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IT Work at present

The XtraGroceries is an important project we work on. The Homecare Board has been working on the grocery structure for a few months during 2018 and 2019 where we tested the different food company’s platforms. We want to implement a support structure that will be more similar to Pick n Pay’s platform. There is lots of detail about the software structure that readers can request if they need more information.

The Grocery Support platform we develop must be well tested. This is why we decided to invite "Pre-Launch" participants.

We ask that "shareholders" we invite purchase groceries via our Pre-Launch platform. Your support will be rewarded financially upon completion.


Our objective is to automate the process where funds are loaded onto gift-cards. At the moment, the process take up to two days to complete. We can in future automate the entire process, and exclude human intervention.


The following diagram will provide more insight on what we develop



Homecare Advanced Web service


The Homecare server will manage the Main brain of the project. This web service software will read all the deposits that we receive in all the Homecare Trust accounts that we set-up with all the banks in South Africa. We cannot wait a day for funds to appear in our accounts if the Enjoy South Africa app user for example banks with Absa, and we only use FNB as a bank for this project.

The software will immediately notify the Enjoy South Africa app user when we received payment into our account. 

The Advanced Web service software will then calculate which gift-cards must receive additional funds and it will also take into account that cards often receive additional points/funds, based on for example rewards in a "Share scheme" if the employee at a guest house received rcommendations from guests who visited the guest-house. (This will be the brain of the project)  


The software will then compile reports for our accountants to release funds into the different bank accounts of the different Food companies.


The software will then communicate with the Web-service software of the different food companies. This communication will be done through the firewall.

Grocery Company Web Service


Our IT team programme this web service software which we will provide to the food companies. This software will read the transactions on for example Shoprite’s Bank account. (We will recommend to Pieter Engelbrecht that they open a separate bank account specifically for the project, although it will not be compulsory)


The software will look for reference numbers on their bank statements, and if it picks up a reference number it recognize, the software will then load the different gift-cards with the amounts that it was instructed by the Homecare Advanced web service software. There will be no human intervention in the process to load funds onto gift-cards on behalf of Enjoy South Africa phone users. 

This function will obviously first be tested by Shoprite group. Their IT team will work through the software structure to ensure that the web service can only do the functions we developed it to do. The software must notify the Homecare Advanced web service software if it could not load a specific card. There might be a scenario where the person notified Checkers directly that he/she lost his/her card and Checkers at branch level blocked it. This information will be passed on to the Homecare team so that the problem can be resolved.


This software will however eliminate all the human activities that is not necessary to help customers.


Shoprite will be in control of their software systems and bank accounts. Each company will ensure that their systems are protected and will use their own IT protection teams. The banks as you already know can protect each company’s bank account.

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