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Financial Advisors

Tourism (focus)

The Tourism industry can help our economy to recover. One way to succeed is to develop technology that will benefit our country’s tourism and hospitality companies better.

We already mentioned that there is no existing software structure that can be used to help South Africa increase tourism above other countries.

It is possible though for the Homecare team to implement and manage software that will benefit the South African tourism industry. It will be easier for the Homecare team and our existing partners to complete this task if we can include a partnership with companies in the Private Security industry.

We completed our research about the financial opportunities and it is in our opinion possible to secure a large financial contribution by simply providing booking services that South Africans and foreigners can use when they need accommodation for business and holiday trips.

Income according to STATS SA

(You can download the full report on this link: STATS SA Statistical release P6410 )

Tourism income.jpg

We need to point out that the stats we gathered is just an indication of what the possibilities might be. We believe that that actual amounts received by the industry could be higher. We know that numerous smaller accommodation facilities do not supply the Tourism board with accurate figures.


There are numerous households who offer rooms via AirBed&Breakfast (AirB&B) to foreigners and South Africans. These figures will most likely not be reported. Our service will be used by these guest house owners, thus the potential income for Homecare projects should be more.

We also think that some of the companies that supplied sales might have provided the figures they received after the booking fees has been deducted. The booking fees that accommodation booking agencies claim is between 15% and 22%. We use 15% in our calculations.

The Homecare team develops the Enjoy Life phone app and Enjoy Southern Africa booking systems that will be positioned on the Enjoy Southern Africa website domains. This is the most advanced integrated systems between phone apps, and booking sites.  The software structure furthermore involves all the companies who can provide services to foreigners visiting our country.


We should successfully compete for 60% of booking fees. A large portion of accommodation bookings inside South Africa is done by South Africans for business and holiday trips. We believe that at least 70% of bookings inside local accommodation companies are done locally (By South Africans). It will be easy for us to inform South Africans about the booking sites and that this booking site is developed to help grow our economy.


We will also convey a message that booking fees is allocated towards important projects. It will also become the only booking site that business owners in the hospitality industry will recommend themselves towards their clients. Most guesthouses try to arrange direct bookings. The EnjoySouthernAfrica booking site will be their tool which can be viewed as a “shareholding scheme” that benefit their staff. (Readers will also understand why businesses themselves will promote the local based booking site after reading all the information to follow.)

Our only challenge would be to penetrate the clientele abroad. We have exceptional strategies which we explain under Tourism (Media) & Tourism (Foreigners to return). This will become the most used booking system ever deployed into the local hospitality and tourism industries.


The Government will in our opinion support this important project, due to the fact that we can help them provide better support towards new recruits for Policing, and simultaneously help them with their huge challenge pertaining to SASSA Grant receivers.

The Government will do their best to ensure that we manage the Grocery Support platform. Groceries are a huge percentage of low-income people’s expenses. It will help everybody if we succeed in providing + R170 additional groceries to low-income families.

We explain later how we will ensure that foreigners abroad book via the Local Booking site. We believe that Government will also allocate budget to help with this focus point.

We believe that out of the R2.7 billion that is booking fees per year, that we will eventually manage 60% of these fees. This will result that we will have access to R1.64 Billion per year. These funds will be divided into 4 components:

1.      25% towards staff working in Hospitality industry

2.      25% to business owners to further subsidize their retail costs.

3.      25% to local tourism information centres who assist the hospitality & tourism industry with information and client support.

4.      25% to Homecare Foundation who fund community projects.


Our business plan, which we explain to Child Protection Branches, excludes income out of the Booking fees. We first want to use this income to help position all the different software platforms. We might eventually invest an additional R30 million per month into media strategies that will position the Enjoy Southern Africa booking systems. We want a strong financial position when we negotiate with the Government. 

We want the Government to also allocate funds for marketing of the booking sites. The entire economy can recover when we increase tourism. The Tax income from all the medium sized businesses will increase when foreigners spend time in our country.  We want to negotiate a 50/50 partnership. Every R1 we invest into media should be boosted by R1 we receive for media paid by the Government. 


Safety of tourists

We intend to include services provided by other NGO's on the phone technology  


The latest app to safeguard citizens of South Africa has also been developed by a Non-Profit Organization. Namola is currently being implemented in Gauteng to help the public. It is the “Fastest Police call-back time at the push of a button”

The app interacts with the police vehicles directly. Our intention is to help tourists when they need police assistance. The service will soon be available nationally. For more detail, visit

Our strategy is to enable tourists to get emergency support with the click of a button.

Other Security platforms

The Enjoy Life app will automatically change the link towards other groups that provide similar services in other provinces. We will investigate which safety options will be the best for the foreigners when they travel across South Africa. Namola is according to research fairly good in Gauteng.

Safety will be the highest priority of this project!

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