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Accommodation companies


There are two donation options which include coffee vouchers as reward:

  1. R150 include personalized magazine (after implementation of phase 2 and it is optional, not compulsory)

  2. R100 for companies who cannot receive a corporate branded magazine

We hope that most companies will support the Foundation with accepting a personalized magazine after phase 2 has been completed. The actual cost to print and courier such a magazine is R77.56. Courier IT deliver magazines at a cost of R34.97 (depending on fuel levy charges) to most of the cities and larger towns nationally. We will investigate the costs to deliver to small towns and negotiate with business partners if they require a magazine for their reception areas.


Companies in communities that team up:

There is a lot of preparation work that might take up to 4 months to complete before we can launch the national competitions. Our focus is first to establish the network before we launch our media campaigns. We ask companies to donate R100 per month during the period we establish the network. Although R100 is in today’s terms almost nothing, we looked for strategies where we can use funds that you might have spent on other products to recuperate the donation fee.

Coffee changed the world! Coffee can also change the world for bedridden patients. All we ask is that our business partners enjoy life and drink coffee/cappuccinos at our coffee business partners that we set-up in your area.  

Other info regarding donations


The Homecare Foundation manages the project as a business. We need to ensure that the business partners benefit. We allocate 10% of our donation income from business partners towards a national competition/marketing fund. 

We can only plead with the business owners to team up and help provide a solution. We know that our Government will do their best once they have seen that the Homecare Foundation is pro-active and we do not beg/ask for money from them without working hard to help the caretakers ourselves.


You will bless the Homecare Foundation with much more than the small donation if you are willing to assist. The biggest gift is the media exposure! The Homecare Foundation needs media to accomplish its task. The individualized media campaigns will help not only your company, but all the parties involved.

The Homecare Foundation will issue your company with 5 cappuccino vouchers until you are satisfied that our business partnership benefits your company.

The vouchers can be issued to the company’s staff if requested. They might appreciate the vouchers and the fact that their management team is involved in helping people in need.

We will also support guesthouses who want to give their vouchers to their clients. You can e-mail Our team will e-mail the voucher to your client with a wonderful message informing your client that you are part of a team that prepares to support bedridden patients. You want your client to use the gift that you bought from the Foundation.

Keep the following in mind


We have done a lot of marketing research prior to development. You can be assured that we will partner with the best restaurant, coffee shop and fuel station companies. The value that we offer in partnership with accommodation companies towards these companies are truly worth their donations. You deal with High LSM Income people. The Fuel stations and restaurants will receive marketing exposure to these people via our advanced technology.

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