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Motor sales executives

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Sales executives are backed with media structures, to help them increase business.

We can provide sales executives with “Homecare Ambassador” badges that they can ware with their name tags. We explain all the possible options that might help sales executives to increase sales. (Nothing is compulsory, we explain different options). These badges might help sales executives when they talk to clients.


The Homecare Ambassador badges are actually designed to help estate agents and financial advisors in their negotiations. We know that Toyota for example gives recognition to their “Knight” sales executives with the knight sign on their name tags. The purpose of this recognition is to help these sales executives to distinguish themselves as a “selected group of people” that might help them when they deal with clients. Clients often ask about the Knight signs and the sales executives then tell their clients that they need to do a large number of community work and projects on their own to maintain their Knight status. They help the community and this often help them to win the client’s trust.


The Foundation will also partner with a small group of independent general used motor dealers. These sales teams might want to use badges as part of their marketing strategy. Sales executives who are allowed to ware badges can order badges from the Foundation.

Enjoy Life App

The Enjoy Life app will most likely become the second or third most popular phone app used in your geographical area. The app will play a large role in a small number of sales executive’s careers. We all agree that Whatsapp is the most popular phone application; it enables low cost text and other communication. Second popular might be Facebook; it enables communication (sharing of photos and videos etc.) between friends and families.

The Homecare team invites 103 strategic restaurants nationally to partner with financial advisors, estate agents and motor sales executives. We will eventually work with most of the restaurants and fast food businesses. We can help each company (not only our 103 strategic restaurant partners) with services and media support that help them do more business. The 103 restaurants will eventually share in more than R3.2 million per month, that the Foundation will pay out to these restaurateurs in cash, so that we can publish exceptional restaurant deals on the phone.

When you click on “Next” at the bottom of this page, we direct you to an important web-page, where we explain to the restaurateurs (The initial group) how the phone app works, how they will benefit and how the partnership with estate agents, financial advisors and motor sales executives work.

You will note that the Enjoy Life app will support thousands of companies, even clothing companies, food stores (for example Spar, Pick-a-Pay), butcheries, literally thousands of business owners will be supported with important services…


We will publish photos of the motor sales executives on strategic pages within the phone app. The phone app will eventually be used by millions, after we helped the fast food industry. (If you can afford to buy a burger at a Steers, and you have a smart phone, you will most likely in future download the Enjoy Life app.)


The app will save Fast Food companies millions in marketing costs. It will put them in contact with local residents, guests to their areas (South Africans) and with foreigners who travel in South Africa. The Enjoy Life app will help them to manage loyalty programmes with locals. The phone app also replaces the need for mystery shoppers. The app will warn business owners and managers when their clients receive poor service.


Your photo as a motor sales executive may in future be available to thousands of people within your support area. Each person that download the Enjoy Life app will definitely read about the Foundation’s ambassadors, who teamed up to help provide to bedridden patients.

The next two pages explains to restaurateurs the Enjoy Life app. We ask sales executives to read this page in detail. We make a statement that millions of South Africans will eventually have the app on their phones. This will only be possible if other companies benefit when phone users install the Enjoy Life app. It will not help the Foundation at all if we spend millions on software development and the software is not used. These two pages may not be relevant to what we do for sales executives, but an understanding of the functionality will help you understand that you will receive a “Once in a lifetime opportunity”.

We publish a section of what restaurateurs read on their part of the website. You will read a small Introduction section that might seem to be a repeat of what you already read. Remember that the restaurateur read that Intro section of the Enjoy Life app for the first time. It is important to read the following section as if you are a restaurateur yourself. You will grasp why the Homecare Foundation successfully negotiate with top restaurants. This will also give you a better understanding why business owners in the restaurant and fast-food industry will one day buy their own vehicles from a small team sales executives.   

We focus on inviting 103 top restaurants. It is restaurants where the owners are often chefs themselves. Most of these restaurants are independently owned and operated. (Not franchises such as Spur etc.) There are numerous such restaurants in the larger metropolitan areas. We even focus on inviting the best restaurants in smaller cities and towns. Examples would be Orange Restaurant in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, or RoseMary's Restaurant in Klerksdorp North West. You will note when you visit their websites that we do focus on quality restaurants.

Our focus is to work closely with these restaurant owners. They often talk to their local clients as these people are almost friends. They deal with “High LSM Income” people, and business people that dine at their restaurants. These restaurateurs will become active spotters and they will convince their clients to allow the small team sales executives first opportunity to quote when these clients want to buy vehicles. You will not realize how strong friendship relationship certain restaurateurs have with clients (regulars). It is therefore great to understand that we help them effectively and this will ensure that the Enjoy Life phone app will also become a dominant App on South African’s phones.

The fourth page explain in detail how the app is programmed to help you as motor sales executive… There we discuss in detail how we developed software with one aim, and that is to help a small team increase sales. Page 4 of 4 will also be important to study in detail.

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