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Enjoy Life App



We are busy setting up a network of restaurants, fuel stations and other strategic business partners in preparation for the launch of the Enjoy Life app.


The Enjoy Life app will most likely become the second or third most popular phone app used in your geographical area. It is our opinion that Whatsapp is the most popular phone application; it enables low cost communication. Second popular might be Facebook; it enables communication (sharing of photos and videos etc.) between friends and families.


We explain how the Homecare Foundation developed a phone app providing media support to up to 6 000 companies, aimed to help these companies increase income. The companies can as a result donate small amounts (from R100) per month towards funding bedridden patients. We also support certain groups of companies without asking for any donations.


We discuss how Google changed the internet. There is a new challenge with regards to phone apps and the Homecare Foundation’s IT team developed a solution that will help companies reach clients before their opposition. The unique support that we will provide will ensure that the Homecare Foundation can fund bedridden patients for years to come.  

The app market is competitive and ensuring that the public use an app, is a complex process. Our marketing strategies will also be explained.

The Enjoy Life App is developed within a unique business concept. The development team spent 4 years and first developed software that is utilized in numerous industries so that the Foundation can earn income over a broader spectrum of companies. The Foundation allocates a portion of revenue generated from these other industries towards subsidizing restaurant  and fast-food deals.


The software on its own will not help us to achieve the required results. We will use more than 1 500 Ambassadors (estate agents, financial advisors and motor sales executives) and more than 700 strategic business partners (restaurateurs, fuel station and fast-food business owners) to ensure that the Enjoy Life app will become the number 2 or 3 phone app in South Africa. The unique business model, where we help thousands of individuals across different industries (Up to 5 900 business owners in other industries) benefit financially when people use the Enjoy Life app, will ensure that the phone app will be introduced to thousands of South Africans.

The Enjoy Life app will help restaurants and fast food business owners/management teams with three important services:

  • First  is to approach people (local residents, South Africans from other towns and cities and foreigners) on their phones with unique media messages.

  • Second  is to use the phone app as a tool to notify management when clients received bad service, so that immediate action can be taken to rectify service delivery

  • Third   is to help restaurateurs with loyalty programmes. Business owners can, via the phone app encourage, manage and reward loyalty from clients.

It is also important to understand how the Enjoy Life app will benefit other business owners such as Spar, boutique clothing shops, butcheries etc.


We will ask other business partners to support our restaurant partners when they themselves want to visit restaurants. We will be able to monitor their support and remind them when they forgot to visit the restaurants during a two-month period.


The Enjoy Life app will be explained in the following sections:

  1. Features of the Enjoy Life app

  2. Our development planning

    • Media section with specific development to benefit restaurant partners

    • Bucket list section that will also help to monitor service from staff

    • How loyalty programmes can be managed on the phone app

  3. How the phone app will be marketed to the public and foreigners

  4. How the Homecare Foundation will monitor that other business partners support the 103 strategic restaurant partners

  5. Why it will be extremely difficult for another group in future to duplicate our services, hence this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to use latest technology to source secured business in future.

1) Features of the Enjoy Life app


The Enjoy Life app offers services that help a person to Enjoy Life…  It focuses on the following aspects:

  • App users will receive great deals on products used for their sport and hobby interests. (The Foundation provides free marketing support to companies that sell products used for sport and hobbies. We ask these companies to offer a small number of products at below cost price to app users on a monthly basis. This is their donation. The first person to book and pay for such a product will receive the product at a cost saving that might be as low as 80% of selling price.)

  • App users can notify the Foundation about their bucket list and the Homecare Foundation helps users randomly to fulfill items on their bucket lists.

  • App users can book restaurant tables where they receive exceptional restaurant offerings. (Users will be able to receive specials that could be as low as 10% of the menu price. The Foundation subsidizes restaurant specials to ensure that the Enjoy Life app will remain on a person’s phone)

  • App users can book holiday and business accommodation

  • App users will receive media about products, services and hobby plus sport messages of interest to the phone user in a geographical area. The app will update people on information pertaining to the area they visit while on holiday or on business trips.

2) Development planning


Our IT team had 4 years' preparation time while we developed software to be used in 4 other industries (motor, property, financial and accommodation).

We had enough time to study the positive and negative aspects of Whatsapp and of Facebook. (Facebook owns Whatsapp and they bought it for $19 billion in 2014 without Whatsapp earning a single penny in revenue)


We can position the Enjoy Life app where we ensure that negative aspects are limited.


You can message a single person or a group at once. You target people you want to reach and it is only possible when you have their cell phone numbers, and when they also have installed Whatsapp on their phones.

It is a low-cost message platform. It might change in future where users will have to pay a monthly subscription to use the platform. They used to ask a percentage of users to pay after one year’s usage a subscription fee. Whatsapp later decided that they will rather try to see if financial institutions and other companies cannot pay them when these companies want to communicate with Whatsapp users.

We cannot predict the future. People might in future be asked to donate or pay subscription fees to use the communication platform.


The only negative for users is that they often get messages from people on their phones while they are busy in work meetings. There is unfortunately no way to manage when a message should reach the receiver. Users can turn their phones onto “silence mode”, but they often forget about it.


Out of a business perspective, it is difficult to use Whatsapp as a tool to communicate with all the people within your geographical area. Businesses do not always have all the people’s cell phone numbers. There are businesses that work hard to collect this data. You cannot guarantee that the cell phone users will all have downloaded Whatsapp onto their phones. Therefore, you cannot be sure that all the people will receive Whatsapp messages. Most companies still use sms as communication as they know that sms messages reach the entire database. It is very costly though.


Facebook enables companies to post messages on their own Facebook pages, and followers of the business can be reached if they liked the business page.

You can post specials and use images etc. It is a great tool when you have a large Facebook friend network.    


Facebook sends mail communications to all the friends in the network without managing time slots. They also over do their communication strategy. When one friend comments on a picture Facebook will notify all the other “friends” that this person commented on a picture.

You might get annoyed if you are a Facebook user and is in the wrong friend network. People are often bothered at work and this results in the person getting into trouble at work. Companies ban Facebook pages at the works place.

Negative aspects for business.

A company can only reach people who are Facebook followers of the company. You cannot reach people who do not know about your business.

We took the negatives and the positives into consideration and we realized that the most challenging part is to communicate with people when it is convenient to them, and more importantly, to communicate with them on aspects they are interested in.

We can position an app between Facebook and Whatsapp. The only “negative” is that we will not reach lower income people. This might actually be better for businesses. You want to use a “special” to draw clients to your business, but you want these people to spend money on other products at your business as well.

We support companies that are categorized as businesses that want to help a person “Enjoy Life”. This might seem like a small group of companies, but in reality, the list is almost endless. This includes restaurants, coffee shops, hairdressers, beauty salons, video shops, cinemas, cycle shops, golf shops, event companies (Cycling events, marathons, and numerous sport events) fuel stations, lodges, guesthouses, guest farms, hotels, wine farms and even butcheries. A butcher will be able to publish specials on meat that people need for a braai… enjoy the weekend, enjoy Life!

There is limited space on a phone for Apps

The Enjoy Life app can also provide marketing support to companies such as boutiques that sell clothes and shoes. The Enjoy Life app provides marketing solutions to thousands of companies that cannot develop their own phone apps.

We explain three parts of the phone app’s development planning:

a)    Media section

b)    Bucket list software that also help us to ask clients to notify management when they receive poor service

c)    Reward program offered to loyal clients

a) Media section

Media has and will always play a critical role in a business ability to earn income. People act on information (media). Media has evolved through different stages. It used to be numerous text in newspapers, that eventually changed to less text and more images in magazines, that changed to websites on the internet, and the latest trend is to use “Push technology” to post media onto a person’s phone. The best results are less text, combined with an image. People have less time to read, and images on a phone will draw the most attention.    

The challenge is that people are now more phone users than “internet” users. To have a website is important, but it is almost out-dated. People “search” less and they act more on messages they receive on their phones.


Google provided a solution to help people reach websites of interest. Without Google and other search engine platforms that followed, the internet would have been impossible to use. Google helped people to reach websites that host relevant information towards what a person wants on the internet. There are even other companies that help people to find relevant information from one website in industries where there are too many companies in a specific industry. A great example is accommodation booking companies that list all the accommodation companies per area in one site. It would have been a challenge if all the accommodation companies only relied on their individual websites for business. It would have remained a challenge to be on the top list of websites on the Google browser when people searched for accommodation in a specific area.

Latest trend

In the past

Internet users searched for information on pc's in their own time

Phone apps push information towards phone users

Phone apps created a new challenge. It is arguably the most effective method of marketing, as information can reach a person within seconds, but the challenge is that there is not enough space on a person’s phone to install thousands of phone apps.


We create a porthole for all the companies that offer services to make a client Enjoy Life so that they can share one app on a person’s cell phone. It will be impossible for up to 10 000 companies to each develop their own phone apps and expect all the phone users to install all their individual apps. (The software can support 10 000 companies, although we foresee to support at least 6  000 companies in South Africa.)

There are numerous things to take into account when developing phone apps. One is to realize that apps are used, based on their functionality. Gaming apps are used by younger people to play games. They often remove older games from their phones and install new games. (Limited space on phones)

Companies who develop phone apps for themselves aim to reach people via their apps with media messages.

Up to 10 000 companies

share one app

Most companies cannot develop phone apps where people can use their apps on a daily basis. The actual usage of a phone app is limited to its design and functionality. If we for example look at the Dstv phone app. Their app offers the same functionality as the Dstv website. The public can also manage their personal profiles on the Dstv website, so why bother to download the Dstv app?  

The Homecare team developed a phone app that can help different companies with media exposure. It is much more challenging than one would expect. We explain our media support strategy later, as well as other functions that will entice people to often use the Enjoy Life app as well.

There are a lot of trade secrets we cannot reveal, but we want to give readers some idea of what we can do, that will help companies save money and also increase business.

Software settings

The best service we provide to app users is to allow them to be in control regarding information they receive. There are numerous settings the person can select, to streamline the communication into his/her phone. Our objective is to help partners save money, and to help them reach people they would otherwise only been able to do if they use “National media” platforms. National media (print) is declining because people buy less newspapers etc.

Smart phones and satellite tracking creates new media strategies. We can, with advanced technology, broadcast messages from companies in certain radiuses from where the phone user is at present.

The settings that the App user select can help the Enjoy Life app to profile people better and this benefits all the companies we work with. The phone app relies on three different settings that users will select when they download the app:

1.    Personal settings (Age, language preference, sex, where the person resides etc.)

2.    Sport & hobby interests

3.    Media settings (which media sections the person do not want media messages)

We ask users to identify what make their lives enjoyable. Do they love movies, do they enjoy books, what sport interests, if they love cycling, is it mountain biking or road cycling?

The user can also indicate the maximum number of messages he/she will accept per day, or during weekends. The app will know if the person is on leave (holiday) or at work. We know what time slots to communicate… There are so many things we take into consideration to ensure that the app user will use the app and it will be to their interest and benefit.

Media settings


The software is unique. We combine media messages with other messages of a person’s interest. It is a technical challenge to develop software (phone app) that can push media towards phone users. The question is: “What messages should reach the phone? When should messages reach the phone? Which company’s messages should be prioritised?


The Enjoy Life app is programmed to broadcast 3 categories of media which will be explained in short.

1) Information from sport and recreational companies (including restaurants)

The Enjoy Life media platform is developed so that numerous companies and sport clubs can communicate with members and people visiting their area.


People are willing to receive media messages, as long as it is in their interest and if the messages are about items that help them Enjoy Life.


We know that for us to get “paid for” media messages to someone, we need to entice a person to download the phone app.


The best strategy would be to offer messages that enables them to buy products at such a reduced rate, that they will never get access to these products without having the phone app.


For this reason, we decided to structure our business plan across different industries. We will use income generated from the insurance, property, motor, and accommodation industries as well as income from other companies  to “Buy” exceptional restaurant deals for phone users.

In our opinion, people Enjoy Life when they visit a restaurant. Our focus is to get them into the best restaurants.

The Foundation also negotiates with companies selling sport equipment to partner with us. We ask these companies to offer for example one item far below cost so that people can buy it when they are an Enjoy Life app user.

Herewith some examples of messages that we can push to a person’s phone:

  1. Restaurant message to guests (Foreigners) who visit a town.

  2. Restaurant message to locals residing in town.

  3. Restaurant message to guests (South Africans) who visit a town.

  4. Golf club that invites guests of area to play (The software knows which golf players are on holiday. This will help clubs to better target people they do not know personally).

  5. Bicycle shop that offers one item far below cost as part of their donation to help the Foundation.

2) Messages from “key business partners” where the Foundation generates a larger portion of income.

The Enjoy Life app enables the Foundation to broadcast media on behalf of companies that donate small amounts on a monthly basis. Our strategy is to earn income for patients, and not to beg for money.


We offer marketing support to a variety of companies, which include supermarkets, clothing companies, beauty salons, hairdressers etc.


The software enables us to profile people better. Companies can, with our support, better target people with phone marketing. One example would be that Boutique shops can target younger people with clothes aimed at their age category. Older people will receive media with products aimed at them.

The phone app relies on three different settings that users will select when they download the app:

  1. Personal settings (Age, language preference, sex, where the person resides etc.)

  2. Sport & hobby interests

  3. Media settings (which media sections the person do not want media messages)

The Enjoy Life software can give companies a better break down on how many phone app users are active (based on their sport interests). Companies can therefore post ads of clothes and shoes to target people for better results.


We also push media on behalf of financial advisors, estate agents and motor sales executives where the Foundation receives larger income based on products sold and services delivered.

Herewith some examples of media messages:

  1. Spar close to person that offer week-end specials.

  2. Engen targeting foreigners to visit their fuel station.

  3. Elegant Outfits target younger girls with fashion aimed at them  (The software know which app users follow fashion. The app knows the sex of the person. Companies can plan media with more information such as taking sport interests into account.)

  4. After 10 Shoe Boutique target younger woman with shoes aimed at their market.

  5. After 10 Shoe Boutique target older woman with shoes aimed at their market.

  6. The app support estate agents with property listings.

  7. The app support financial advisors with media.

  8. The app support motor sales executives with new vehicle product launches.

3) Messages from businesses that offer products/services that we categorize as companies that can help a client to Enjoy Life.

Probably the largest focus point of the project is to provide free media support to companies that help people Enjoy Life. The Foundation might receive donations from these businesses, although we do not require these companies to donate.


The software knows when people are on holiday. Companies can therefore target people who visit their area effectively.


The phone app hosts features where people can also search for companies providing such services. The app is therefore like a search engine and it has the ability to push media towards people who came in reach of companies.   


Herewith some examples of messages that can be pushed to a person’s phone. Note that the software enables us to help companies target people with images based on their racial classification:

  1. Canopy Tours invites a black client to enjoy the day with them.

  2. Canopy Tours target a white client.

  3. Invitation from Shark Adventures to do cage diving.




For restaurants

Talking to people within your community, versus talking to people visiting the area


One of the great advantages is that we effectively help management teams. Media should reach your target area within minutes if possible.


It is also great when you can plan media for different purposes. Restaurants can for example plan specials for the night based on information we can supply. We will for example be able to show the management team a report like this:


Enjoy Life app users within 10km radius:

This is important information. To know who entered the restaurant’s marketing area for the first time can help restaurateurs to target guests with a media plan specifically designed for them.


To know how many locals are in town, and also the age categories can help to plan media campaigns (specials that might interest them) aimed at the largest age category.


We know exactly - with tracking technology -  if the phone owner resides in the area, and if he/she is in town for business or for leisure. The message partners want to post appears on the person’s phone. He/she does not need to search for restaurants on websites.


You cannot reach people via print or social media where you can plan in the finest detail to ensure better success. The Enjoy Life app is a breakthrough to help companies reach medium to high LSM income people with media that is applicable. You can only offer steaks at special tonight if you have extra stock etc.

You can post your campaign for example at 17H00 and the message will reach people immediately. Guests driving into the catchment area for the first time can be reached. You might get people traveling for work and they only arrived in town after-hours. They may be planning to eat in a restaurant that night. The phone app will target them immediately.


You will note that we inform management teams on how many “foreigners” are in their catchment area. The Enjoy Life app will be introduced to tourists who arrive in South Africa (More detail later on page). The Enjoy Life app software enables restaurateurs to plan specific media campaigns to invite these tourists into the restaurant. They are prime clients to target, as they often spend larger amounts at restaurants. (Our weak exchange rate is in their favour). The Foundation will in future also allocate more than R1.3 million per month into specific campaigns aimed to secure business from foreigners.

Benefits for our strategic Restaurant partners that we use during the implementation period

The Foundation works in partnership with a small percentage of restaurants that assist us with the “paper voucher” platform until we are ready to launch the phone app. The phone app will only be available to the public after we negotiated a fair amount of businesses nationally so that the app can provide the services we develop it for. Services include where you go on holiday and the Enjoy Life app should update the phone owner on special information in that geographical area.


To ensure success, a national footprint must be in place when we launch the app. Our restaurant “strategic business partners” are rewarded within the software structure. We can help companies with an additional advantage. Our support plan is to ensure that communication broadcasted by these partners should always reach the Enjoy Life app users in their catchment area.


We already explained that an app user has the ability to set on his/her phone the maximum number of messages that should reach him/her per day. We believe it is important to allow the user the media exposure he/she prefers. The app user will only be able to set the minimum messages to 3 per day. The messages will reach him/her in a preferred time slot.


This is important to understand. The software needs to prioritise messages and manage it according to the user’s request. Messages from restaurants and fuel stations are always the highest priority. Our strategic business partner will always get the highest priority.

We will work with 1 restaurant in a large catchment area during the six-month period that we set-up the network. There might be 12 restaurants that eventually use the Enjoy Life app as a communication platform. The 1 that were in partnership during the initial period will have the highest exposure priority.

The software will queue messages that need to reach the phones. For example, 9 of the 12 restaurants want to post a message today to the users. The first restaurant to post a message will be first to broadcast.

There are for example 108 phones in the catchment area:

In this example 12 phones will only accept 3 messages. Our 1 strategic partner might be late to upload media messages. The software will automatically move their messages to the top spot. The rest of the restaurants will move down, and depending where their message is in queue, they will reach fewer phones.

This is truly advanced software that even helps restaurants to source business during lunch hours. To understand, we need to explain with the picture how the phone app will constantly collect data and leave data per geographical area. The phone app will collect data within a 5-km radius and depending on the geographical area; the phone will enlarge the data collection radius.


If the app user drives along a highway as explained in the example, the phone software (on the server and not on the user’s phone) will constantly update data to be released once the client gets to an area where he stops. If it is around lunch time, the app will ask the phone owner if he/she perhaps want information from restaurants that offer great service and specials occasionally.

The software will therefore only publish information pertaining to the catchment area. All the data previously prepared will drop out. A restaurateur can decide at 12H00 to publish a special for the next 2 hours. This special will reach the people in your area, which includes guests that just arrived…


We believe that this is a fair business model where we list our initial partner’s messages first. Remember that we do our best to invite the best companies first. The business owners then decide if they want to make a difference and help bedridden patients. Also remember that all our campaigns will always be done with a “positive” message. We do not ask people to have empathy for patients. All the restaurants will in future register to receive free media coverage.


It is only a small number of people that committed to help patients during the set-up period. We need to give these people an edge and we will therefore use media to support them best. We also ask our financial advisors, estate agents and motor sales executives to support these partners. We will inform people in your community that these partners helped the Foundation while we were preparing to launch the app.

How will the Phone app benefit all the different companies that use it for media?

The phone app pushes media messages that offer exceptional deals. An app user can for example buy a steak at a top restaurant for only R20. The app will also push messages that offer exceptional deals on products within the person’s sport/hobby interests..

All the companies on-board will benefit from our strategy to partner with top restaurants. People in general are lazy. The phone app will systematically influence the person’s subconscious mind that the phone app only publishes media that offers “great deals” In reality, the Spar business owner might one day post a special on “milk”. The milk might even be R1 more expensive than what other companies sell it for.

Because people became so used to “great deals”, they will act on the special posted by Spar. Few people will research prices of products in the finest detail.

The phone users will also became so used to media messages on their phones, that they will eventually stop searching for information in other media platforms.

The fact that business owners can communicate with people visiting their area for the first time, without them knowing about the business or happens to drive past the business, will also help business owners using the Enjoy Life app as communication tool tremendously.

Phone app technology also includes additional advantages. Fuel stations for example plan in-store specials that they run for a month. The reason for this is that Head Office needs to supply the forecourts with printed media in order for them to advertise the specials on offer. Printed media slows down the process. It will in future with the phone app be possible to offer additional specials that they can for example run for 7 days. They might draw more clients if they constantly change the specials on offer. The same principal applies to all the companies that rely on printed media to advertise in-store specials.


The Phone app will furthermore support companies that sell freshly baked products enormously. Think about companies such as Spar who often needs to mark down their baked products that did not sell during the day. These companies will be able to push specials to people’s phones about marked down products at for example 17H00 just before they prepare to close business.  


Phone app technology will also change the way restaurants and fast-food businesses market specials. Most companies try to establish a weekly “special” routine. Monday night = 2 burgers for the price of 1. Tuesday night = 50% of pizzas etc. Phone technology can help restaurateurs to work out other specials. The specials can be more focused on extra products they have in stock for example if they have additional fish that did not sell during the previous day etc. Restaurateurs can also use phone technology to publish meals that are not part of their “menu items” to draw additional clients.  

We highlight the benefits for other businesses again. We made a statement earlier in the introduction section that it will be possible to make business owners a reasonable request… Please support our restaurant partners at least once every two months

To explain; Companies literally pay thousands to Google so they can buy “key words”. They pay large amounts so their website can be listed on the top page of Google when people search for information. … Can you imagine Google phone the company and say; please, do not pay us for the media exposure…all we need you to do is to Enjoy Life… use the money and treat yourself at one of our partnering restaurants… Can you imagine how many business owners will jump for such an opportunity?

Take into consideration that the Homecare Foundation pushes the message the company wants to get out, to the correct person they want to target! We do not rely on the person to search for information on the internet etcetera!!!


Furthermore, media is only one section of the support strategy. The phone app provides a comprehensive support service.  We will explain how the Bucket list section and other services will help business owners with service ratings, and loyalty programmes. It is the complete package that will ensure that business owners do support the Foundation and the restaurant partners on our “reasonable request”.

b) Bucket List

The Enjoy Life app has a unique feature we developed that will encourage people to Enjoy Life. We developed the software so that people can plan and manage items they wish to fulfill.


We will encourage people not only to list items that one would associate with a bucket list. (Expensive things that one would do before they pass away) Bucket list items could be small things that you want to do for your kids for example.


You may for example list that you want to take your daughter to the Lipizzaner show at Kyalami. It is a show that she will enjoy as she loves horses. When you have taken her to the show, you can tick the item on your bucket list. You will be able to upload photos of her at the show on your phone app and you will be able to share your bucket list on social media.


Life is often more fulfilling when you do good to others! We create a platform where memories can be saved and shared.


The Homecare Foundation foresee to raise R67 million per month from our business network. The Foundation will utilize 5% of our income (R3.35 million per month) to help people fulfil items on their bucket lists. We know that to successfully help patients, we need to encourage people to Enjoy every moment of Life. We cannot use all the funds to pay for shortfalls that patients experience.

We need to create awareness of the fact that people often lose their ability to Enjoy Life. Healthy people will get behind the Foundation to support patients when they see the effort we put in to create awareness about living.


We also need the healthy people to support our business partners. This will enable the Foundation to raise funds from companies to support patients.


App users will be able to take pictures of their invoices at restaurants and other partners. (Image 4 & 5) They receive points for every R1 spent at partners.

App users will receive 1 000 points when they fulfill items themselves on their bucket lists (Image 3). They will therefore increase their chances to be selected for support.


The Enjoy Life software will randomly select phone users for Bucket-list support. Our intention is to award small amounts on certain bucket list items that could be as low as R2 000. We will also support selected winners with up to R80 000 to fulfil a “bucket list” item.


We will support about 500 app users per month once we have R3.35 million available in the “bucket list fund”.

As already explained, the Homecare Foundation provides free media support to companies focusing on services that will help someone to Enjoy Life. (Companies such as shark diving, scuba diving schools, rock climbing, sky diving etc.) We ask these companies to help our bucket list people with reduced rates.


Let’s for example say that you want to do cage diving to see the Great White shark. This expedition may cost up to R50 000 if you take accommodation costs into account.


The Homecare Foundation works with accommodation companies as well (Image 1). We might be able to negotiate costs down to R30 000. We will for example allocate R20 000 from the “Bucket List Fund” to help the user to tick the item. Our team will phone the app user and ask if he/she could save for example R10 000 over a 5-month period to pay the R10 000 shortfall. You will note that our intention is not to pay all the costs. We want to show people that with team work, things that seemed to be impossible is achievable. They still need to do their own part to fulfill a dream.


They need to grasp that it’s the same thing we do for caretakers of patients. We work as a team to help them, but we will never be able to bear all their costs.

When the app user eventually ticks the item on their bucket list, we ask them to share their experience in social media (Image 3). The Foundation relies on positive media to help patients. We need other people to see that we value life.

The Bucket List platform enables the Foundation to ask phone users to rate services of our partners (Image 4). We know that only a small percentage of phone users will use the bucket list function. We talked to numerous people when we started with development planning, and the number of people that reacted positively were very high. We will in future see what percentage eventually plan their bucket lists and post photos when they fulfill items on their lists.

Our strategy is to inform phone users that it is important for the business owners of the companies in our network to know when their clients receive poor service. The business owners want to ensure that their staff do their best to provide exceptional service.

We ask the public to help with ratings. They can notify managers and business owners of poor service and they can even post comments on the phone app when they take photos of their till slips as part of their entries to earn points for the Bucket List draws.

Our strategy is to help South Africans and tourists to “Enjoy Life” which includes that they should receive exceptional service when they support companies in our network. Business owners/managers can immediately act on feedback about poor service. The staff working at their companies will realize that it is now possible for customers to get complaints through to management directly.


Most business owners prefer not to give out their cell phone numbers. (They do not want unnecessary phone calls from the public). The Enjoy Life software can deliver complaints on someone’s phone the business owner instructs to handle the complaints. The business owner can set the software to only notify the phone with service ratings below a number he/she chooses, for example notifications when an Enjoy Life app user gives a 3-star rating (out of 10). The software will push the complaint to the designated phone, almost like receiving a “WhatsApp message”. The business owner can schedule different phones according to a diary (If they want managers to receive the complaints).


The business owner or manager can immediately act on poor service. They can view the till slip to identify which staff member serviced the client and they can view the complaint from the customer. The manager can immediately communicate with the client without giving his/her cell phone number to the customer.


This support plan will result in the staff focusing on their service. They will not want management to find out about poor service.

This service will help business owners tremendously. Companies often pay for “Mystery shoppers” to evaluate service delivery. It is better if the public (clients) can provide honest feedback.

c) Reward loyal supporters

The Enjoy Life app can also be used as a “Loyalty programme”. Business owners will be able to offer for example a Burger when the customer has provided feedback on 50 purchases, or if he had spent more than R500 at the store over a period of time. (It could be monthly or weekly periods; any motivational method can be supported). The app will then be able to forward the customer a voucher to thank him for his loyal support.


There are numerous groups offering loyalty cards to customers. Our objective is not to replace these cards. We develop the system to assist these companies. Often people forget their loyalty cards at home and the phone app will be able to support people in such scenarios. We programmed the phone app with a function where customers can link their loyalty cards of the restaurant or restaurant groups to their phone app. When they forgot their cards, they can still enter for their bucket list and the app will then forward the transaction information to the restaurant’s loyalty card platform.


There are restaurants and fast food businesses that do not have loyalty cards. The Enjoy Life app enables these companies to use such support. It might be that in future the public will prefer that all their loyalty systems be managed via their phone app, as people often complain about carrying all the different loyalty cards.

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