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Child Protection Organizations



There are 6 steps to complete:

1)    Send a mail to your board members and ask them if you can register your organization. (This is applicable when you cannot make the decision yourself to register.)

To speed up the process, you can select a template that you can use or alter to mail your board members. It will save you time to alter the template according to your own liking. Just copy text and paste it in your e-mail composer box. (Remember that your Board members will obviously give more attention to an email received from you as director.)


Dear (Board member name)

Our Head office notified me about a project that will be beneficial to us. I had time to read about a unique project and I would like to share this with you.


We have been invited by the Homecare board to accept or decline a joined project that in my view will help our organization tremendously. The Homecare team develop phone app technology. Their initial focus was to only provide financial support towards caretakers of bedridden patients.


Child Welfare Organizations asked the Homecare team if they can use the phone technology to also raise funds for child protection costs.

The Homecare Board decided that it will only work if the Homecare team invites all the role players involved in child protection.

The Homecare team is going to be involved in media campaigns and they are going to inform the public that all the role players received the opportunity to share in the funds they raise.

The Homecare team is busy to develop specific modules into their phone technology where they can help child protection organizations with large amounts in financial support on a monthly basis. (Their target is set at R98 million per month towards child protection organizations.)

The Homecare team develops software that enable the public to buy “Digital vouchers” from all the food companies. They will even help domestic workers to receive more groceries without the need for employers to pay these people extra wages.

The Homecare team found a way to help the poorest people in our country, and simultaneously help child protection organizations raise millions without the need to beg for money.

The Homecare team are willing to help our organization without requiring any financial contributions from our side. All they ask is that our employees and board members support their pre-launch campaign. They ask us to buy a percentage of our own groceries groceries via the “digital vouchers”…. It is a reasonable request.

They will even help us to raise funds immediately out of people we know who will buy their own groceries at the Shoprite group.

The Homecare team’s business plan is well planned. They use the best IT people available to help child protection organizations. They focus on the positive of life…. They will implement the Enjoy Life phone app. This app is actually programmed for the tourism, restaurant and fast-food industries…

The Homecare team in my view will reach their R98 million per month target. They have been working for the last 4 years on different software platforms to be able to raise large amounts.   
The entire R98 million per month will end up at child protection organizations. 10% of the funds are shared with Heado Office teams, and the balance of the funds are distributed in blocks into Child protection branches. 

The Homecare team understand the pressure of finding younger people to one day take over the management of child protection organizations. They know that younger people struggle to work with financial stress. They can actually help us to prepare our organization so that younger people will in future be able to provide services to children.

The Homecare team, also developed a section into their software platform that calculates via a point system how much funds will end up at which organization. They want to be fair towards all their partners who joined in. They give each group an equal opportunity to receive large amounts. It is possible that branches could receive more than R330 000 per month. Their website also explain how a branch consisting of 15 personnel and board members can within 6 weeks receive up to R21 000 per month out of the Shoprite project.   

The point system is based on how we as an organization supports their pre-launch campaign… This is the best way to be fair towards others.

The Homecare team is really committed towards this project. They will soon be in media, including talk shows on TV etc. where they will talk about the Enjoy Life app and that the public can help child protection organizations without the need to donate any personal funds… They will mention that all the groups were invited.

We received an invitation that we need to either accept or decline… I don’t want to take this decision on my own. The Homecare team can make our management much easier if they procure large amounts.

The problem is though that if we decline, and they are successful, that we might one day struggle to do fundraising. We do not know what people will say when we ask for donations. Most people will know about the project where non-governmental child protection organizations were invited to use technology to help fund their operational costs. The people we approach might in future ask us why we are not using the Enjoy Life software to raise funds?

It will become extremely difficult to raise funds if the Homecare team and the other child protection organizations are successful. People will not understand why we declined the invitation, especially if it did not cost us any financial contributions to join the project.

I need our team to act quickly on this invitation. The other child protection organizations are already busy building up points, and if we do not act immediately, we might lose out on large financial support structures.

I understand the Homecare team’s point. They do not want to favour any organization above the others. It is all about how different teams in the organizations can work together that will eventually determine how much funds organizations will receive. Our team can in my view procure a large contribution. We only need to act fast.     

Please visit the website:

  • Click on Business partners (At the top banner)

  • You will find a link for Child protection organizations at the bottom of the Business partners page.

  • Use the following password to access the confidential pages: ChildCareOne

I will appreciate your urgent feedback.


2.    Send an acceptance mail to the Homecare board so that we can use the mail for the point system.


The e-mail must be addressed to Annelize van der Loo. She will also need the banking details where funds that we generate should be paid into. Annelize is our accountant and she will send out financial reports about funds that were raised and paid into your account. Her e-mail address is


Hello Annelize and Homecare Board members

I just want to confirm that (Organization name) accepted your invitation into this exciting Homecare & Child Protection project.

It will be appreciated if you can arrange that donation payments should be made into the following bank account:


  • Organization Name: XXX

  • Bank: XXX

  • Bank Account Number: XXX XXX XXX

  • Branch Number: XXX  

Thank you for your assistance


3.    Send a mail to the Homecare team with the list of employees and board members

The list must be mailed to Annelize as well. She needs to monitor if personnel and board members register on the pre-launch competition website so that she can use her financial systems to calculate which persons voucher commission must be kept for IT development, and which vouchers must be shared with the child care head office. Note that commission on staff and board members are not shared with the organizations.

Personnel or Board members must visit the website or allow a person within child protection head office to register them on the website. The entire process is explained on the website. You can open the Launch competition page or click on the Home page and follow Enjoy Life competition links.

4.    Send a mail to the staff members and ask them to participate in the pre-launch competition

We publish a separate link for staff members to read. (You will find it on the landing page)

It is important to ask the staff to register, and to ask them for additional assistance. The project can secure funds that can immediately be used by child protection organizations. It is explained on the Staff page

You can use the following template to communicate with staff.


Dear (Staff member)


This is an important mail that I send to employees.


The Homecare organization approached us and we accepted an invitation to join their campaigns.


The Homecare Foundation develop phone technology which we will get access to.


The aim of their project is to help child protection organizations with fundraising activities.They will be able to help us with large amounts on a monthly basis.


The Homecare board want to help Non-Governmental child protection organizations with enough funds so that we can get into a position where we can pay our staff equal to what Government is paying their staff.


Please visit the following website:

  • Click on Business partners (At the top banner)

  • You will find a link for Child protection organizations at the bottom of the Business partners page.

  • Use the following password to access the confidential pages: ChildCareOne

The website explain how personnel can enter into a Pre-launch competition and buy their own groceries via Digital vouchers.

If we work as a team, we will be able to secure large amounts. This will enable us to increase salaries… Please, it is truly important to visit the website.


Thank you so much.



We also recommend that management teams should invite even employees that receive wages and not salaries to support the project. It is a team effort and if management can ask the laborers permit-ion to buy them a Digital voucher as part of their wage payments, the group will benefit. There is no wage earner who do not buy groceries. These people in general all have cell phones that can receive SMS messages.

We believe that the personnel will be willing to support this project, especially if they are informed that wage increases can only happen after the phone technology is launched, and they will personally benefit if the organization has more funds to allocate towards wages. Remember, we develop a digital voucher system that will enable the employee to buy at the food store he/she prefers.

You will be able to register these people, even if they do not have an e-mail address. You can use the company's e-mail address to register all the employees without e-mail addresses.. 

5.    Send a mail to business partners closely associated with the branch

It is important to ask as many associates as possible for their support. The Homecare team can immediately transfer fees out of Gift-card vouchers to help child protection branches with cash-flow.


It also increases the points that Branches earn in the project. We suggest that the entire team at the branch phone and talk to existing network partners and mail these partners.


People will appreciate the fact that child protection organizations is pro-active in finding long-term solutions.


The fee that the Homecare team will transfer is 2.5% of the Digital Vouchers that the network purchased.

It can become a large financial contribution, even before we launch the Enjoy Life software where small amounts out of millions will be raised.


These people can also visit the website and read more on the Friend of Child protection organization’s link.


Dear (Business Associate)

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to mail this website link to you.

As mentioned, we accepted an invitation from the Homecare Board who are helping us with software that they develop on our behalf.

This software will secure a passive income stream that will in future reduce our business risks tremendously. It is difficult to manage fundraising if we rely on the old way of doing it. The Homecare team focus on the positive... The Enjoy Life phone app will even raise small amounts out of foreigners visiting our country on holiday.

The Homecare team develops software that enable the public to buy “Digital vouchers” from all the food companies. They will even help domestic workers to receive more groceries without the need for employers to pay these people extra wages.

It is such a unique concept where the Homecare team can help child protection organizations by raising funds out of people who cannot donate on their own. They help the poorest, the most vulnerable and simultaneously help child protection branches.

Please visit the following website:

  • Click on “Business partners” (On top banner of website)

  • You will find a link for “Friends of child protection branches” at the bottom of the business partner’s web page.

  • Use the following password to open the content page: WeWillHelp

It is such a unique project where our partners can help us, without the need to make personal donations. We secure a portion of the discount offered on volume based digital voucher orders when you buy your own groceries from your preferred food supplying company.

It is only for a short period that we require your help. If you are willing, we can list your company as a partner in the project. Your staff can then register underneath your company.

We will mail your company’s detail to the Homecare team. There are thousands of people who visit the website and it can help if they see your company listed amongst companies who help child protection organizations to become self-sustainable.

Please, it is important to us. Your contributions will help us to receive additional finances until the Enjoy Life app is ready for launch. We will thereafter be in a position where our need to ask for financial support will dramatically drop.Thank you so much or your time.


If business partners accept the invitation and you need to list their companies, please mail the company name to He will update the option list where people can register for the pre-launch competition. Please just mention that the company should be linked to your organization.


6.    Monitor the progress of the network linked to your organization

The Homecare team will on a weekly basis mail management the list of support we received on the pre-launch project.

Management teams will soon receive a log in on the website, where the progress can on a daily basis be monitored.

Thank you for your assistance. If you need any support, please mail



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