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Coffee changed the world!  It will now change the lives of patients for the better… The Homecare Foundation will in future become one of the largest coffee sellers in South Africa. 


Our intention is not to beg for money. The Foundation trade in order to earn income for patients. The Homecare Foundation implement a business plan where the Foundation rely on 5 income streams to support bedridden patients financially.

  1. Coffee sales

  2. Commission on insurance products (disability cover policies, medical aids, life insurance policies)

  3. Commission on property transactions

  4. Commission on vehicle transactions

  5. Commission on holiday and business accommodation

The Homecare Board of directors are searching individuals who can assist the Foundation with cash-flow support (short term loans) while the team is setting up a network of companies that will receive coffee vouchers. We have a small team of Angel donators who help us. We cannot expect the small team to fund the shortfalls during the December period alone. They also have families and would like to spend a percentage of their available funds on their families.    


We started to implement the Fundraising systems. Thus far the Homecare directors and a small group of friends have personally funded the project. We need to successfully negotiate with more partners to help with short term loans while we implement the voucher system. The individuals we invite will also receive coffee vouchers and will participate in a holiday competition valued at R35 000. It might take up to 8 weeks (taking the Christmas period into account) before the voucher sales will be enough to carry the foundation’s operational costs.


We are negotiating a partnership with Sanlam advisors. We already started with the Sanlam Blue Star Franchises. Sanlam top management asked if we would consider using their entire sales team infrastructure to provide important services to family members of patients. The Sanlam negotiation and services is explained later. The Sanlam partnership will position the Foundation in such a way that operating costs will not be an issue for the future. The Homecare board will also refund short term loans. This negotiation might take up to 10 weeks to complete and we expect Sanlam contributions early March at the latest.


We also use property companies as business partners. The Foundation invites the agents to become ambassadors. The ambassadors represent the Foundation in their towns. They buy coffee vouchers for personal use, and they help the Foundation to negotiate with businesses within their communities to buy coffee vouchers. Coffee sales alone will carry the Foundation. We expect coffee sales to exceed expenses during February as well. The support (short term loans we negotiate) will be for a short period. We cannot fail the bedridden patients, hence this page is important to read.


We are already in a position to issue vouchers to the value of R35 800. (This is the number of vouchers that sales teams are willing to buy). We started with the process to negotiate with management teams of financial advisors and estate agents in October, but were still programming the websites until late in November. We only started negotiating on a larger scale in November. We hoped that it would have been possible during December to issue all these vouchers. We are now busy with restaurant negotiations and unfortunately, the restaurant management teams are extremely busy at the moment with year-end functions etc. Most restaurateurs asked us to schedule their conference calls for the week of 12 to 14 December. They hope to have more time available after the December rush.


We forecast to issue R55 000 in January (this will be with the vouchers where restaurants are in place to support). This will be enough to carry the team. The printed voucher platform will reach R145 000 before June 2017. We work in a “controlled structure” with paper vouchers until we can launch the Enjoy Life phone app. The phone app can only be launched after all the fuel stations, restaurants and coffee shops are ready on the national platform.


We provide log in codes for the different industries we invite into partnership. We explain our strategy to develop the Enjoy Life app that will take in the number 2 or 3 position on a person’s cell phone, in more detail for restaurants. We recommend that you read the restaurant page as well. You will find the log in codes at the end of this page.


Our development will only end by June 2017. We are fort8unate that companies are willing to pay for vouchers while we set-up the network and while we complete the last part of software programming. This project will help bedridden patients for years to come.

We publish on this website the latest negotiation list of companies that already agreed to use their staff as ambassadors. We also publish our negotiation list at the end of this page. Angel donators can track our progress on these reports.

The Homecare Foundation invites estate agents and financial advisors to become ambassadors for the Foundation. We negotiate with 1 058 ambassadors in the cities and in larger towns nationally. We will continue after June 2017 to invite agents and advisors in the smaller towns.


The ambassadors represent the Foundation and they talk to other businesses in their communities about the Foundation’s services. They work with people in their communities on a daily basis. The Foundation will also when we launch media in June 2017 use radio, social media and printed media so that we can invite caretakers to apply for financial support.


The Foundation will for years provide important services. We are proud about our business plan to use people on the ground that can encourage “word of mouth” marketing. The Ambassadors are listed on the website and we even supply agents and advisors with “Homecare Ambassador” badges that they can ware with their name tags. This creates conversations opportunities about the team’s involvement to help bedridden patients in their communities.


There is lots of detail about the marketing support we provide to these ambassadors on the website. The detail can be seen when you visit their websites later. In short, we help these people to increase income in their own industries.


Estate agents

We help an estate agent to get into contact with clients before their opposition. We help them to work more office hours which is a huge benefit. We help them to free up family time and we help them to work in a safer environment. We even safe the estate agents marketing costs and more importantly, fuel costs. We do their “farming” on their behalf with the Enjoy Life phone application. For this reason, estate agents join the foundation in a record time.


Financial advisors

We help financial advisors to work with people in need of financial advice (People who understand the importance of disability cover and income protection). We help advisors with media campaigns to source additional clients. We help advisors with an action plan that encourages people to pay their preemies so that policies do not cancel within 2 years. For this reason, estate agents join the foundation in a record time.

The Enjoy Life phone app will help us to reach between 500 000 and most likely 1,5 million medium to high LSM income South Africans.


This platform will ensure that the ambassadors get media exposure in such a unique business plan, that their personal income will increase.

This page explains important and confidential information to Angel donators. We do know that cash-flow constrains is a reality that most businesses face in our current economy. With this in mind, one should understand how important it is for the Homecare Foundation to become functional. There are numerous caretakers of bedridden patients who cannot support their loved ones with the current food prizes.


Coffee sales


People are willing to spend money on themselves and simultaneously help people in need.


The Foundation’s objective is to use media campaigns that will inform the public about our “Enjoy your Life, buy a coffee or cappuccino from any of our coffee partners campaign.”


We are now developing a web based voucher system that will interact with the public’s cell phones. At present, The Foundation will use a printed voucher system to fund the monthly costs until the electronic voucher system is operational in six months’ time.


The project will take up to six months before we launch our media campaigns and before we invite the public to use the Enjoy Life phone app.


We already started negotiating with restaurateurs and fuel station owners to donate on average 35 cappuccino vouchers per month. The Foundation will eventually sell coffee through 1 650 outlets nationally. (Our intended footprint include 300 coffee shops, 800 restaurants and 550 fuel stations.) The negotiation process is relatively fast and we will update VoA on a monthly basis about our progress.


We are fortunate that companies nationally are willing to donate to help bedridden patients in their communities.

The Foundation foresee to trade 54 000 cappuccino vouchers per month, that will be offered to 5 400 companies in South Africa. The Foundation invites for example a hairdresser to become a business partner and ask her to donate R100 per month. We list the hairdresser in a business directory that will be well marketed. The Foundation offers her 5 cappuccino vouchers per month that she and her staff, or their top clients can use.  


This part of the business model will secure R1.08 million per month to help the Foundation pay for operational costs and to pay out to patients. The foundation’s operational costs will eventually be paid out of advertisement income that the Foundation negotiates with 6 National companies. We already started and is in process to negotiate with:

  1. Sanlam

  2. Courier IT

  3. Dischem

  4. Pick-a-Pay

  5. Multichoice

  6. Mango Airlines

We are planning extensive media campaigns to get the public’s support. The software under development enables the Foundation to purchase additional cappuccinos from our coffee partners.


In short, a person donates R100 to help the Foundation. He will receive R100 credit that he can use to purchase coffees or cappuccinos from any partners nationally. When the client visits a fuel station, the client can issue himself a voucher on his phone. The cashier will be able to click on the client’s phone that she accepts the voucher. The software will immediately deduct the costs from the client’s voucher balance. At the end of the month, the Foundation’s accountants will have a report on how much they need to pay over to the Fuel station partner.


We negotiate up to 20% of the coffee price on all the vouchers that exceed the 35 we negotiate 100% fees on. The Foundation will market the coffee phone application via social media, radio and printed media to the public. We also have interesting strategies to engage the public into using the phone app when they order drinks. Our long-term plans are to include all types of beverages on the phone app, not only coffee.

Coffee makes for a pleasant media campaign structure. We first want to establish the Foundation on this media platform. We are confident that it could be possible to register 2 million users on the Enjoy Life app (after we included all types of beverages). The Foundation will receive on average approximately R3.60 per coffee (20% of R18)

The Foundation will source another R1.8 million per month if we successfully engage 500 000 South Africans to buy only one coffee per month. The reality is that coffee drinkers buy much more than that!

Our strategy is to provide the best, lowest marketing cost system that will draw public to support our fuel station and restaurant partners. The foundation will become one of the largest coffee sellers in South Africa.  

We implement a fundraising strategy where companies can immediately receive benefits when they donate… Our biggest challenge would have been to ask companies for donations while we set-up the network. The Homecare team will work approximately 6 months before we can launch our national media campaigns… We invite 1052 companies across South Africa before we can launch the media drive.

Other income streams

The other 4 income streams will fluctuate monthly. Our business plan is to use a call centre and media to source leads for three industries and earn commission income. Software will manage bookings for accommodation companies.

The website explains to guesthouse owners and other business owners our focus points, how we help them increase their income and how we will raise more than R2.2 million per month to help caretakers. (We exclude coffee sales and commission on disability cover policies in their presentations. We are still busy with negotiations and this additional income will only help the Foundation better. We rather present lower targets when we invite companies.)

Our actual fundraising targets (R10 million per month) is explained in detail on this link:

Reason for inviting more Angel donators to become business partners

Our initial plan was to first establish a motor dealer network and systematically engage with companies in other industries to support bedridden patients. The motor industry was our main focus. The Foundation can earn donation income when motor sales executives sell vehicles to clients we helped source.

The motor industry remains our focus and we implement business plans to support motor sales executives nationally, representing all the vehicle brands. Mr Zuma unknowingly created pressure for the Foundation in December 2015 when he influenced the economy with his Ministry changes.


The Foundation has existing partnerships with Toyota, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Renault, Nissan branches, but we struggled during February 2016 to grow the network due to the financial pressure the motor industry in general experienced.

The motor companies are required to donate between R500 and R1 500 per vehicle they sell, when the Foundation sourced the client. All the motor companies are willing to donate accordingly, but they struggle to pay other support fees needed to set-up the network that can help the patients.

The initial project (motor industry as cornerstone) collapsed on us during March 2016… It started within 2 days after Zuma changed ministry in December… but the real crash came in March 2016.

Homecare management decided in April 2016 that we need to change our strategy as soon as possible to save the project… We were focussing on the motor industry and if we kept on with the same strategy, we would have lost the entire project.


Our software structures were mainly developed for the motor industry… We knew that we need to include other industries to better position the Homecare Foundation.


We developed software to support fuel stations. We thereafter developed software to include fitment centres… We had software in place to support accommodation companies, but we decided to withdraw our initial support plan and rather help accommodation companies better with other strategies to secure more business for them…


It was only by God’s grace that we were able to complete the most difficult software platform needed to help the Foundation…


Here is an example of the 8-page magazine that we will print for a specific company. Each company receives its own magazine with content specifically designed to help companies increase “word of mouth” marketing.

Anchor 1

Cover page

Cover inside left page

Page 03

Page 04

First 4 cover pages

Followed by latest magazine content in middle

Followed by last 4 cover pages at back of magazine

Page 177

Page 178

Cover inside back page

Back cover page

We could not allow that Mr Zuma’s doing stop us from providing much needed support to bedridden patients. It is actually now more important for the Homecare Foundation to support these people. 

We know that God is in control. In a strange way, the collapse of the economy actually pushed the Homecare team to work harder and smarter to find better solutions to help the patients.  


The final software products available for the Homecare Foundation will actually help motor companies much better than the initial software programmes that were available in December 2015. We can now with confidence commit to motor sales executives that we will be able to source vehicle buyers to help them sell more cars.


We are taking on one of the largest responsibilities within the Frail care environment which is to fund the patient’s personal costs. Most Non-Profit Organizations involved in the Frail care environment is involved in funding professional teams that provide services.  The Homecare Foundation cannot afford to make any mistakes.

Four years of planning, software development and preparation work is now complete.

The Homecare board arranged funding to support development costs after the magazine technology (the most challenging part of development) was completed


We relied on a small group of friends to help with funding. They can unfortunately only help with small donations. We could not ask people outside our friend network to help the Foundation, because we were not able to commit that we will succeed with the software development… There was a significant chance that we would have stopped the project.


It was only during July 2016 that we were able to complete the advanced print technology. You can read under “Once in a Lifetime opportunity” where we explain to accommodation companies that we have production limitations, and we explain the technical challenges about the production of these personalized magazines. This will give you a better idea of the technical challenges we faced.     


The Foundation started during July 2016 with invitations towards people we did not personally know.

The board negotiated with Theresa Brits a holiday package that we offer as a prize to Angel donators who helped the Foundation.

We were required to develop web-based software that we implement with the advanced print technology to help companies increase income. We developed a centralized Homecare Business directory that will help all the companies that donate towards the Foundation with additional business.

The current donation/loan list and entries:

  • Eric Lee = R3 000 loan = 6 entries

  • Etienne Janse van Rensburg = R2 000 donation = do not want entries

  • Michael Kapp = R500 donation = 2 entries

  • Peter Mcviver = R500 donation = 2 entries

  • Elsabie Oosthuizen = R500 donation = 2 entries
  • Waldo Vorester = R3 000 loan = 6 entries
  • Anton Steyn = R1 500 loan = 3 entries

  • Lizel Steyn = R1 500 loan = 3 entries

  • Wilhelm Lombaard = R500 loan = 1 entry

  • Gustav & Yolandi Malan = R1 000 loan = 2 entries

  • Hein Erasmus = R4 500 loan = 9 entries

You will note that only people who are not board members can enter into the competition. We do not list the personal financial contributions the directors made. The Foundation borrow money at 12.5% to help Angel donators. Most Angel donators had to use overdraft facilities to assist the Foundation.


We also have one Preference patient. Mr Andre De Wet lent R5 000 to help fund the shortfalls for August. His son Michael will in future receive R1 000 from the Foundation to help with medical costs.

There are 5 Angel donators who made large financial contributions, who asked that we do not publish the amounts they invested into building the software needed to support patients. Without their support, the entire project would have stopped months ago.

These Angel donators do not want to participate in the competition. They want to allow other Angel donators the opportunity to win the Holiday.

The Homecare board want to give recognition to these Angel donators who went out of their way to help establish the Homecare Foundation. The individuals are:

  • Ampie de Beer

  • Danie Smit

  • Kobus Louw

  • Martin Ferreirra

  • Flip van Rensburg

On behalf of the Homecare team, thank you so much. Words cannot express our gratitude!

Your Invitation

This invitation you received is critical.. The Homecare Foundation does not want to beg for money… that is why we developed software so the Foundation can earn income for patients.

We now ask business men & women to please spend time on at least one section of the website. We suggest that you read the section for property companies. This is the phase we focus on at present.


We are grateful that the IT team was able to develop the most advanced software needed to accomplish our difficult task… The development unfortunately took up too much time. We actually went into a position where we need to consider closing the project… Our current support team (a small team of Angel donators) are struggling financially to help with operational costs.  The Homecare board thus decided to invite more people to help with the last period where we need cash-flow support.

It is also important to know that the Foundation will provide vital services, even if we only raise a small amount per month… Read about our important services on this link…

You as an individual may play the most important role in the Homecare Foundation’s existence. Our existing board of directors need a partnership with people like you if we want to achieve our objectives.



Other important information

There are a few things that we want to explain to potential Angel donators. Our strategy is to earn small amounts from a large number of companies and from the public. It is important to know that the main reason the Homecare Foundation will succeed, is the fact that the Foundation structures itself to support all kinds of bedridden patients. We do not focus on Motor neuron patients alone. People with Cancer, Aids, Alzheimer, and any disease where a person is in frail care and financial support is needed will qualify for financial support we will provide. It is also important to know that the Homecare Foundation commit to all the persons approved to receive financial support that we will distribute the available funds on a monthly basis. We do not commit a fixed monthly amount. (This is explained under Important services)


It is for this reason that companies are willing to support the Homecare Foundation. The public will also use the Enjoy Life app because most of the public either had, or have a relationship or knows about a person close to them that is diagnosed with a serious disease. Our marketing campaigns are not to focus on the pain people endure… It is to focus on life… Enjoy Life, treat yourself and the Foundation will be able to help bedridden patients.

We did a lot of research to see if it would be possible to invite companies via the internet and with teleconferences. I personally phoned companies in Standerton, Ermelo, Secunda, Klerksdorp and Potchefstroom to determine if the Foundation will succeed in its business plan to invite companies without meeting the business owners in person.


People are cautious when you phone them. They do not appreciate it when a call centre phone them to talk about anything! Our approach is to immediately explain that the Homecare Board are phoning business owners directly and that we do not use a call centre to market any product. We explain that the Foundation is concerned about the financial state of bedridden patients. We unfortunately have to help people who cannot get government support. It is explained in detail on the financial advisor’s website pages.


We explain to companies that the Foundation will provide important services to people in their community. 

We are happy with the feedback we received from companies we phoned to determine if our roll out strategy will work.

Some of the companies even recommend more restaurants and other businesses to join the project. (Example ERA)

We publish some e-mail feedback we received on this links (you can open the e-mails):


We already received telephonic confirmation from other companies we phoned during our research. We said that we will ask for e-mail confirmations just before we start with invitations. The following companies confirmed that they will support the Foundation when we launch the project:

  • Entia Properties (Standerton)

  • Appledew Guest House (Standerton)

  • Wimpy (Standerton)

  • Weststreet Guesthouse (Ermelo)

  • Sasol (3 garages under one management team in Secunda)

  • Mugg&Bean (Secunda)

  • Spur (Potchefstroom)

  • Mugg & Bean (Potchefstroom)

  • The Kegg & Willow restaurant (Potchefstroom)

  • Total Goudkop (Klerksdorp)

  • Mugg & Bean (Klerksdorp)

The printed voucher system has now officially been launched. 

We also discussed the coffee project with Adriaan (Franchisor of a group of coffee shops) and he also agreed that this is the best strategy ever to reward people for donating. Attached is his confirmation that the Foundation will be able to use their group.


The only concern is that we know we will need funding for up to 8 weeks. The network will grow rapidly.

We foresee a shortfall of up to R10 000. This will be funding that we need to negotiate from external Angel donators. The team of 5 people who do not participate in the competition will carry the balance in shortfall for December. It will be difficult to maintain the project if we do not have more business partners (Angel Donators).

We also had our first meeting with Hennie Venter, regional manager of Sanlam for Gauteng North region. We will within the next two weeks have a meeting with Wessel Oosthuizen (Head of Sanlam financial advisor’s division). Hennie asked if the Foundation would be willing to go into a partnership with Sanlam nationally. This will give the Foundation access to more than 2 000 financial advisors who will help the Foundation in its mission.


We implement a strategy where we want financial advisors to review family and friends of patient’s disability and income protection policies. It is a support service where we want to create better awareness about the need of being covered.


Our partnership will benefit Sanlam enormously. We can direct the Sanlam sales force to people who understand the benefit of income protection. You will have a better idea of Sanlam’s benefits when you read the Financial advisor link on the Business partner’s page.

We develop our own Enjoy Life phone app that will only be completed after 6 months. We are confident that the Enjoy Life phone app will be ready within 3 to 4 months. Our business plan is to set-up companies in 97 towns or geographical areas in cities within the next 5 months.


The paper voucher system is managed in a controlled environment. This also puts constrains on our roll out strategy. There is a lot of admin work involved, although a large portion is computerized.

The phone app will eliminate all the administration. The app generates the vouchers. People can register themselves and the software will manage the client’s funds electronically.

In short, a person can donate R100 and the app will allocate R100 credit towards that person. When the person pays for coffee or any other drinks/products via the app, the app will deduct the purchase price from the donator’s balance. The app will immediately show how much of the purchase price were donated into the Foundation’s fund for the patients.


For example, if the client buys a coffee from a fuel station and the fuel station donated 35 vouchers in full, the software will deduct the R18 from the client’s balance and will notify that R18 has been transferred into the Foundation’s distribution fund. If the client purchases the 60th coffee, the client will receive notification that R3.60 of his purchase price were transferred into the distribution fund. We believe that it is important to update the public immediately about the fund and how much was received with their actions. This will motivate app users to use their apps for other products as well.


The Foundation will not see the R100 as a donation when the client donates the R100. The software will manage the funds as an interest free loan from the public (where these funds must remain in trust) until the client used up his/her credit. We might need to pay out balances when people decide not to use their apps.


Our plan is to first implement the phone app amongst our existing “paper voucher users” and run the app for 2 to 3 months before we launch our media campaigns. We develop the app to support 2 million users. We will be happy if 500 000 coffee drinkers download the app.


We are however convinced that with the right media campaigns, and with a strategy to include all beverages, cold drinks, water and we might even include other alcoholic drinks, that the app might reach 2 million users.


It is the only campaign where we tell people not to feel guilty because they cannot donate. It is just the opposite, enjoy life and use the app. You do not need to donate from your personal funds to help people in need.

Social media is such a strong tool if you want to spread an app as the one we develop. We know, that even in this tough economy, we will be able to help people in need.    

It is most likely one of the most important services that any foundation will provide to people in the Frail care environment… We cannot envision that any other normal fundraising strategy will help. We need to trade to help these patients.

We honestly believe that the Enjoy Life app might raise R10 million per month if we push towards those targets. It could take 3 years, but it is doable. Keep in mind that the Homecare Foundation earn income for patients, not for personal gain. The public will support the project and the support will grow when we provide reports to people informing them about the financial needs in their areas.  

The Homecare Financial team will provide monthly reports to Angel donators on the funding raised during the interim period (paper voucher system). Angel donators will have their own log ins to track the phone app progress and view the electronic reports we program for management teams.

We hope and pray that you as reader will assist the Foundation. The Foundation will not pay out any funds towards caretakers before the Foundation paid back the short term loans. All the short term loans will be refunded by March 2017. There are Angel donators who donated their contributions and they received additional entries into the Holiday competition.

We also completed the web pages for the other industries that participate in the initial role out phase. You are more than welcome to read the other web pages as well.

You will notice that the general structure of the websites per industry is more or less the same. The websites however needed to be developed per industry. We explain in each industry how they will fit into the project and how we help them increase income. We could not program one website and expect the different industries to read for example one business directory’s business plan.

You can click on these links to open the pages:

Thank you so much for your valuable time… may God bless.

We implemented two fundraising strategies that helped fund shortfalls while we developed the business directory and the voucher software (paper system):

  1. We offered a competition where the Foundation borrows small amounts (R500) from Angel Donators, and the persons can win a holiday prize worth R35 000. Competition will close on 31 May 2017.

  2. We invited parents or caretakers of bedridden patients to lend R5 000. They will receive a preference monthly payment of R1 000 per month from the Homecare Foundation after we have completed the network, to help fund their patients.

We asked one of our lodge partners to donate a prize that we can offer to Angel Donators.

VIP Beach Villas in Gordonsbay sponsor 7 nights’ accommodation for 12 people. (5 star self-catering lodge)

This prize is valued at R35 000. VIP Beach Villa is located on the beach and inside a golf estate.

Anchor 2

Companies we negotiate with and companies that joined the project

Board members

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