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Notable donators

Enjoy Life app

The Enjoy Life app host unique features:

  1. We can with the phone app remind people when they enter a business where we can earn donation income to please list one beverage item.

  2. We can encourage and reward the phone app user for listing the item

  3. We can thank the app user after he/she has done the listing.

  4. Most important, we can give extensive feedback about the funds raised, how many people in his catchment area and nationally have been helped etc.


This communication might seem unimportant. But the reality is that people will help more if they know their actions are appreciated and it make a difference in other people’s lives.


God knows what the financial requirements will be to support caretakers… God knows how many people are praying and pleading for financial support. God knows how many people are approaching church leaders to beg for assistance… God knows that a small team of people are working hard, so that caretakers can make use of technology to receive the relieve they are praying for!

We will not be amazed if the Foundation raise more than R100 million per month to support patients… We can almost anticipate it to happen.


To explain the Enjoy Life software best, is to say that we only implement an infrastructure that can make it easier for people to donate. You will read about our strategy to support tourists (foreigners) with unique services. We now create a platform where people can donate funds towards patients, by simply telling the waiter at the restaurant to please add to the bill a small donation. The restaurant can then transfer all the donations collected. There is no way that a tourist will upload a Foundation’s banking details onto their bank accounts in the home countries…


The software reminds people when they buy food at restaurants and fast-food businesses… The Holy Spirit can now work with people… The Holy spirit needed to get infrastructure that can be used to make donations an easy task… we provide that infrastructure!

Like with all our set-backs, most of it happened without us expecting it…so we could not prepare for it! The last set-back was the cabinet shift of Mr Zuma… Again, everything happens according to God’s plans.

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