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Child protection organizations

Advanced print technology to support motor sales executives T


This is truly a unique project. We developed technology that none of the magazine publishing companies (CAR, Getaway, Rooi Rose etc.) will ever attempt to do.

The advanced magazine software enables us to print thousands of magazines, which is all individual. Each magazine has its own cover that we use to market people.

We can for example combine editorials about the vehicles the client purchased, with editorials about the sales executive with content about his/her family.

Our focus is to help sell the person who helped the client. "Word of mouth" or recommendations is one of the best strategies to help sales executives sell more vehicles.

A sales executive cannot talk about his/her kids when they deal with clients. Our task is to explain to the vehicle buyer that we value the sales executive. We first need to tell the client more about the sales executive. We need to inform the client that the sales executive is a person with a family and that we rely on the sales executive to help fund bedridden patients.

This can only be done if we approach the vehicle buyers in a professional manner. Hence we developed the most advanced software platform to assist sales executives. (our ambassadors). We print magazines that include personal information about the sales executive. We will for example list the children and their ages. The software will automatically adjust the ages of the children. If the sales executive has a child that is younger than two years, we talk about the child in ages of months. This is to truly bring the family component under the intention of the vehicle buyer. You can only recommend a person to your family or friends if you know more about the person you want to recommend.  

We initially tested the campaigns with media that is explaining the pain people experience... This resulted in positive support. But God eventually guided us towards campaigns where we only focus on Enjoying Life. The media of the software is now being adjusted.

This advanced software will now be utilized with positive media campaigns to support bedridden patients and child protection organizations. We still need to help our "Ambassadors"  sell more vehicles in order to raise donation income out of vehicle transactions.

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