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Child Protection Organizations



There might be 3 branches that accepted our invitation in Paarl. We already explained how the Knock out system will influence media exposure (thus pledge campaign) in Paarl. The same points earned will be used to compete for financial support out of the Winelands district Block. There might be 9 child protection branches in the larger Block. The points for fund distribution will be automatically calculated by software.

In our example of R97 Million target, R34.92 million will be shared amongst 21 Category A Block areas. The Winelands district is categorized as Block A. The Winelands district will when we reach our target share in R1.518 million per month.

Note that although Branch 1 in Paarl was eliminated from the Pledge program, that the branch will still receive a reasonable amount from the Homecare Foundation out of our normal fundraising strategies.


We however urge branches to do their best work with us so that all the branches will receive media coverage and pledge support. We know that there will be small towns where there is only one child protection branch, and that these people cannot be eliminated from Pledge support. If there are 3 Non-Governmental child protection branches in the same town/city, this process could eliminate one branch if the branch is not aware of the averages that the entire group maintain.

Funds during pre-launch


The Branch Office can also within 6 weeks after joining this project receive + R21 000 per month out of the digital voucher project. Our aim is to immediately help branches and head office teams. We do not need to wait for the phone app to be available.


We work on a buddy system. If each board member, and each personnel member only ask 5 friends or family members to please register, then the office can secure large amounts. We publish an example where a team of 15 people (including board members) work as a team.


The management team can also approach existing business partners for example the Auditors of the company. It is possible to approach at least 10 businesses, who had in the past, or who is currently helping the branch with donations. You will later view a draft-mail with a password that can be used for invitations.


The people are asked a “reasonable” request. Please support the pre-launch project. Buy your own groceries via digital vouchers… Nobody is required to buy groceries from a food company he/she does not prefer.

We know that a large number of people will immediately respond to the request. We explain to people that their actions will not only help child protection organizations but will also help bedridden patients and it will help thousands of domestic workers to receive additional groceries after the project launch. Their little effort will change the destiny of THOUSANDS!

A personnel member can therefore ask friends and family residing anywhere in SA.  We estimate that the grocery bill for a family of 4 is about R8 000 per month. This includes basic essential foods, toiletries, as well as household cleaning detergents.


We are using R5 500 as an average grocery bill for planning purposes. The following example explain how a reasonable amount can be generated with immediate effect if the team work as a group.

Launch and closing of point system.


The Homecare Board will notify all the branches nationally when we will be ready for launch. This project can be compared to playing a cricket match. Your team is batting and the team do not know how the other teams are doing. You only have one guideline to follow, based on the National Average. The scorecards will be revealed a week before we close the software.

The points earned will be the points used for future support. It is important to read how we will focus on increasing the funds if we need to raise additional funds to help child protection branches. It is also important for child protection branches situated in small towns, such as Sutherland in the Western Cape to understand that points are earned on the ability to network. If you work in a town where there is no food company that can offer digital vouchers, you still need to ask family and friends in other towns to register under your branch and to support the project. The friends and family can purchase digital vouchers and use it in their towns. We understand that the personnel directly involved at the small town can unfortunately not contribute... This being said, any points will help secure a sharing of the funds we earmarked for distribution into smaller areas. 


We also explain ‘The way Forward” if you are considering to join the project.


You can find the town or suburbs linked to the blocks. If you are in a town that we missed, please mail so that we can update the list. (might be in small towns in the Northern Cape district etc.)

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