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Radio marketing


The Homecare project will be marketed on radio stations in a unique way. Most radio stations allow Non-Profit Organizations to broadcast (in time slots the stations allocate to help communities) messages to inform the public how they can support the NPO’s needs.


Our intention is not to broadcast the Homecare Foundation as an organization that begs for funding. We are pro-active and we will inform the public that the Homecare Foundation provides solutions to bedridden patients. We will appreciate it if they could download the Enjoy Life application


Time slots on radio only allow you to broadcast short messages. We will focus on two media campaigns:

  • One is to inform the public about our Enjoy life, buy coffee or cappuccinos from our restaurant, coffee shop and fuel station network.

  • We will also run media campaigns where we inform listeners about restaurant special offerings. Restaurants can for example offer 3 sushi platters to the first 3 persons for a specific date at R15 per platter.


The Homecare Foundation might be able to negotiate a large number of slots on air at low costs. (We negotiate on behalf of an NPO and we support a cause where radio stations will love to be involved)

It might be that we need to pay for a percentage of radio coverage. The Foundation will eventually work with approximately 6 000 companies (accommodation, restaurants, fuel stations and all the companies that offer services where they help a client to enjoy life included) who benefit when we market the Enjoy Life phone application.

We will use available funds in our marketing budget to cover radio costs. We will ask our 6 000 partners to donate an additional R100 per month for additional radio coverage into the marketing fund if required. We do not foresee that this will be necessary, but the strength of a national group can move mountains!


You should take into account that if we have to pay for radio coverage at reduced costs, that R600 000 per month plus our own marketing budget will buy a lot of media space!


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