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Notable donators

Our software needed to receive additional development to help management teams within the motor, insurance and property industries to employ top personnel. We also needed to develop website content that will help these management teams to prevent their existing teams from resigning due to the economic pressure these people will face within their careers. (We need to motivate their sales teams that the Foundation is busy with infrastructure that will help them within months to secure more business)

In our project plan, sales people within these 3 industries are our “Ambassadors”. They represent the Homecare Foundation and it is therefore our task/duty to help these people earn more income while the rest of sales teams they compete against are preparing for the worst time in our country’s history.

The additional services that the Homecare Foundation will provide will help us to establish the “Ambassador” network within a shorter period… We will also due to the current economy find it easier to negotiate partnership with the top companies.


Again, God is in control. We are merely fulfilling a calling to help the bedridden patients.


The Homecare project is currently partially funded by a small team of “Notable Donators” who asked to remain anonymous. These people now also find it more difficult to provide funding, as they also need to support their other family members who become in need of support (retrenchments etc.)

We work hard on projects where companies can donate while we set-up the network to prepare for the launch of the Enjoy Life app. The Foundation already has clients that benefit while we set-up the network and we already receive small donations on a monthly basis. We supply companies with restaurant and fuel station vouchers to earn fees. We also do production of personalized motor magazines, and these fees help us to fund the costs partially.


Herewith an example of magazines and letters we send to motor clients, informing them that we rely on motor sales executives to help fund people in frail care.

Cover page

Inside cover page

Inside back cover page

Back cover page

Each vehicle buyer receives his/her own magazine with the following:

  • Cover page – Latest magazine available in outlets with the client’s own delivery photo. The cover include text where we mention that the client bought his/her magazine at a specific branch through the sales executive. A lot of detail goes into each cover we design. The magazine needs to look professionally designed and it must look as close as possible to the magazines available on shelves.

    CSE also print magazines where they use the manufacturer’s corporate press release photos of vehicles if the sales executive were not able to take a delivery photo. These magazines also are designed with a professional look.

  • Inside cover page – Letter from management where the Dealer principal or sales manager thank the client for choosing the sales executive as vehicle purchasing partner.

  • Inside back cover page – CSE print an editorial about the vehicle the client purchased and they combine the editorial with information about the sales executive. This is the most challenging part of the project. CSE can convey information about the sales executive’s family etc. inside the editorials. This is key information that help us to encourage clients where we ask them to recommend the sales person to friends and family. (There is not enough time for a sales executive to tell vehicle buyers about themselves. Their focus is to sell the vehicle.

    It is therefore a professional way that CSE implement where they inform the client that the sales executive is also a person with a family. The client realizes that the sales person truly do more than what one would expect. The client read the letter that CSE include inside the magazine and in this letter, CSE inform the client that the sales executive and his/her manager book fees against vehicles to support the Foundation. This result in a smaller gross profit and the sales executive and the manager therefore earn less income per month. This bring in immediate results for the sales executive. Clients start immediately to recommend the sales executive to friends and family who are looking to buy new vehicles.)

  • Back cover page – Corporate advertisement of the dealership.

The Homecare Foundation initially only wanted to assist Motor Neuron patients. We realized that the financial need amongst all bedridden patients is extremely high. We felt that it would be unfair to support only one disease category.

The Homecare board therefore decided that more advanced software will be required to support a larger patient base. It is also important to involve more industries and the public directly to provide solutions within the frail care environment.

We however needed to establish if motor clients will support sales executives with recommendations. (We worked with motor companies in pilot phase.) We received numerous mails and calls from vehicle buyers and we decided to publish one example for motor management to read. The positive feedback we received was from all racial and religious classifications. One might think that it is only religious people that will encourage sales executives to work hard and support the Homecare Foundation. The reality is that a large number of people have compassion towards people in need. We can assure motor management that this action plan will buy their sales executives support from a large number of people they worked with. Click on this link to view example:

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Potential donators

We ask possible donators to read more about the Enjoy Life app and the unique services it can provide to different role players.

Child Welfare Branches

Donators that have time on hand, can read the web-pages that we publish for management in Child Welfare. You will find their link to access confidential information under the “Business partners” page on the menu. The following password open the pages: ChildCareOne

​Motor industry

Donators that have time on hand, can also read the web-pages that we publish for management in the motor industry. You will find their link to access confidential information under the “Business partners” page on the menu. The content that we publish for motor companies is less than what we publish for property companies. We focus in the next two months to arrange partnerships with a small team within the motor industry. If you have time and want to find out why we are able to secure partnerships, you are welcome to read their pages in detail.

You will need three passwords:

  • To access web-pages: securesales

  • For management to read additional info: helpmyteam

  • For management who need “one page content” after a person in the company had read the entire website: timesaver

Property industry

You can also read the content for the property industry. The Homecare project assist the property principal with numerous tasks, even to help them employ top personnel. The property partners are our main focus, as these people are requested to manage fundraising drives on a yearly basis.

You will need two passwords:

  • To access web-pages: easy

  • For management to read additional info: icanwin

Hunting & Outdoor industry

You are also welcome to read about our business proposal to Hunting & Outdoor companies. We are in negotiations with Wildman (13 branches). These businesses are strategic partners and we negotiate donation income from them as well. You only need one password: supporthunters

Food industry

The website for Spar branches is under construction. The website can be accessed with the following password: SpaR We hope to complete the content pages by Tuesday the 15th of August 2017.

If you find it in your heart to also become a Notable Donator, please mail so that he can assist you with donation arrangements.

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