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Enjoy Life competition

Golf players


On behalf of the Homecare board, thank you for playing in the golf day. It was a privilege to meet each person.


Our commitment to the players is that we will use 1% of our turn-over to support each player with a “bucket list” item. (We allocate 5% of the turn-over to help bucket list winners. We need exceptional media campaigns within the bucket-list structure and we decided that we will use 1% of the 5% to help people who donated and played on the golf day)


Our project plan at the moment is to launch the App in December 2017. The golfer in the 12th spot will be supported during January 2018 with a bucket-list item. Every month we will support the players until we support the winner (Wickus Horn) in December 2018.


Herewith the results of the competition:

We forecast how much funds should be available for the players to plan Bucket-List items. We will obviously keep all the players up to date regarding negotiations, and the implementation process. We will appreciate it if players can start to save funds themselves so that we can fulfill exceptional bucket-list items.


Our project forecast for 2018 with regards to “turnover” is listed as follow:

For planning purposes, we do not hugely rely on commission from “ambassadors”. Although our action plans to help them increase business will earn large amounts for the Foundation.


We also rely on media that will encourage caretakers and their networks to “push” the distribution of the Enjoy Life app. This will help to grow the restaurant and fast-food networks within a shorter period. 


We will launch with 103 restaurants and 206 fast-food businesses. We will also launch with at least 103 fuel stations nationally.


As explained, the focus is to encourage people to invite more businesses via the Enjoy Life app. The growth in earnings from beverage sales in our opinion will be substantial.


We also expect a steady growth in the contributions from the public. Our action plan to focus on Bucket-lists and the reporting on people who were supported with their bucket-lists will encourage other people to make personal donations. Phone app users receive additional entries to enlarge their chance of being selected when they make personal donations.


The media income on the app will during the first 6 months increase slowly. It will be more income from companies who need exposure via the app. The larger media contributions will after 6 months start to occur. We do not expect that the Spar owner will immediately drop his/her print media costs. They will only do that after the app network has grown. It might take up to six months before they will be happy with phone app reach.


We are however excited that we are able to include beverage sales into the project. Beverage income will help us to support bucket list winners with larger funds within a short period.

Support towards Existing Angel donators


The Homecare board offer golfers the opportunity to increase their bucket list contributions. We decided to cancel the cycling event and rather focus on 12 main bucket list media campaigns during 2018.


As mentioned earlier on the website, we want to reward people for helping the Foundation while we set-up the software.


There are two options that we offer to golfers:

  1. Donate to increase bucket list percentage contribution

    We offer golfers the opportunity to donate and receive per R1 000 donation an additional 0.1% bucket list contribution. This offer is limited to a maximum of R5 000 that will result in a 0.5% additional contribution. Golfers can therefore receive up to 1.5% to help them tick bucket list items. This may help people with higher positions to truly plan exceptional items for 2018.

  2. Donate to receive a unique code that will allow your Enjoy life phone app to receive restaurant and fast-food specials without competing against other app users.

    Golfers can donate R500 to receive a unique code. The code linked to your profile will enable you to receive on a monthly basis special discounts to the value of R75.

    This will actually be a high return on investment. You cannot invest R500 into any fund that will give you R900 return on investment per year…

    The savings on restaurant meals or fast-food deals can be seen as an asset. The bulk of South Africans cannot be guaranteed that they will receive a monthly discount. We will also provide specials to golfers from top companies, so the products that you will get will not be of poor standard.

    We also limit the donation options to R5 000 per person. It will be possible to receive discount vouchers to the value of R750 per month. It will be possible to treat yourself twice a month in top restaurants without paying large amounts….

    The App will also enable you to save credits so that you can redeem your year’s credit during your holiday month. When you do not need to budget for restaurant and other treats during holiday period, you can spend more on other entertainment! We believe that will be part of Enjoying Life!

The first option only enables you to benefit once out of the Homecare project. You might, if you are fast, be able to book deals like the rest of the public.


The second option creates a long-term benefit. You are guaranteed to receive discounts, even when we launch the app and where only a small number of people can immediately benefit. Our action plan is to use up to 50% of funding during the first 3 months and to work closely with the 206 fast-food businesses and the 103 restaurants to publish as much specials as possible. We will systematically reduce the percentage of funds towards the 8% and 5% targets for buying specials within these two business sectors.

Golfers can combine the two options and we will support accordingly.

Our objective is to see if we can raise R35 000 to help the small team existing Angel Donators reduce the financial pressure that are on them. We are confident that out of the 11 golfers, such target can be reached.

It is not compulsory for any golfer to help us.We are truly grateful that you already donated to participate in the golf day event.

On behalf of the entire Homecare team, we ask every person to pray for the project…. Your prayers are more important than receiving donations! Pray that we can complete the task within months. The caretakers who are in need of financial support are going into more difficult positions every month we are not operational. Knowing that people are under huge distress push our team to work long hours so that we can complete the enormous task.

Golfers that are willing to help can mail


Thank you for your valuable time! 

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