manager has, the better chance to win the largest prize. Readers will see that the top 3 prizes are actually worth working for.

We decided that it is only fair that every regional manager should at least receive “Bucket List” support. It is also important that regional managers should Enjoy Life. We will therefore issue restaurant vouchers so that regional managers can take their families out to dine at restaurants. You will also be able to save your “restaurant budget” and use it during your holiday month.

Herewith the prizes:

The Homecare Board will also ask ACVV Head Office to consider that the ACVV group make a small contribution to the Bucket List fund. The current commitment is from the Homecare board. We might be able to negotiate that the branches team up and also donate R1 000 per branch once off. They might do this when the final points and positioning is revealed.

I believe that branches will be grateful if the regional managers helped secure a large percentage sharing for them that will influence their financial position forever.

We might end up with a “Bucket List fund” of R450 000 to distribute. The Head office contribution will proportionally be distributed amongst the positions that participants ended.

Our thinking is that when the final prizes are rewarded, that the regional managers will be asked to plan their bucket list events according to the following plan.

The person that came in last, will be asked to do an event first. (We know it will be a small event, but at least you can tick something off your bucket list!)


The winner will be asked to tick his/her bucket list last. This will enable the winner to save funds so that an exceptional Bucket List event can be fulfilled!


We also suggest that the last person will receive 3 months to save for his/her event. The winner will therefore receive 19 months to safe funds… We want the regional managers to dream big… Miracles do happen!


There might be a surprize where the Homecare Board decide to offer an additional amount if the bucket list item is an exceptional item to tick!


There are 4 opportunities to earn points.


First opportunity:


The first task is to mail the list of branches under management. We need the names of the branches, with the estimated number of personnel per branch. Regional managers should have an idea of how large their branches are. We also require the name of the person that manages the branch, with an e-mail address and telephone number. We will on a monthly basis mail these persons the reports on how much funds were raised during Pre-launch and that will be paid over to the branches. We do not need the names of the employees or board members. This information can later be received from the branches.

The managers will receive points on the following basis. The first e-mail to reach Pieter will earn the participant 15 points. The last e-mail will earn that participant 1 point. To be fair, the e-mails will only count after the e-mail section opened. (This is Wednesday 14 March at 08H00). If you perhaps have mailed the information prior to Wednesday, please re-send it on Wednesday at 08H00.

Any mail earlier than 08H00 will not count. Any mail later than Friday 16 March at 17H00 will also not count…. Pieter will mail the point results to managers on Monday.

Second & Third opportunity:

The Homecare Board want each participant to mail in 2 Bucket list events.

  • Bucket list Item A) must be what you will do when you win the first prize.

  • Bucket list Item B) must be what you will do when you came in last.  

The Homecare board will rank each bucket list event and give the person with the Best Item A) 15 points and the person with the Best Item B) 15 points. The worst Item list will receive 1 point.

Readers should know, that the first 3-point scoring opportunities in purely in the participant’s hands.

These e-mails must be in before Monday 30 April 2018. Late males will not count and participants will then not receive points.

Fourth opportunity:

This is the only section where the branches must support the regional manager. The Homecare team will monitor which regional manager’s branches were able to register 80% of their personnel.

The first manager with an 80% personnel support structure will receive 15 points. The last manager will receive 1 point.


This is a fair competition plan. Most of the point scoring opportunities is in the manager’s hands. The fact that we couple it with a lucky draw system also in our few, creates excitement and fairness.You cannot with the Lotto stand such a GREAT chance to Enjoy Life! This is our way of honoring people like you, who do their best to help better the lives of others!

Remember, the Homecare project can change the destiny of ACVV teams…   Your destiny is in your own hands!

Thank you for becoming a partner… We are looking forward to help you tick your Bucket List!

Best wishes

Pieter van Vuuren

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